Within the Inman Connect San Francisco 2016 (ICSF16) app is a coupon code to receive 13 percent off the Matterport Camera ($600) + by visiting the Matterport booth at #ICSF16 to receive a $200 rebate on hosting. (ICSF16 Virtual Event Bag)

This is the identical offer discussed in this Matterport User Group Forum thread:

$600 Off Matterport Camera until 5 August 2016?

You can also this Matterport link to buy the Camera online here and save $600 using the promo code: SUMMER16 (and get a $200 credit if you capture 100 spaces within 12 months).

Plus, register here to receive two free marketing videos – customized with your contact info and company logo - BEFORE you place your Matterport Camera Order.

The Matterport ICSF16 in-ICSF16 app offer does not have any mice type excluding international orders. You might TRY this Matterport international order inquiry form using the promo code: SUMMER16

Please let us know if Matterport honors the $600 off for international camera sales.


I am reporting from ICSF16 all this week (1-5 August 2016).