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Offer to get paid if/when a listing sells?2299

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Offering to get paid only when a listing sells is a pricing option worth testing if:

1. you are not sold out (you have the time)
2. not winning 100 percent of your Matterport presentations
3. you understand and willing to accept the risk
4. you do not need immediate cash
5. you need digital assets for your website
6. you need testimonials
7. you price at a risk premium of 25-50 percent
8. you did not get the order and counter with this offer
9. you retain ownership of digital assets (offer the next agent)

The most important thing you can do with any proposal is establish value by solving problems:

1. I am not winning 100 percent of my listing presentations
2. I am not doing as many listings as I would like
3. My listings are not as big as I would like
4. I do not have enough buyer leads
5. I do not have enough seller leads
6. My client only wants pre-qualified people touring the house

If you can not establish value for "X" dollars, you likely will have a challenge for "X" dollars plus a premium of 25 to 50 percent.

That said, it's worth testing, even after a potential real estate client says no. (They may know that their selling will not sell unless they get the exactly listing pricing, for example.)

While it is likely others will disagree with me for many reason, I believe in fail fast. Test, try and learn. You can keep this solution in your hip pocket and decide when and why to offer.

Even if the house does not sell, you may be happy simply gaining experience and getting digital assets for your website.

This questions comes up from time to time. Here are some related threads (One | Two | (See TAGS for Pricing and Price)

Plus, from the Photography For Real Estate Blog ...

When Should Real Estate Photographs Get Paid?

Okay, what do you think about offering to get paid if/when a listing sells?


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3Dwalkmethru private msg quote post Address this user
@DanSmigrod honestly sounds good, but you are going to have to chase payments. Not generalizing, but you have people that just don't like to pay if giving a little room to avoid it.

Sounds good, but I do not think it will work well for many.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Actually, posting because I keep getting this question.

It's a great topic for discussion.

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3Dwalkmethru private msg quote post Address this user
I like the question would like to hear more comments.
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JC3DCX private msg quote post Address this user
I have been asked the same question by a owner of a real estate agency.

Problem is that houses gets listed by a few different agencies and it is possible that the one commisionging you for a scan is not the one making the sale. Who is then going to pay you?
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3Dwalkmethru private msg quote post Address this user
I still think is a bad idea regardless ... Get paid for your work when your work is done period.
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