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Virtual RealityVR

Samsung S7 vs S61601

willoreilly private msg quote post Address this user
Just wondering if anyone has any experience of viewing a Matterport VR Space on a Samsung S7 vs a S6 and if it looks a whole lot better?
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

We use the Samsun Galaxy S6 Edge. I do not recommend the Edge because it has light leaks when placed in the Samsung Gear VR.

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CarlosFHdz private msg quote post Address this user
I've used the s6 and considered the s7 but Screen resolution and pixel density is the same.

I cannot comment on the s7 gear vr view.
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Showcas3D private msg quote post Address this user
I've used the Note 5 since Oct and love it. longer battery life, bigger screen, stylus to create quick notes with. no complaints with it so far
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LookingGlass private msg quote post Address this user
The s7 edge is awesome. The battery life on the S6 would be depleted within 20 or 30 minutes and most the time I couldn't get past 20 because the VR app would overheat the phone. The S7 is awesome doesn't overheat and the battery just laugh. And it works great in either the DK1 or the CV1 of the gear VR
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willoreilly private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for your feedback.
@LookingGlass - do you notice any difference in the resolution from the S6 to the S7? I have the S6 and it's great, but a little pixelated.
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3dvirtueletour private msg quote post Address this user
I can tell you tomorrow i get the Samsung Gear VR today. The phone is nice.

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LookingGlass private msg quote post Address this user
No difference in the resolution but a lot smoother experience
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3dvirtueletour private msg quote post Address this user
Fantastic!! Wauw nice work Matterport and now the Google Cardboard !!


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jcmolina private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, I have the S6, S6 edge and S7 edge and Gear VR. I have tested all aspects of them and can tell you the S7 is the way to go:

The reason is very simple: Overheating on S6 and S6 edge. As noted, after say 20 minutes or so of using Matterport VR, The S6 series will overheat. The S7 Was built with this in mind and it has an internal cooling system so it will never overheat, I have used the S7 continuously for over 2 hours without any issues.Battery life on s7 Edge is much better than S7 and S6 series. You can get several hours of VR on the S7 and still have battery.

As far as resolution, both s6 and s7 series are 2K screens. The S7 edge is bigger both size and screen than the S6 edge. The resolution when used in VR is literally unnoticeable despite the S7 bigger screen. The Graphics processor on the S7 and the processor are much faster than S6 so it will help for some VR Apps, Matterport, particularly works the same on both as it is not very demanding on graphics based on my experience. The Matterport in VR is fantastic, considering this is the first version of it. Worth every penny, everyone I show it to is blown away by the experience.

The S7 is, without question the phone to go for VR and the best phone I've ever owned. I am happy to share any details that you need, hope this info helps.
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DanielDI private msg quote post Address this user
Of course the s7 is better than the s6 in lots of ways but if you have a s6 you may have only had for six months or even less there is no need to feel like you need to upgrade. The s6 is a will remain to be a very fast competent and reliable smart phone throughout this year and into next. It was possibly the best of the best in 2015 which gives such an awesome devise a certain amount of extended longevity. Peace.x
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craigsauer private msg quote post Address this user
I'll post here rather than start a new post. I've been working with a museum (and with Matterport) about having a couple of Matterport Spaces converted to VR for use in the museum for a special exhibit.

One concern the museum has is keeping people from trying to use their VR setup to do things other than view the two VR spaces they created. Anybody with an S7 know if there's a way to "lock" users into the VR app?

I know of Android apps that can password protect selected apps on the phone, which might be sufficient, but I wonder if anybody has experience with this.

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