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Response when-whats the name of that camera?1707

San Antonio, TX
EricThomas private msg quote post Address this user
This may have been hashed out previously but I couldn't not locate the thread.

What do you guys do when questioned about the camera? I am working with a large marketing firm to secure shoots for their condominium projects in my city. Back and forth for over 6 months (i sought them out FYI)...Question after question, pricing, timing, how it works, how long it lasts, samples....Then today, out of the blue they say what type of camera is this? I gave the ole vague "its a special 3D camera, specifically designed for 3D tours only". Their response: No, we mean, whats the exact type of camera....Make/Model. We may want to do this in other locations too. (mind you, I haven't even got the first order yet!)
I said no problem, we have a network of guys/gals all over the world that I can line you up with (our referral network).

I know I am now working against myself. I love this product, and I understand MP's job is to sell more. There is no way to hide the product from them, the tour links have their name plastered all over it. So do i just let the cat out of the bag and cross my fingers, or play hardball and at least make them work 5 mins on google before they find out?
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

"It's magic! And, we (you) can help you with all your locations. You simply place one-order with us for all your markets."

So, in this instance – rather than referring Pros – use the We Get Around Referral Network to source Pros (via the Map) and/or reaching out to me and provide your client with one order/multiple markets.

While We Get Around offers one-order/multiple markets, in this instance, I recommend that you provide this function. If you need help thinking this through, please PM me.

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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
I think you need to tell them, like you said they will see Matterport branding on everything every step of the way. We work with two offices that own their own Matterport and a majority of the agents use us because they see it is time consuming, they also see this is not as plug and play like they would like and they usually spend time speaking with the seller while we are scanning. My concern is on the extremely larger offices they hire someone specific to do it for the office. Any agents in a larger office chime in. Again just my thoughts.

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San Antonio, TX
EricThomas private msg quote post Address this user
@DanSmigrod so you suggest i go the tight lip route...I did not use the "magic" term in my first response, but was implying just that....Special Camera. I feel no matter my response, the end result is discovering the camera.
Its not rocket science as they can simply start googling 3D virtual tour cameras and matterport is right there.

I guess its a roll of the dice. My price point is very affordable, however if they dive into doing multiple properties they could justify their own purchase. MP should really work out a referral program...feels like I am doing all of their dirty work to sell a camera as I lose business.
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suncoastskyview private msg quote post Address this user
We don't withhold that info from anyone.

Since the MP camera and adjacent fees are so ridiculously expensive and the work is quite time-consuming, it is the obvious choice for them to call us to do the work for them.

Why buy your own MP and tie up your time and cash
when you can just call us instead?
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Eric, a couple of thoughts:

1. I would keep asking, "why do you ask?" If it is to handle all markets, then you can help them with that. If that want to DIY, then here's the list that shows the Camera, hosting and related gear and accessories is $9,000.

Then offer to provide training and support in how to run the camera and post production.

2. Another way to show why it makes sense to engage you for all their markets, is the value-added services that you provide such as:

2D schematic floor plans
iPad Videos
FLY-IN 3D Videos
✓ Single Property Websites (Various Solutions)
✓ Aerial photography (sourced via the Referral Network)
✓ Still photographer (sourced via the Referral Network)
✓ Content Management System (WP3D Models)

Eric, you are an expert that has figured out best practices to easily, quickly and affordably offer a bundle of services for one pricing for all their markets with one-stop shopping.

As an expert, you can have them up and running fast; without a huge learning curve and without fatal mistakes.

I could image a large company deciding to DIY and embedding many Matterport Spaces on a single page and making their website incredibly slow. You know how to solve that challenge. Your knowledge and expertise matters: especially to a large company.

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pirusan private msg quote post Address this user
@EricThomas There is a point in which tight lip starts to feel like "something to hide". It is very fine line and I sympathize with you. At the end of the day is better that they find out from you than from their investigation.
I play it "by ear" case by case.
I think additional services / solutions that you can offer is the best route to approach this type of situations.
Good Luck!
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360Verbeelding private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, in fact its not importand what camera you use. What importand is that you get the job done, provide good service and charge a reasonable price.
And if the want to find out themselve, let them. You can always point out the benefits why to use a MP specialist.
Importand is Why you do it, and What you provide, not the how. its the result that matters.

Happy Scanning, Grtz Rene.
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TuanDinh private msg quote post Address this user
Our lastest quotation is for a big real estate company, they said their marketing team will buy and do by themselves. We said ok, send them some more sample for them can study and after one week they call back for contract.

It is easy to buy the camera and equipment belong but like DAN comment above, alot value-add services they can have if they work with us
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Lowell private msg quote post Address this user
A company could also buy their own dslr for photographs instead of hiring a photographer. When they want quality they'll hire a professional.
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