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If a client asked you for help in multiple markets, should you:

1. refer the client to the We Get Around Referral Network?
2. find Pros via the We Get Around Referral Network?
3. quote the project based on flying to multiple markets?

While we would like to fly to Hawaii, London, Sydney, China and Miami too ... the only cost effective way is to engage a Matterport Pro locally.

So, that leaves you with:

1. referring the client to the We Get Around Referral Network. Hint: use this referral form and earning a free month if the client spends $500 or more with a Referral Network Member.

2. quoting the pro and making the difference between what you quote your client and what you pay the Pros (see 50/30/20 thread)

[Private Message me to request a 30-day free pass to the Guide to Matterport Service Provider Pricing - curated by We Get Around in Atlanta - now through 15 June 2016.]

We are already helping multiple MUG Forum Members like you source multiple Matterport Pros across the United States and around the globe to scale their Matterport Service Provider business by engaging Pros. (see related thread)

Free Matterport Marketing Video until 15 June 2016

If you join the We Get Around Referral Network by 15 June 2016, you can order - free - this marketing video (or see above) - customized with your contact info and logo (and even the map is customized with your city) to help you generate inbound inquiries for either providing referrals or handling one-order for many markets.

For clarification, you will receive this marketing video in addition to the one free with Basic Membership; two free with Standard Membership and three free with Premium Membership. (More about the marketing videos available for We Get Around Referral Network Members.)

Already a Basic Standard or Premium Member of the We Get Around Referral Network? Please complete the order form. You will find the link in your Welcome Onboard letter. To receive this free bonus, please order by 15 June 2016.

The We Get Around Referral Network is dedicated to helping Matterport Pros succeed faster.

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