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Facebook's 360 Degree 3-D Cameras Unveiled1595

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
A colleague emailed me asking:

"...preliminary thoughts relative to legit Matterport competition on this from Facebook and their camera?"

How should I reply?

Fast Company (12 April 2016) Facebook's 360 Degree 3-D Cameras Unveiled at F8 Conference



There are 14 wide-angle cameras bolted on a horizontal ring with a fish-eye camera on top and two on the bottom

FastCompany: The camera includes 17 different video capture devices that are synchronized

The 14 cameras around the ring of the aluminum chassis mean the camera captures stereoscopic video, necessary for 3D capture.

Camera sensors capture with a global shutter, meaning moving objects in the video will be free of rolling shutter artifacts

FastCompany: Facebook revealed a 360-degree camera hardware and software system today at its F8 conference.

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danmorell private msg quote post Address this user
Hey Dan,

After hearing about and now reading this article, I'm more convinced this camera system isn't "legit Matterport competition". Just my opinion though . . .

The investment for this camera system comes in around $25k to $30k? This isn't competition for MP. This is a mega company pushing the bar of VR, quality and bringing further visibility to a flourishing space MP specialists will also be involved in.

I would imagine this is a move on FB's behalf to increase VR quality and visibility that I'm sure will easily posts/integrate to Facebook giving them further high quality engaging content --> increased traffic = higher revenue. Keep in mind, FB also owns Instagram which I'm sure will also benefit from this.

I realize my thought is a stretch. Though, FB is giving the world a map to supply them with better content. It's like Goodyear Tires creating a faster car so you need to buy tires more often. FB will win in this move at some level which might even be 10 years away.

FB will be one of many on the forefront of VR but with large amounts of capital to make stronger long term moves. There are numerous articles around Zuck loving VR not to mentioned the investment made into it.

The one cool thing FB did was have this project be open source. FB is counting on the community to push VR into new areas, uses, associated technology and mechanics, ect . . . .

Though, we all know how well that worked for Elon Musk's open source hyperloop project which I do hope comes to fruition.

ok, I guess that's more than 2 cents lol. Looking forward to others thoughts.
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aerialpixels private msg quote post Address this user
maybe thats why Matterport until now hasnt gotten FB intergration yet.

i recall it was a feature announced but not yet delivered, since mid/end last year?

maybe FB wanna protect their turf and this is the reason revealed.

its a shame...if matterport was directly viewable in FB, it would fly.
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Maria private msg quote post Address this user
I was looking at this this morning. I don't see it as a direct competitor to Matterport. Like other spherical cameras and 3D filming for VR headset experiences, I see this camera as another tool to present an experience of being somewhere but in a different way than Matterport. One of the downsides of Matterport is that allows you to view a space as if it were frozen in time so telling a story and showing action is difficult even problematic. Spherical video and VR video doesn't have this problem and perhaps that is its advantage. It gives producers the ability to blend traditional videos ability tell a story or capture an action with a still 360° virtual tour's ability to give an audience a degree of control to view what they want to see. (This is also Spherical Video's downside compared to traditional video as an audience may miss what was intended to be seen or not seen.) Spherical video also only gives the viewer the ability to look in a direction where they want to look, but not go where they want to go in a space. Matterport has the advantage of allowing users the ability to explore any area of the space because it has been completely digitized. Matterport also gives you the ability to interact and change views. The ability to take measurements, create a doll house view or floorplan view is something that one would have a difficult time creating with spherical video as their source. Matterport, Spherical or 360° Still Virtual Tours, still Photography, Videography, Drone Photography, and now Spherical Videography all have a place and are effective tools but each have their place.

I think spherical video will make for great unique documentaries, news reporting, commercials, music videos and some niche uses and will be most useful when accompanied by other media such as Matterport or quality still photographs.

Also, the memory requirements for a file the size this camera would produce would mean it would have to be hosted or uploaded to a server or cloud to be viewed similar to Matterport, but the file can theoretically be physically handed over on a drive or shared via file sharing service.
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craigsauer private msg quote post Address this user
It doesn't look like it has any depth sensors, so any real 3D models would have to be built up solely from images. That's possible to do, but it's tricky.

That doesn't mean it can't compete with Matterport in terms of creating a walkthrough experience, but it does limit its value in terms of creating floor plans and models of scanned areas.

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Nokia OZO camera adds live virtual reality broadcasting
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