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Matterport Competitors Beating You on Price?2026

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
How Matterport Pros Make the Competition Irrelevant

As a Matterport Pro, how do you make your competition irrelevant? (Hint: It's not competing on price, quality or service.) And, how do you compete with a new Pro that offers to scan for half of what you charge to gain experience and build a portfolio?

Cirque du Soleil, for example, does not compete with other circuses by having more animals, it has none. It doesn't offer more or better experiences for kids – the traditional market for circuses – because it doesn't cater to kids. And, Cirque du Soleil doesn't compete on price, because their tickets are often 10 times as much.

So how do you create value for potential and existing clients and earn more money and make your competition irrelevant?

Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant

As a Matterport Pro, are you helping real estate agents win more listings – and get more buyer and seller leads – by differentiating their listing presentation with competitive advantages, BUT you do not differentiate your Matterport service provider business? Yikes!

If a potential client calls you and says ...

✓ I have been hearing a lot about Matterport lately.
✓ I got a new listing that I think I want to try Matterport.
✓ How much do you charge for creating a Matterport tour?

Instead of answering X dollars per square foot and we have frequency and volume discounts – you are a commodity competing on pricing – consider saying ...

Thank you for asking. And, congrats on your listing. May I ask you ... ?

✓ Are you winning 100 percent of your listing presentations?
✓ Are your listings as big as you would like?
✓ Are you getting as many listings as you would like?

We can help you with these three challenges – in addition to your most immediate listing need – because we offer a bundle of high-value solutions to help make your competition irrelevant.

In addition to the other services that make your Matterport business unique, consider bundling solutions that We Get Around has curated and arranged for free samples, free trials and/or special pricing.

What else? How do you make your competition irrelevant?



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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Zig when others Zag ...

At an real estate conference on Friday (17 June 2016), the moderator asked hundreds of - at tables of 8 - to take a 60 seconds and list big problems that will disrupt the world of residential real estate agents. (I, of course, listed virtual reality as one of the eight of our group.)

Then the moderator asked each group to pick one of the problems and suggest how to solve the problem in 60 seconds.

Our group picked "Housing Shortage" as a result of people delaying marriage or getting divorced or can't afford their dream (big) home yet.

I suggested agents offer free "" accounts to get people married sooner (and have two houses to sell and one to buy) and free storage lockers (for couples to storage the furniture of one of the partners (whom resists tossing out) so that they would be happy with a smaller home (and make it easier to qualify for the mortgage).

When our group leader present the above to hundreds of real estate agents, they all laughed.

While they may have thought I was kidding, why not? Why not think differently than everyone else?

The three lessons here as it relates to your competition:

1. Think differently: Zig when others Zag
2. Be creative
3. Test and learn (rather than debating if it will work or not)

That was a fun two minute exercise ...

What else? Matterport Photographers - and Matterport Real Estate Agents - hat can you do to differentiate yourself from your competitors?


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