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Turn-key Model Site180

Tim private msg quote post Address this user
Hey everyone, we will soon be offering a "Turn-key" solution for model listing. We have built our system from scratch and it allows you to add models extremely easily via an admin console which in turn allows you to have people link to models from your own website. If you head to our FaceBook page you will see the sort of links I am referring to but for us they show like If this is of interest to you or your business the portal can be easily rebranded and added to your existing site. The purchasable website (rebranded) will include some other cool Matterport related features. If you are a real estate agent or just starting out with your Matterport camera and are looking for a quick and easy solution for showing off your new models please PM us with expressions of interest...prices coming soon...
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
This is Ron I am definitely interested in this produce and pricing. I would like to see and hear more.

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WP3D Models
ThreeSixty Tours
rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Tim...

Thanks for posting this. I too am offering a similar "turn key" solution (based on WordPress) and it too offers many "Matterport specific" functions that will make it very easy to start up a new website for the purposes of promoting your models. Each model can be posted with no programming/CSS/HTML knowledge and each resulting model page will be SEO friendly and include necessary code & images optimized for sharing via Facebook.

My solution can include as much (or as little) of the functionality found on our company website:

Please reach out to me directly if you'd like more information.

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Tim private msg quote post Address this user
Hey Ross,

Our site will allow adding models as simply as this...

It also allows for Feature Property's to be swapped out in the same fashion...
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WP3D Models
ThreeSixty Tours
rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
Here's what the admin looks for my solution:

I chose to include an "associated user" field as well, so that models can be further organized and associated with a particular administrator of the site, if necessary.

The image upload will then take the uploaded "featured" image and create the Facebook Open Graph image as well as the thumbnail image for the "Examples" page.

Additionally/alternatively, models can be optionally filtered so that they do or do not appear linked from an "examples" page.

Lastly...some properties have a need for more than one model to be associated. Checking the "Supplementary" Model option allows for an additional model URL and image to be added to the record.

Here's an example of this in use on the front end:

Lastly...any amount of WYSIWYG content can be added to each model page, or left off if the page is meant to be displayed as model only.

Here's an example with some text describing the model below:

All Responsive CSS is taken care of behind the scenes as well as image size optimization, and an SEO-Friendly XML sitemap is created for all model pages.
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Tim private msg quote post Address this user
Sounds as if we are offering the same service...😉👍
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WP3D Models
ThreeSixty Tours
rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
I agree!
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Mat private msg quote post Address this user
Both of these are a great option. Makes it very easy and user friendly. Great work. Good to see that you are both sharing your knowledge of this.
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