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Newbie questions - outdoor scan etc2084

spassmore private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

I just joined this MUG last week and am impressed by all the co-operation amongst you guys, it's good to see. I am a very experienced professional photographer working in the caribbean and my biggest client has asked me to do some 3D tours. Before I take the plunge on MP, I'd like to ask some questions from you guys if you don't mind:

1) MP is inherently a still photo based technology, is anyone aware of companies supplying 3D video tours?

2) Where I live is VERY bright light and it will be essential to capture the stunning ocean views from the high-end real estate here. Is MP suited to indoor/outdoor style homes which are common where I live? Does anyone have examples?

3)I have read about people integrating Theta 3D images to MP tours, but I am not sure why Matterport can't be used in these cases?

4) Is there a way of integrating 3D video to MP tours?

5) Retouching: is there a way of removing blemishes from properties, or cloning out the MP camera from mirrors?

Thank you all!

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pmjacoby private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Steve,

I don't have answers for all your questions but, here's what I do know:

1) Yes, it's a still photo based tech. I'm not familiar with other options so, not sure.

2) Direct sunlight interfere's with the MP camera's infrared sensors so, outdoor scanning can only be done when there's no direct sunlight falling on the camera. I understand that it's a problem even when there's cloud cover as the sun's IR light can penetrate clouds. Nevertheless, scanning outdoor areas can definitely be done. Here's an example I did a little while ago: clickable text. I scanned the outdoors in the evening when the sun was behind the house and/or trees.

3 & 4) Sorry, I don't know.

5) No. There's no way to edit the 3D tour's images. Individual scan points can be enabled/disabled to allow for a better flow through the space, i.e. eliminating extra scans that may have been needed to allow alignment of the images but that are too close to need for the actual walk through. It also allows areas of the house that were scanned to be removed from the tour while still allowing the areas to be seen in the doll house view. If you want to totally remove an area after it's been scanned, it's best to duplicate the scan in the iPad app and then delete scans in unwanted areas and upload again for reprocessing. That way you'll still have the scans in the original copy in case you do want to include them in the future.

Welcome to the group.

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spassmore private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for your response Peter, much appreciated!
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