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Mobile charging? 9,000 SQ FT project1624

Jake private msg quote post Address this user
I have a cool project coming up that Matterport actually asked me to shoot. This is a crazy home that is nearly 9,000 square feet and my biggest worry is battery life. I'm driving 5 hours to shoot this home and staying the night at a nearby hotel. But I only get one day to shoot -- as long as it takes, but just the one day.

That all being said, my main concern is battery life. I really don't want to stop halfway through and re-charge. Is it possible to charge and scan simultaneously? I know the standard charging device is AC but I would love to find some sort of USB accessory if it exists!

Next, I'm obviously worried about hitting that 200-scan threshold... has anyone had success with a house this size and/or more than 200 scans?
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HarlanHambright private msg quote post Address this user
your iPad is the weak link, battery-wise. the MP battery is amazing.
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pirusan private msg quote post Address this user
Agree with @HarlanHambright

The problem is the iPad that might need to be plugged in towards the end of the scan, making you walk more than necessary

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Jake private msg quote post Address this user
Thansk! But the iPad is the least of my concerns. I've got a mobile charger I can keep in my pocket. I'm just dreading a 2-3 hour re-charge for the camera.
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josephthomp private msg quote post Address this user
Scanned a house that was 13,000 sqft this week and both the matterport and iPad never went below 50% batter life. But I always carry a mobile battery pack that charges devices with a usb plug for my ipad, i can just slip it in my back pocket and plug it into the iPad to carry around.

This was a particularly open house but only took about 150 scan points. Possibly shooting a warehouse that is 18,000 sqft next week which will be a true test of the capacity to cover a large space. Any tips welcome.
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Maria private msg quote post Address this user
Time as well as battery life of the iPad will be an issue. The camera last a long time for about 10+ hours. There is no way I am aware of to charge it while on a tripod. (You could probably buy and modify a brush slip ring to work on the camera.)

So, time as an issue... I did a 14,000 sq foot place and I had the benefit of two days. My recommendation is to plan your work flow around the direction of the Suns position in mind. There are apps for planning that using augmented reality for this I use the Photo Pills app. Some interior rooms can be done at night, so plan for this as well. Space scans widely apart in rooms of least interest such as guest bedrooms than rooms of more interest such as kitchens, living rooms and master bedrooms. Two and sometimes on scan inside a small room can be enough to create a good model. However to prevent me having to come back, I always scan heavily around doors usually one right close on either side and one directly in the doorway. iPad battery life is an issue and I would bring a charger with you and be using it regularly from the start whenever a electrical receptacle is available as you duck around the corner for a few scans. A good quick release (SunwayFoto DYH-90R+DLC-60L Leveling Base Kit with Duo-Lever Clamp leveling head on the tripod will save you the hassle of adjusting legs to make the camera relatively level. Once you get going, scan like the wind. Load your pockets with your lunch and don't stop for a break, and emember hofstadter's law.
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Jake private msg quote post Address this user
All great tips! I sincerely appreciate them all. I've scanned some homes around 5,000 SQ FT and I always remembered the camera still being relatively charged. I guess I've just assumed the camera couldn't make it that long but it sounds like it will. I have a pretty hefty USB charger for iPad that I can wear in my pocket, so again, that was never an issue -- but the heads up is definitely appreciated!

As for 200+ scans, I'll cross my fingers that I don't get that deep. My only hope is that if I do, Matterport will give me some help since they're the ones who want this scan. I'll definitely share the result here once I finish. It's a pretty amazing property and it's already gone internationally viral (which is why I'm sure Matterport wants a scan!).

Thanks again, all!
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Cabrahams private msg quote post Address this user
If I'm correct you're only talking an additional $18 from 200 - 300 scans? I wouldn't even think of asking for help from Matterport on something like that. I've always maxed out at 300 scans (only about three times), but go over 200 pretty regularly for larger homes - 5,000 - 7,000 sq.ft.?

Yeah you won't have a problem w the Matterport dying, just the Ipad.
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Jake private msg quote post Address this user
@Cabrahams I was under the impression that you couldn't use more than 200 scans on a model. I assumed I would need Matterport to help override this limit. But if you've done 300 then I guess it's a non-issue. Thanks for the heads up!
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AdamplatinumHD private msg quote post Address this user
@jake I scanned a huge mansion (5 hours) and the ipad battery lingered on 2% for a while before dying on the second to last scan.

I charged and scanned the remaining scans.

Like others have said the MP is great, it's the ipad that is the problem. Just don't chase the battery life like I did!
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