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Video: HoloBuilder ContinuousMode: 360 Camera Meets AEC Documentation16077

Atlanta, Georgia
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HoloBuilder ContinuousMode: The Easiest Way to Document Jobsites With Passive Progress Capture | Video courtesy of HoloBuilder YouTube Channel | 15 December 2021

From the HoloBuilder YouTube Channel

ContinuousMode is the easiest way to document jobsites with passive progress capture.

ContinuousMode helps you to automate your site capture with the JobWalk App. Making use of the Augmented Reality capabilities of compatible* mobile devices, it tracks your location, captures 360° photos automatically, and organizes them on the floor plan while you walk the site. The ideal solution for first time captures to document as much as possible, as fast as possible.

Watch the video [above] to see how it works and try out the brand-new way to capture with ContinuousMode in the JobWalk App today!

And if you don't have the JobWalk App yet, get it at https://www.holobuilder.com/downloads

* Learn more about the technical specifications and supported smart devices at https://help.holobuilder.com/en/articles/5675800-hardware-requirements-recommendations-for-continuousmode-in-the-jobwalk-app

HoloBuilder (www.holobuilder.com) is the fast & secure Construction Progress Management platform, powered by 360° Photo Capture. Proven & trusted by 59% of ENR TOP 100 Contractors.

HoloBuilder is the fastest and easiest way to document construction site progress with 360° Photo Capture in a secure SaaS cloud environment, covering all phases of the project lifecycle. With a super-fast and efficient workflow, you can create a Digital Progress Record of your job site and access it remotely from anywhere.

HoloBuilder provides a complete Digital Progress Record of construction activities including who, what, where, when, why, and how - eliminating doubt.

• Track and analyze daily or weekly site progress in 360°
• Reduce documentation time by 80%
• Know current site condition anytime and from anywhere
• Create impressive handover documents for owners
• Build trust & collaboration among team members & stakeholders

HoloBuilder Use Cases Include:

• As-Built Documentation
• Site Planning
• Progress Tracking
• In-Wall & Pre-Pour Documentation
• OAC Meeting Visuals
• Change Order & RFI Documentation

Source: HoloBuilder YouTube Channel

Your thoughts?


Transcript (Video Above)

At HoloBuilder, we understand that every job site has its own requirements when it comes to documenting progress. Today, we'd like to introduce to you ContinuousMode.

A new way of capturing with the JobWalk app. ContinuousMode enables you to capture progress passively. While you walk the site, the app automatically takes high quality 360 degree photos, and organize them for you. Don't bother with operating the app while capturing, just walk.

The new capture mode utilizes augmented reality capabilities of compatible mobile devices to identify exactly where you are, and your floor plan.

Even in environments without GPS signal. Connected to compatible 360 degree cameras, ContinuousMode automatically takes 360 degree photos and organizes them for you. It places new waypoints in an interval of 3-15 feet adjustable to your job sites, individual requirements.

You benefit not only from a super-fast, and easy workflow for dense documentation with high resolution 360 degree photos, but also from instant availability with no processing time after uploading your data to a secure HoloBuilder Cloud, just upload and done.

ContinuousMode is ideal for first-time captures to document as much as possible, as fast as possible.

After the site has been captured once, you can use SpeedMode to take a fresh set of photos in the exact same location. ContinuousMode, the easiest way to document your job sites with passive progress, Capture.
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Video: Feature Update: 360 Markups just got better! | Video courtesy of HoloBuilder YouTube Channel | 11 January 2022
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