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Newbie issue with stained glass windows2100

glennstockton private msg quote post Address this user

I scanned a church yesterday (my 3rd scan) that has beautiful stained glass windows. I purposely waited for a bright but cloudy day in order to (hopefully) do justice to the windows. However, as you can see they are all washed out. Note that on the first upload I did not mark them as "windows"... Would that make a difference? And, if it would, should I simply mark entire walls of the sanctuary as "windows"? It would be pretty difficult to mark each individual window so. Or, am I simply going to have to wait for a dark and stormy winter day and rescan?

Note that I am aware that I missed a scan connecting the sanctuary to the vestibule... I'm going back later this morning to pick that up. But, before I resend for processing, I am wondering if there is anything that can be done to better show the stained glass windows. Thanks in advance for any help! :-)
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WGAN Forum Founder DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

The magic of getting the lighting right inside and outside is to have the lighting outside be the same as inside.

I imagine that when you scanned, it was much darker inside than outside.

I imagine that you have free access to this Church. I encourage you to do lighting tests before taking on the entire project again.

Because the sanctuary door opens and closes during the scan, you can not walk from the sanctuary to the lobby.

It also creating a challenge about walking a straight line from the lobby into the sanctuary.

It's a beautiful space and great for practice.

So, assuming you don't mind and have access:

1. Do test scans to determine when to scan
2. Do keep all doors open. (Do not change the environment while scanning)

Often, the best time to scan for outdoor views - in this case the stained glass windows - after the sun is not visible at sunset or dawn.

About marketing windows before or after, this does not matter.

You can mark the windows as one long window trim for the length of each wall.

Please do share with us what you decide to do and the results.



P.S. Welcome to the MUG Forum community ....
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glennstockton private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks Dan.

As doing the scanning required about 3 hours (though I may get faster!) it may be challenging to find a time that both, the Church can be empty and has such stable and better lighting conditions. I noted in doing this that walking around the camera works for most spots, but found that, in such an open space, some scans required long walks to get out of view.

Note that the door closing was intentional, and followed the instructions in a previous post: outside closed, outside open, inside open, inside closed... but, sadly I did not know that in the Workshop you can hide scans... I thought once scanned you could delete the scans you did not want to show but the information would be saved (wrong!) – lesson learned. The forum is an awesome resource, but sometimes it simply takes trial and error.
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