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3D ShowcaseCaptureMultiple FloorsNewbie

4 storeys 11 Apartments1619

3dshowcaseuk private msg quote post Address this user
Ok, so we have just be contracted to do 12 individual showcases of 1 apartment block. One big showcase of the whole building 7000-8000 sq ft and the 11 individual showcases of each apartment.

Do you guys and gals have any advice on the best line of attack?

We are thinking we can scan the whole property then to save time duplicate it 11 times and delete the scans which aren't needed to isolate showcases for each apartment.

Any tips and advice would be much appreciated

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RobinLycka private msg quote post Address this user
Congrats on the big instruction

Should work fine with scanning the whole block and duplicating it.

Make sure you keep the apartment entrance doors open so as to avoid any problems with navigation in the full model showcase.

With a property of that size and probably lots of individual rooms I assume you´ll need a bit of tweeking and duplicating the main large model to stay below 200 scans.
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BillRobinson private msg quote post Address this user
Congrats! I have scanned/processed above 200 scans many times so I would process the main model and see how it comes out before deleting scans. If it's only 8K sf then your model should process fine. You can delete and reprocess if needed once you see it. Plus it's an opportunity to 'push' the limits to see how far you can go. And reprocessing is free.

Do they want to be able to walk through the doors to each apartment in the main model, or do they want just the interiors of each room with the door closed?

I recommend the doors be open as it'll make the entire scan easier. If open it makes it a lot easier because to capture the entire complex the doors will need to be open to link the apartment to the hall/complex.

If they want them closed on individual apartments it adds another layer of scanning/complexity and time. Would need to go back into each individual model, and reshoot with the door closed.

Either way, I would duplicate each time I finished an apartment so you would have less scans overall to delete in creating the individual models.
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3dshowcaseuk private msg quote post Address this user
great advice guys thanks, I was hoping to have the door shut so I can mattertag the aprrtment doors with numbers and have them open when I do the scan outside each property if that makes sense.

Graet Idea to duplicate after each apartment to reduce scan deleting at the end bill

then leave them open

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pirusan private msg quote post Address this user
@3dshowcaseuk You have a chance to get lucky and be able to scan with doors close and then open them as you get closer to the spot. About a year ago, we could "fool" the system and sometimes you still could. The MP software, however, improved and became smarter over time.
Provided that there are other references in the scans, the scans will still align in the iPad but the software will create a wall when the door is closed. So during the scanning everything goes fine, but in the 3D Space you have a chance that people won't be able to "walk" through the door even when it shows open.
Also, since the software "thinks" there is a wall, the scans behind that door could (only could) show up in the wrong floor.
If I where you, I scan with doors close and open as you want and take my chances. You can always, duplicate, delete scan, and re-upload as needed.
BTW I love the effect of doors opening as you walk in the MP Space,, so I always try, but lately in bigger houses i encountered some problems.
I hope is clear,
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3Dwalkmethru private msg quote post Address this user
I have encounterd some issues with front doors opening inwards and blocking lets say a guest bath door or a small room etc .. We have to factor that and direct sunlight when the door is open and is facing a large sliding door at 9:00 a.m. facing East .. My job was 60 vacation rentals and most had small entrance hallways and the guest or primary bathroom in reach of open door partially blocking the area.
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