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Wordpress ecommerce1725

htimsabbub23 private msg quote post Address this user
I have been working with a couple different ecommerce shopping cart type programs such as square and presently checkfront. Neither of these offer really what I want. What is everyone using for a checkout program and are you happy with it or is there features you would love to see implemented.

Some features I need.

1)Shopping cart type (so I can not only sell a scan, but also add on floor plans)

2)Be able for clients to select time slots.

3) confirmation email

4) calendar sync

Please let us know what you're using and if you needed add-ons to make this work. The price would be great as well.
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ArchimedStudio private msg quote post Address this user
very interested to know as well!

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Maria private msg quote post Address this user
I've used Magento for a jewelry store we owned. It's pretty easy to set up, link to payment gateways, and more. I've als built a store Spree, using Ruby on Rails and Open Cart through Godaddy.

While Magento community edition is huge, it is easily customizable and has tons of options and features baked in. There are also many themes available from Envato marketplace. There are plenty of tutorials online to help you get going as well. For a simple service type business you will need only a few options for your customers to choose from.

I no longer have the jewelry store online though. Because I do not do many jobs per month with Matterport, I just send out invoices and take checks and cash instead of credit cards. This saves me on fees. I do miss some of the automated features but for the amount of business I do, the old fashioned invoice and direct contact works.
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franmts private msg quote post Address this user
Customer Relationship Management.. meaning an end-to-end experience:
1- booking hours based on property size
2- paying based on property size
3- added costs (based on distance, floor plans, video, ..)
4- re-booking and canceling
5- delivery (obj, url links, picures, videos, floor plans, ..)
6- transactional emails (from the above, hosting expiration, ..)

I've tested booked+woocommerce+moip plugins for wordpress, the best could find, but still far from good. Can't use it as a system.

I'm interested in smth better as well..
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htimsabbub23 private msg quote post Address this user
Frantz is that an e-commerce software. Or is that a wish list for the software you are looking g for?
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franmts private msg quote post Address this user
it's a wish list that i tried to overcome with what i know from digital marketing, sales automation tools, barely no programming knowledge and not a rush to invest in programers yet - still adapting the business model

customer relationship management is a concept...

woocomerce is a plugin for e-commerce, competes with magento
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htimsabbub23 private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks, Sorry didn't see the bottom paragraph. I was hoping you had a magic software that offered all of these options. I am pretty happy with checkfront but it doesn't have a good option with add-ons. if you want to check it out and see what I am talking about go to and click all the way through (of course no credit card) I feel the add-ons are very hidden per-say.
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