Video: AR Tour for Real Estate (Or, How can a Realtor be in two places at once?) | Video courtesy of @Hopscotch Interactive YouTube Channel | 7 January 2022

From the Hopscotch Interactive YouTube Channel

In this video [Hopscotch Interactive Founder San Francisco area-based Emily Olman] is sharing a glimpse at our AR Tour Beta tour that we built for a recent property listing for one of our clients. The questions we were asking were, "Does the Realtor need to be there?" and "How can one be in two places at once?"

Really, we wanted to know if a Realtor could clone themselves. What do you think?

We explored these questions with an augmented reality tour we created with software that we had wanted to try for a while. Thanks to our friends at ViewAR for demoing their Matterport SDK, and to Herman Chan from Golden Gate Sotheby's International Realty for the collaboration. We created a [Matterport] 3D model of the property first and then added the augmentations later. This only works at this particular location, which makes it "location-based" and a digital layer that specifically exists on top of the real world, and only in this location.

This is how it all begins!

Source: Hopscotch Interactive YouTube Channel


Emily Olman: Please form around to initialize tracking. Initialization successful. Look you can already see these AR tags coming in.

Welcome to 1614 Julian. Look, walk this way. Okay, I'm going to walk this way.

Welcome to the grand entrance. The grand entrance double doors at 1614 Julian and welcome you to the Fourier, come on in. It's awesome, because it feels like the Realtor is here with me, but they're not here. I'm connecting with what they want to tell me, the story they want to tell me about this property.

Maybe sharing with me some anecdotes or just even their voice is bringing life into the space and it makes me feel like I'm more connected to it. Look at this, big open concept, I'm already starting to squirrel away little sound bites about the property that then I can use to remember this one and so that it sticks out for me.

It's all about, I think, creating a connection between the description, the emotion, and the place and so the technology supporting us as we're walking through this property. What else do we have? Okay. Balcony.

It's like finding Easter eggs in a video game, but in the real-world. This is so unique and this is so custom to this property, you can only use this experience when you're here. You can't even initialize it anywhere else. You can't start it anywhere else.

This is just all about 1614. This is all about being at this property and then seeing exactly what's going on here. For example, here we've embedded this video showing us the view and pushing in to the Golden Gate Bridge, which is the view just on the other side of this house.

The content doesn't have to be limited to text, it can also be something with music, it can be something with video and that will give you the chance to find new ways to re-purpose the content that you already made for this property.