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Transcript: WGAN-TV-Intro to Pivo 360 Tours with Pod Black for Real Estate15944

Atlanta, Georgia
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WGAN-TV | Introduction to Pivo 360 Tour with Pod Black for Residential Real Estate | Guests: 3i Inc. (Pivo) Director of Business Development Doron Kasmi and 3i Inc. (Pivo) Business Development Part Team Lead Amanda Oto | Thursday, 11 November 2021 | Episode 125: www.PivoRealEstate.com | @PivoRealEstate

Pivo 360 Tour courtesy of Pivo Real Estate | Pivo 360 Tour Link

Image courtesy of Pivo Real Estate | Shop Now Pivo Real Estate

Video: Pivo Real Estate - The Essential Tool for Amazing Marketing Videos and 3D Tours | Video courtesy of GetPivo YouTube Channel | 22 June 2021

Video: How to Create a Pivo 360 Tour From Start to Finish | Video courtesy of GetPivo YouTube Channel | 2 July 2021

Pivo Real Estate

Transcript: WGAN-TV | Introduction to Pivo 360 Tours with Pivo Pod Black for Residential Real Estate

Hi All,

Transcript below ...

Residential Real Estate Agents have a new option for creating 360 tours: Pivo Real Estate.

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 11 November 2021, my guests will be 3i Inc. (Pivo) Director of Business Development Doron Kasmi and 3i Inc. (Pivo) Business Development Part Team Lead Amanda Oto to demo and discuss:

WGAN-TV | Introduction to Pivo 360 Tours with Pivo Pod Black for Residential Real Estate

-- Unboxing: | Pivo Real Estate Kit Case | Pivo Pod Black | Pivo Remote | Pivo Bracket (for smartphone) | Pivo Tripod |
-- Downloading: download Pivo Tour smartphone app (iOS | Android)
-- Pairing: how to pair the Pivo Pod Black to your smartphone via Bluetooth
-- Creating: create 360s with a Pivo Pod Black + Pivo App (iOS | Android) + Smartphone
-- Locating: distance between spins ( "Capture Points" )
-- Naming: name the Capture Points via the Pivo Tour smartphone app (iOS | Android)
-- Publishing: how to publish the Pivo 360 Tour to the Pivo Real Estate platform
-- Enhancing: how to add a floor plan to a Pivo 360 Tour
-- Other Pivo Uses: | Follow Me Recording | Follow Me Video Chat |
-- Pricing: Pivo Real Estate Kit | Pivo 360 Tours via Pivo Real Estate platform

What questions should I ask 3i Inc. (Pivo) Director of Business Development Doron Kasmi and 3i Inc. (Pivo) Business Development Part Team Lead Amanda Oto on WGAN-TV Live at 5?

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Screen Grab: Pivo Tour App in the Apple iOS App Store


Screen Grab: Pivo Tour App in the Google Play Store

Transcript (Video Above)

Dan Smigrod: Hi all. I'm Dan Smigrod, Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum. Today is Thursday, November 11, 2021 and you're watching WGAN-TV Live at 5. We have an awesome show for you today. Introduction to Pivo 360 Tour with Pod Black for Residential Real Estate. Here to talk to us about it ... joining us on WGAN-TV, Amanda Oto. Hey, Amanda. Good to see you.

Amanda Oto: Hi. How are you today? Thank you for having us.

Dan Smigrod: I'm awesome. ... Glad to have you on the show; and Doron Kasmi. Doron, good to see you.

Doron Kasmi: Good to see you as well, thank you very much for inviting us and we're excited to be here.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. Amanda Oto is Business Development Part Team Lead for 3i Inc., that is the parent company for Pivo Real Estate. Doron is Director of Business Development 3i Inc., again, the parent company of Pivo Real Estate. We have so much to cover on today's show. Before we get to the big picture about understanding 3i/Pivo Real Estate, let's jump into a Pivo 360 Tour

Dan Smigrod: so that we have context for today's show. Amanda, could you give us a demo of a Pivo 360 Tour?

Amanda Oto: Sure. I'd love to. Let me go ahead and share my screen.

Amanda Oto: First, I'll go through a Pivo 360 Tour.

Amanda Oto: We have two versions: our first version is a standard 360 Tour where you're able to navigate throughout your space. Here you can see that we are able to have multiple floors. Here we're on the second floor as well. In addition to that, you're able to upload your floor plan here and you're able to align them with the [360] points that you've taken. In addition, you're able to set a profile for your contact profile,

Amanda Oto: connect it with your phone number, your email address, your social media, and any description that you would like to describe yourself. Within the [Pivo Tour] app, you're also going to be able to set details like your property size, the lot size, and whatever information you want to talk about for that certain property that you've put up for sale. Then finally, you're able to share the tour very easily. We have everything set up here where you can share a link.

Amanda Oto: We have the HTML setup so you can embed it onto your website and then of course you can share it straight into social media.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. That's a Pivo 360 Tour. I noticed there's some logos on here, if we wanted to put this in an MLS listing.

Amanda Oto: Yes. That's also an available option within our application. Pivo 360 Tour comes standard with the Pivo Tour logo in the corner. But once you're in the application, you're able to upgrade your tour for a small fee and you're able to have it available for a year without your logo so you can upload it for a MLS platform.

Dan Smigrod: Great. We'll talk more about that later in the show. Before you move on, is there anything else on a Pivo 360 Tour to show us?

Amanda Oto: For now, this is the standard [Pivo] 360 Tour. But I'm very excited to show you what we have as Beta version available. That's very easy to create.

Amanda Oto: I'd like to move on to the 3D Tour.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. Pivo 3D Tour. Today is Thursday, November 11, 2021, presently in public Beta. But apparently, that word Beta is going to come off soon.

Amanda Oto: Currently, we have in our Beta version, the capability to create a 3D Dollhouse along with your [Pivo] 360 Tour. Similar to the one that I just showed you, you're able to navigate through the space. You're able to add all of the same features that you did before: your contact profile, share the actual tour, you can add listing details as well, but now you're able to actually go back and forth and view the 3D Dollhouse.

Amanda Oto: Everything is created the same way. It's very quick and simple to create this tour and has very high quality. I think it's really impressive that this is the quality for our Beta version. You can look forward to an even better version coming very shortly. Currently, it's available for iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro, but soon it will be available for other iPhones and also Android as well.

Dan Smigrod: Great. Could you just walk us through one more time, maybe into the bedroom and just walk around so we can see what it looks like transitioning from point to point?

Amanda Oto: Sure.

Doron Kasmi: Then I just want to add, if I may, that [Pivo] 360 Tour takes around, – if I will take 70 SQM [753 SQ FT] – around maybe 10 minutes, something like that, sometimes it will be even less. The [Pivo] 3D Tour takes something like maybe 15 minutes. Maybe at the first time, it will take you a bit more, but once you do your second and third tours,

Doron Kasmi: it will be much easier for you to do and it will take you less time. I think that this is a really great scalable solution that you can actually have a tour in maybe less than 10 minutes.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. Before we move on, there were some thumbnails at the bottom. Can I walk through by selecting each thumbnail or [360] point?

Amanda Oto: Yeah. If you select the point, it will jump to the actual [360] point that you've captured with your Pivo. Here, we didn't name the actual points but within the app, you're able to customize your tour and you can name them depending on what the room is. Here, we would have named it, Living Room. Here, we could have named it, Main Hallway. This is all customizable just like the listing details and the contact profile.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. Was there anything else to show us on the Pivo 360 Tour that's actually 3D?

Amanda Oto: Currently, you're just able to create the 3D Dollhouse here very quickly and easily using your iPhone.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. We'll talk more about how to make them. I'm going to ask you, Amanda, about what gear I need? How to shoot it. But before we do that, Let's jump back to Doron to give us a big picture about 3i Inc., Pivo Real Estate.

Doron Kasmi: 3i, basically, the mother company of Pivo. I will share a bit more for people who don't really know us. We are based in South Korea in Seoul City, headquarters in R and D are in Seoul. But we also have officers in Tel Aviv, in Tokyo and the Philippines, and in San Francisco. We have around 200 people in our company. We're still considered as a startup,

Doron Kasmi: but a growing startup and something like 20 different nationalities are working in our company today. We have different products that we developed in the last few years, mainly around computer vision and mixed reality with the integration to robotics. Actually, the business started with a product I would like to share just to show the background of our company. If it's okay, I'm going to share my screen for a moment.

Dan Smigrod: That would be great. I think this is all great context to Pivo Real Estate, to the Pivo 360 Tours to understand the backstory of how 3i got to where you are today with Pivo 360 Tour.

Doron Kasmi: Pivo 360 Tour is something that we have been working on and developing for the last maybe three years. For people who want to check out more information about us as a company so they can check it under the URL: 3i.ai Over here it's a cool video that expands a bit about who we are. We're a very young company, I think the average age is around there, maybe 30 or 35-years-old. This is our main website. The business actually started with a product that is called Beamo, which is an enterprise grade solution.

Doron Kasmi: Again, around scanning and computer vision. What we do with beamo.ai, we allow companies, enterprise level companies to scan facilities, remote sites in scale and around 5,000 SQM [53,819 SQ FT] in less than one hour. We use our processing and computer vision technology to do that. It's a very easy to use scalable solution. What we do is basically help those companies to send less people on site and do remote collaborations, training,

Doron Kasmi: facility management, and other great features and use cases with Beamo.

Dan Smigrod: Also great for construction documentation as-builts.

Doron Kasmi: Exactly.

Dan Smigrod: Probably the entire life cycle of a building.

Doron Kasmi: Yeah, of course. Also, we have great construction partners.

Doron Kasmi: As you can see in the video, we can help companies do training, measurements, and we do IoT integrations. We just won, actually, the #1 award for enterprise solution and the last AWE event [www.awexr.com], which was yesterday [10 November 2021] and which was a great milestone for us. This is Beamo and you can probably understand the idea of Pivo Tour and Pivo Real Estate, which is basically has shrinked version of beamo.ai,

Doron Kasmi: which you can see in our main landing page, which is: www.PivoRealEstate.com

Dan Smigrod: www.PivoRealEstate.com

Doron Kasmi: Yeah.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. Awesome. Is there any other background for 3i before we jump into how to create a Pivo 360 Tour?

Doron Kasmi: I can maybe elaborate a bit more about both the different product lines that we have under the brand of Pivo. We develop a few pods, different pods for different use cases. Today, we are obviously concentrating on the real estate sector, and later on, I would also like to elaborate a bit about the different features that our product can offer beyond the virtual tour and 3D Tour, such as the presentation, AI tracking, creating content, video chatting, etc.

Doron Kasmi: But till then I think it's enough.

Dan Smigrod: Yeah, that's awesome. I think my head's about to explode with a number of different hardware and software and maybe AI and whatever else you would call the 3i family of products and services. It's really quite extensive. The purpose of our show today is actually: Introduction to Pivo 360 Tour with Pod Black for Residential Real Estate. But I think it's really super-important to understand the context that 3i actually is a big company.

Dan Smigrod: 3i has been around for a while. Recently it just got $24 million in new venture capital funding. Very exciting times. Amanda, you showed this amazing Pivo 360 Tour. We Get Around Network Forum community, www.WGANForum.com, they've been writing about it, excited to see it. I don't normally talk about pricing upfront but I just want to tell our audience to stay tuned because the pricing is going to blow you away when you actually hear about pricing.

Dan Smigrod: Talk to us about what equipment do we need to actually create a Pivo 360 Tour.

Amanda Oto: I love to show you. Actually, it's really easy to get started to create your 360 Tour with Pivo. As Doron showed you, we have a lineup of hardware and specifically to create the tour you would need Pivo Pod Black. Your Pivo Pod Black will come with a travel case and a remote control and then in order to create the Tour, we recommend that you get the Pivo tripod here as well that I already set up, and then together with the pack,

Amanda Oto: you will also get a smart mount, which will be used in order to create different content outside of your actual [Pivo 360] Tour. You can use that outdoors, I imagine for your presentations, you're tracking videos.

Dan Smigrod: I'm confused. You mentioned Pivo Pod Black. They come in other colors. Is there any reason I can't get the other [Pod] colors to create my Pivo 360 Tour?

Amanda Oto: Currently, the Pivo Pod Black is the one that is able to access the application for Pivo Tour. If you go and you buy Pod Lite or you buy Pod Red you will not be able to access the Pivo Tour.

Dan Smigrod: Okay, great. For our audience, it's totally interested in 3D and 360 virtual tours – digital twins – The keyword here is black: Pivo Pod Black. I think of it as a rotator but Pod – Pod – so little hipper than I am. Great. In fact, I actually do have my Pivo Pod Black and my iPhone 13 Pro.

Dan Smigrod: Tell us a little bit more about this device once it's set up and what you do with all this.

Amanda Oto: Sure. I actually would love to show you how to get started and actually how to use the application. I think one of the benefits of Pivo is just how easy it is to use. We do have several applications, so when you do get Pivo Pod Black, you can access them. You can access our Pivo Tour app. You can access our Pivo Present app, our Pivo Studio App, our Pivo Cast app. Everything comes with the Pivo Pod Black and it's very easy to get started.

Dan Smigrod: I just wanted to clarify because we're going to ask Doron later in the show, say, "Doron, Amanda mentioned all these different apps. What else can you do with the Pivo Pod Black after I bought it for creating a virtual tour?" But I think for our purpose right now, we need to stay focused on Pivo Tour; is the app that you need to create a Pivo 360 Tour and I presume it's available for iOS and for Android.

Amanda Oto: Right. You can just go to the App Store if you have an Android or an iPhone and you're able to just type in Pivo Tour, quickly download the application and you're ready to get started. Here I'll go ahead and I'll share my screen.

Amanda Oto: I have my phone here shared. Hope you can see me as well.

Dan Smigrod: Yes.

Amanda Oto: You can see how portable Pivo is here and really just to get started, all you have to do is hold down the Pivo [power button] for a few seconds then you'll see it'll start to blink in blue. On my phone, I will just open up Pivo Tour. Here today, we can try the Pivo 3D Capture. Yes, I would like to capture it in 3D. Actually, let me go ahead and take a step back. It jumped a step here.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. I think what we would have seen was the actual pairing of the app to the Pod Black.

Amanda Oto: Yes. Here we go. What you would do here, so you can see it is blinking. You would Create Tour. Let's Create Tour at the bottom and now you would just click Connect.

Dan Smigrod: To do that, you want to have Wi-Fi on and Bluetooth turned on?

Amanda Oto: Right. You will need to have your Bluetooth turned on. You could have your Wi-Fi on or you can also run it off of data [plan].

Amanda Oto: Then let's go ahead and click "Yes I want you to Capture 3D."

Dan Smigrod: Had you selected the other option, you would have been creating a Pivo 360 Tour as opposed to selecting a Pivo 3D Tour Beta?

Amanda Oto: Correct. You do have two options.

Dan Smigrod: You have two options?

Amanda Oto: Yes. You have two options. If you prefer not to capture the 3D Dollhouse, you can go ahead and just select, No. Then like you mentioned, you would just go straight into capturing the [Pivo] 360 Tour.

Dan Smigrod: I think of 360 as being faster to shoot than 3D. Is that the primary reason that if I [do not] want the 3D Dollhouse, but I need to shoot faster, is that the primary reason to select the Pivo 360 Tour, is the speed of capture?

Amanda Oto: Right. As Doron mentioned earlier, when you're capturing for 3D, [Pod Black + smartphone] actually rotates twice. Once to capture the 360 and then once to capture all the 3D data. This is going to double the time, because it's going to rotate twice. If you're trying to capture something within 10-15 minutes, we do recommend that you would capture the Pivo 360 Tour. However –

Dan Smigrod: Today, the Pivo 3D Capture Beta option is available only for iPhone 12 and higher?

Amanda Oto: Yeah, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro.

Dan Smigrod: iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro. Just those two phones and I think earlier you describe that coming soon is the ability to use other phones such as the iPhone 11 or 10, perhaps. Yeah. Okay.

Amanda Oto: Right. In the future, it will be available for other iPhones as well as Android.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. The good news is if you have a smartphone, today you can create a Pivo 360 Tour. If you have an iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, then you do have the Pivo 3D Capture option and that capture option is really probably, do you want the 3D Dollhouse? Do you want the 3D "walking through" experience, or do you need the trade-off speed of capture?

Amanda Oto: Correct.

Dan Smigrod: Are there any other reasons to choose one over the other?

Amanda Oto: I think that the 3D Capture is just a great additional feature. If this is something that you would like to add to your tour to have the 3D Dollhouse, you can feel free to use that option. But if you are okay with just using the 360 Capture then we have no reason not to.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. Awesome. We're ready to start our tour.

Amanda Oto: Yeah. As you can see here. I'm just going to stand up and connect this side to the tripod, but you guys will be able to see what's happening on the phone. As you can see here, I lined up the phone with the camera's lens to optimize my capture.

Dan Smigrod: My phone has three lenses. Am I aligning to the two lenses vertically or am I putting it in between the 3 lenses?

Amanda Oto: You will [align] it by the two lenses.

Dan Smigrod: The two lenses? Okay. I would mention for our viewers, this is my $1,000 device here so the logical question is how safe do I feel? The answer is, I feel really safe. I was able to tighten this and I have a lot of confidence that I'm not going to lose my phone. I think we're probably going to have some viewers going, "Oh, I don't know if I want to put it in that device." But it tightens perfectly and it feels totally secure.

Amanda Oto: Yeah. That's also another benefit about the Pivo Pod Black tool as well is that you can actually fit it in with your case and then you can fasten the Pivo Pod Black here and then you can lock it into whatever size phone that you have.

Amanda Oto: After you go ahead and you fasten your Pivo Pod Black, you will [add Pod Black + smartphone] to your tripod.

Amanda Oto: Then it's really just that easy to get started. You would select Start on your phone. It gives you a bit of feedback and tips on where you should be placing the height of your tripod. But I recommend that you're placing it at chest level or center of the room depending on the ceiling height.

Dan Smigrod: Well, you went a little bit fast for me. I think we want to point this out, if you go back to that previous screen, I'm not sure you can get there, it did ask, “what is the height of the camera?”

Amanda Oto: It doesn't ask, “what is the height?” ... but it is asking you or it's giving you a tip to where to set up the height of the tripod. Because depending on where you set up the height of the tripod is going to depend on, of course, how it's capturing, so we recommend that –

Dan Smigrod: I'm a little bit confused. Maybe it's on the Pivo 360 Tour. I do need to specify how many inches or centimeters that the camera is. Perhaps on the Pivo 3D Tour, I don't actually have to put the height measurement in.

Amanda Oto: We recently actually added the measuring feature. So this is why you would have to put in the height of the tripod so that you're able to see the measurement.

Dan Smigrod: Is that both for 3D and 360?

Amanda Oto: Yes.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. I'm I measuring the height from the lens, from the top of my smartphone camera to the base? Where is that measurement occurring?

Amanda Oto: Sorry, I missed that.

Dan Smigrod: Am I measuring the height from the floor to the top edge of my iPhone?

Doron Kasmi: From the lens.

Dan Smigrod: Or to the lens?

Amanda Oto: To the camera, yeah.

Doron Kasmi: Yeah, to the lens.

Dan Smigrod: Camera lens?

Doron Kasmi: Yes.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. Great. Thank you.

Amanda Oto: Now that you are set up, all you have to do is press the center of the Pivo remote, and then it will begin capturing the first rotation – to capture the 360.

Dan Smigrod: I think one of the benefits of why are you outdoors and what are you doing, you happen to be in San Diego, I understand, for the 2021 REALTORS Conference & Expo known as NAR, starting tomorrow Friday through Monday. While this is happening, just to say thank you for being

Dan Smigrod: on the show today because I know you missed your plane. You had a rush to be here and you immediately set up – and what a trooper – to be super-organized to be able to, well, just set up in this outdoor cafe.

Amanda Oto: Well, I think that just shows how easy it is to use Pivo. All I had to do was literally come here, sit down at the cafe, pull out the tripod and set up the Bluetooth, and I was ready to go. I think that just shows how portable it is and how easy it is. You don't have to worry about having heavy equipment and you're still going to get that high-quality tour that you're looking for.

Dan Smigrod: I see that we're on our second rotation. The first rotation was capturing the photography and the second rotation was capturing the depth-data.

Amanda Oto: Yes, it's capturing the 3D data.

Doron Kasmi: Yeah.

Dan Smigrod: Okay.

Amanda Oto: Then you could see here that it's actually tracking my location. That's another benefit about using Pivo, is that it's all automatic. You don't have to go home after uploading your photos, editing them, or linking them together. We have automatic stitching and it's able to track where I'm going. So it's very easy to use, very easy to learn. For me, when I started working here with 3i, I actually didn't have any background or knowledge in this,

Amanda Oto: and I learned very quickly how to use this and our whole team, and our whole company is able to use this, and we've taught many people, ranging from young teenagers to older adults who might not be as tech savvy, and it's just very easy to get started. I think one of the biggest highlights of Pivo is because it's so easy to use and automated.

Dan Smigrod: Obviously you're shooting outside, so you can shoot indoors or outdoors, there's no issues with shooting outdoors?

Amanda Oto: Right.

Dan Smigrod: The resolution of the image that's being captured, is it doing 4k? Is it HDR? What's happening with the resolution?dd

Dan Smigrod: Doron, is there something you can speak to in terms of the image resolution?

Doron Kasmi: I'm sorry. Can you repeat that, I lost you.

Dan Smigrod: Yes, what's the quality of the photography? Is it 4k?

Doron Kasmi: Yeah.

Dan Smigrod: When you're shooting indoors, is it HDR?

Doron Kasmi: Yes. Obviously, it depends on the camera that you have. But, yeah, definitely 4K is available.The thing that I also wanted to highlight is that obviously we're using our smartphone, something that we have with us most of the time and Pivo is so small. So you can actually carry it with you anywhere you go. Imagine if you want to scan 10 apartments today, it's actually possible.

Doron Kasmi: It doesn't require anything.

Dan Smigrod: I guess that begs the question of how long it takes to charge a Pivo Pod Black and how many places can you use it in a day without charging it?

Amanda Oto: The battery life is up to 10 hours and then it would take about one or two hours of charging it.

Dan Smigrod: Okay, that's amazing! You could shoot all day and it's not going to be an issue.

Dan Smigrod: Amanda, is it HDR indoors?

Amanda Oto: Yes. Currently it is HDR.

Dan Smigrod: If the windows are blown out, I shouldn't worry because it should be able to take dark space indoors, the bright space outdoors, and take the appropriate imagery in order to have a nice tour?

Amanda Oto: Yeah.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. Good. All right.

Dan Smigrod: There's a scale there. What is that scale telling you and how to think about that scale?

Doron Kasmi: It's the distance that you take from a [360] point to another.

Dan Smigrod: Am I able to move the camera – the Pod Black – 5 feet, 10 feet?

Doron Kasmi: It's a recommendation.

Dan Smigrod: It's a recommendation, but if I go off the scale, say I went into that yellow, is it still going to be able to connect the points?

Doron Kasmi: Yes.

Dan Smigrod: As long as I'm still on the scale, it'll connect?

Doron Kasmi: Exactly.

Dan Smigrod: Because ultimately at the end of the day, I want to make sure that the tour automatically assembles and I haven't done something in the shooting process that messes it up.

Doron Kasmi: Yeah. I agree. That's why we have this recommendation scale and we try to guide our users from point A to point Z.

Dan Smigrod: Okay, awesome! Now it is in the second rotation. This is the gathering of the depth-data. There's our scale. What I'm seeing is as far as 10 feet apart and it would successfully stitch it together.

Doron Kasmi: Exactly.

Dan Smigrod: Okay.

Amanda Oto: For today's purposes, I think we'll just capture just a few [360 scan] points today. Then I will just show you how easy and how quick it is to process. After you would go ahead and if you have multiple floors here, you would actually select floor and then you would recapture. You capture floor-by-floor. Then for today, we would just select, Finish. Here's where you're able to actually review each of the capture points.

Amanda Oto: Then if you're unsatisfied with your capture point, you're able to retake or delete that point. Here, you're also able to edit the name of the point. Like I mentioned before, you can customize it, so we're outdoors and maybe here you would write, Patio.

Dan Smigrod: Amanda, you're going to be able to do a side-hustle, go into that restaurant and sell them their Outdoor Patio tour.

Doron Kasmi: That's our plan. ;-)

Dan Smigrod: That's your plan. ;-)

Amanda Oto: That's why I'm here. ;-) Then here you would move to the next page. You would be able to edit whatever thumbnail. If you have an image on your phone that you would like to add –

Dan Smigrod: You went a little bit fast for me. Go back to the Thumbnail. Thumbnail, I have really two choices. I can either pick one of the 360 images to be the thumbnail or if I have maybe a beauty shot of the house at sunset or something like that I could select that. It doesn't need to be a 360 image to be the thumbnail.

Amanda Oto: Right. If you didn't prepare an image beforehand or a beauty shot beforehand, you are able to select one of the images that you've just created with Pivo. But yes, you do have the option to select from your phone.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. In the Tour Editor that was what you just took us into for the labeling of the 360 panoramas, I think what you call, Points.

Amanda Oto: Here you're able to add another floor. You can review your capture, resume capture. Let's say you didn't finish or you wanted to add additional points. Then here as I showed you in the first Pivo 360 Tour, you can upload your floor plan and then align your points there.

Dan Smigrod: When you do the alignment of the floor plan and the 360 that have just been shot. I didn't notice if you were able to walk around on the map itself, on the tour side from the viewer's perspective, could you select a point to walk around based on the map or is that just telling you where that particular scan is located?

Amanda Oto: Currently, it's telling you where the scan is located.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. We're not using the Pivo 360 Tour to create a floor plan. But if you have a floor plan, then you can add the floor plan. Then once you add the floor plan, you can align it with the 360 panoramas – the [360] points – and then you can see where you are in that listing on the map.

Amanda Oto: Right.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. Great.

Amanda Oto: Then here you're able to Edit Title, I was going to call it something simple – Cafe – add a Description. Then here, once you click, I'll go back, you just click Listing Details. This is optional. This is where you're able to select the Pricing, what size for the Property, the lot size, how many Bedrooms? How many Bathrooms? Then you could add your additional Labels. Let's say you wanted to add nearby schools or nearby restaurants.

Dan Smigrod: That shows up in the Panel that you showed us with the "hamburger" markings at the top right: once you select that, then now that's where you see this Tour information.

Continued below ...
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Amanda Oto: Correct.

Dan Smigrod: Okay.

Amanda Oto: Then here you could see that it also is telling you where your Location is. Like I mentioned, it's able to accurately track every point that you're taking. If you guys want to come say, "hi" – this is where I'm at.

Dan Smigrod: You're at. Trader Joe's.

Dan Smigrod: You'll have to get us some wine and cheese once you're done here. ;-)

Amanda Oto: Then after you've updated everything, you've customized your Tour Information, you're able to upload. This is important. Moving forward, once you upload, you cannot go back and add different floors and add additional images to your tour.

Amanda Oto: Then, now it's going to quickly upload. I think this is really another benefit of Pivo compared to a lot of our competitors, is how fast the uploading and processing time is. Right now I'm running off a Hotspot and this is the speed. I think you can say that's pretty impressive if this is how fast it's uploading when I'm outside using a Hotspot.

Dan Smigrod: Yeah, I think the important thing for our viewers, if you have a fast connection at home or fast connection at the office, I would imagine this tour is just going to upload like that [snaps fingers], as opposed to maybe in a public setting where the Wi-Fi speed may be a little depressing.

Dan Smigrod: Once it uploads, how long does it take to actually be able to use the Pivo 360 Tour to share it?

Amanda Oto: It's practically instant. It's less than 10 minutes. If you're doing your Pivo 360 Tour, it's even less than that. If you're going to capture about 20-30 points, you can imagine it would be 2-3 minutes. It could be faster depending on your Wi-Fi speed. For the Pivo 3D Tour and 3D Dollhouse to creation, it does take a little bit longer, but if you're going to capture an average size house, you can still expect it to be less than an hour.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. While it's loading, We Get Around Network Forum Members had some questions. One was regarding the size of the zenith and the nadir that gets blurred. Can you talk to us about that? Is there a plan for making that area smaller or doing something else with it?

Amanda Oto: Currently, we don't have any plan to make the area smaller. We do have the option where you can remove the logo. Then in the future, we do have a plan where you're able to customize and add your logo as well. But we haven't really put it in the timeline.

Doron Kasmi: If I can add here, it's a new product. We just launched it, I think four months ago. We are improving it: ongoing. I'm sure that when we're going to have the next [WGAN-TV Live at 5], hopefully soon, you're going to see new features, maybe even better quality, better speed. We're just working on it. We know there's a huge demand and just trying to improve the product as much as we can.

Dan Smigrod: I noticed that on Kickstarter, Doron, there is a Pivo X. That one looks like it tilts. If it tilts, that means you can capture a greater range with that product, take care of a smaller zenith and nadir.

Doron Kasmi: I can't elaborate too much about it because it's not on the market yet. It's new on Kickstarter. But definitely is going to be a great new product for our product line. I want to say a bit of a game changer also. It's not that the current products that we are selling are not good, they're amazing. But it's going to be something a bit different that the market didn't see at the moment. But we need to be a bit more patient for next year to see the product.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. Then I do want to ask you about the other use cases and other applications. I think what's interesting, Amanda, is just uploaded. I then saw – Processing – and I want to say you're done!

Amanda Oto: Yeah, it's done. Actually, I just had to verify with our tech team to make sure that I got the right information. But we are able to create the 360 and 3D tours with the Pod X and that is the main reason why you're able to create it so you can create that smaller blur effect.

Dan Smigrod: Okay, great. Thanks to our We Get Around Network Forum Member – @WingMan – who asked that question and was, I think, had originally seen the Pod X on Kickstarter and commented about the angle. Good job @WingMan, you identified how to make the nadir and zenith smaller with the Pod X – if that matters to you. This tour right now, I think is set to Draft or Private.

Amanda Oto: It will go to Private. As you can see, it's still processing here due to the slow Wi-Fi speed here. Typically, like I mentioned before, today we only took three points. If you have a strong Wi-Fi connection, you can imagine that it would be processed within at least five minutes or so.

Doron Kasmi: We also trust that the 5G will help us do this even faster.

Dan Smigrod: Yes. I think this is a super-important point. Because I would say most of us, either in our home or our office really do have a super-fast Internet. Uploading to the Pivo Cloud is going to be fast, and presumably the processing and getting it – is it processing on our phone or is it processing in the Pivo Cloud?

Amanda Oto: It's practicing in the Cloud.

Dan Smigrod: It's processing in the Cloud. Getting it back is a relatively quick process. We're really not talking about hours to upload or hours to get the tour back. We're really talking about minutes.

Doron Kasmi: This is the longest that I have seen, actually, the process, it's more half of the time.

Dan Smigrod: Yeah. This is awesome! Show us your Pivo 3D Tour.

Amanda Oto: Yeah. This is actually the 360 tour that we just took. Currently, the 3D is still processing. Here, you would be able to select the "Hamburger Menu"... You would see your contact profile, the listing details that we would have added, more listing details. Here, you would be able to view on your mobile phone if you had additional floors. Currently at the moment, it's still processing the 3D.

Amanda Oto: But you can still navigate throughout and see the 360 tour.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. Awesome. Amanda, I'm going to take you off screen here for a second there. Can you password protect tours?

Amanda Oto: Currently you cannot password protect the tour, but within the application you are able to set them private. Once you set them Private nobody is allowed to see them and you're not allowed to access them online. But if you would like to share it, you can set it Public and that's when people can access them.

Dan Smigrod: Can I toggle back and forth, meaning I want the tour Public now, but now I want it Private, but now I want it Public again.

Amanda Oto: Right, it's very easy. All you have to do is go into the settings of the Tour and you just switch to share and then you set it to Public.

Dan Smigrod: Okay, I'm actually going through a list of questions for @ThinkLab... another Member of the We Get Around Network Forum. One other [@ThinkLab] question was about ownership of the Tour. If I delete the Tour, does that mean it's really deleted?

Amanda Oto: Yes, it's deleted.

Dan Smigrod: Who owns the Tour and the data? Is it the photographer?

Amanda Oto: Yeah, it's the photographer.

Dan Smigrod: If it's in my Cloud account, I own it. I know this is like a little mystery question, but it's an important question and the question is, "will 3i or Pivo Real Estate use the Tour in any other way or any derivative uses?"

Amanda Oto: No. No. Typically, if we see an amazing tour out there – and it's usually because we've come across it because someone shared it online. We will reach out to that user and we will ask them specifically, "can we use the Tour – share the Tour." We do not use any of the data or the tours made by the creators because these are their tours and their creations.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. Talk to me about money. You showed us a Pivo tripod, the Pivo Pod Black, the Pivo remote control. I think there was a micro-USB cable that came in my box. I think in my case, I purchased the actual case.

Doron Kasmi: You've got the premium case. That's nice.

Dan Smigrod: Got the premium case. How much? Talk to me about hardware. What do I need at a very minimum to get started with Pivo 360 Tour creation?

Amanda Oto: I think it would be best if I shared my screen and walked you through [www.PivoRealEstate.com] so you can see exactly how easy it is to go there. Select the package that you want and you're able to see the different prices available.

Dan Smigrod: Okay, great. You're going to: www.PivoRealEstate.com

Amanda Oto: Yeah. Right.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. www.PivoRealEstate.com

Dan Smigrod: We can see your screen now we're waiting for, I guess there's something slow that's happening in the background because we have a waiting for [www.PivoRealEstate.com]

Doron Kasmi: I can share it. Amanda if you want, I can share the screen.

Amanda Oto: Okay. Can you not see my screen?

Dan Smigrod: It's a little bit of a challenge. Yeah, Doron, if you could share your screen, that would be great. Maybe Amanda could walk us through it. We're going to: www.PivoRealEstate.com Again, a special thanks to Amanda because I know her flight got canceled. She just sat down at the table and figured out how to even just find a place that had Wi-Fi so she could be on the show today.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. Okay. We are at www.PivoRealEstate.com ... Amanda.

Amanda Oto: All right. Here if you're looking to learn a little bit more information other than the Tours, you'll be able to find all of this. But if you scroll down to the bottom Doron.

Amanda Oto: If you scroll down to the bottom, you'll be able to actually see all of the different pricing information and the different bundles that you can select. The standard bundle that you're able to select, that Pivo Pod Black would be the standard Pod Black with the Travel Case Mini. This one is coming with the Pivo Mini Case that I showed earlier, along with the Pivo Tripod and the Pivo Smart Mount and the Pivo Remote Control. Then we have two Tripod Cases,

Amanda Oto: larger Tripod Case sets that you can choose from. We have the Pivo Classic Case, which is the nylon version. Then we also have the Premium Case here, which is the [Vegan] Leather version.

Doron Kasmi: This is what I think Dan has with him. It's the Premium Case.

Dan Smigrod: I do my Vanna White here?

Dan Smigrod: Many of our viewers actually have a tripod. Can I just buy everything else other than the tripod?

Amanda Oto: It is available. You can buy Pivo Pod black separately for $199.99 as you see here. Then you can use it with your tripod. Of course, if you want to do certain measurements, that's why we're asking at the beginning, "what is the measurement from the floor to your camera lens?" It's a lot easier to actually calculate the measurements using our tripod, because we do have a standard set of each link.

Dan Smigrod: Excuse me. Did the Pivo Pod Black also include the Pivo Remote Control?

Doron Kasmi: Yes.

Amanda Oto: Yeah. Of course.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. I think this is probably amazing because many of our audience is thinking, "I need to walk around behind the camera to stay out of the shot" or, "I have to hit the button and run to the next room." I imagine if you've got the Pivo Remote Control, you can be in the room next door. Just hit the button to launch it.

Amanda Oto: Yeah, exactly. The Remote Control is very easy and convenient and it fits perfectly inside the case. It's very portable as well.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. Is there any other gear that I need? That's really it.

Amanda Oto: That's all you need. I think a really great benefit about it is that all you have to do is pay for the hardware. Right now, If you buy the set for a one time purchase, then it's actually free to capture as many Pivo 360 Tours as you want. Then you're able to keep them as long as you want as well, there's no cost for hosting.

Dan Smigrod: Okay, I think I need to repeat that because it's so overwhelming to actually say this. I'm going to ask it slowly. Is there any cost to process the Pivo 360 Tour?

Amanda Oto: No. Once you buy the hardware, if you have a tripod at home and you buy Pivo Pod Black for $199.99. You can create as many tours as you want for free.

Dan Smigrod: Is there any cost for hosting?

Amanda Oto: No cost for hosting.

Dan Smigrod: If I want to remove the Pivo logo?

Amanda Oto: If you want to remove the Pivo logo, we do have an upgrade within the app. That is actually only $10.99 for 12 months per Tour. If you have a tour and you want to remove the Pivo logo for the year, you just pay $10.99 once.

Dan Smigrod: If I want to submit the tour to MLS, then I need to pay the $11 for a year to have the branding and contact information removed?

Amanda Oto: Yes. Yes. That's correct.

Dan Smigrod: That's an in-app purchase associated with the Tour. Are there any other costs?

Amanda Oto: No, at this time there's no other cost. Right now that 3D Dollhouse that you saw, that was in Beta. We are talking about pricing currently, internally, of what we want to price it at. But right now, since it's in Beta, we recommend that everybody go out there, start capturing and creating because it's free to use.

Dan Smigrod: But if I'm a real estate photographer, I need to somehow take that into account, that there may be some charges later, so I want to be careful of how I price it to a client. Let me see if I can ask the question two ways. First, on Pivo 360 Tour, no charge for processing or hosting except if I want the branding removed, say for MLS. Will there ever be a charge for Pivo 360 Tour?

Dan Smigrod: Is there any anticipation of a charge for Pivo 360 Tour?

Amanda Oto: No.

Dan Smigrod: No. On Pivo – let's call it a Pivo 3D Tour – presently in Beta, there's no charge for processing, hosting, some anticipated charge is likely. Is that a subscription? Is that a cost per tour? Is it some other pricing model?

Doron Kasmi: We are still working on it actually, we don't really have that exact answer. But I can tell you that right now we're monetized by selling Pivo [Pod Black] and we don't have any intention to change that. We're happy with our business model, and we're happy with the fact that our users can actually buy one-time and forget about us – we will never forget about them – and use it as much as they want, and create as much content as they want without adding costs or price.

Dan Smigrod: But our viewers are going to be a little bit skeptical – I would say excited and skeptical – Excited that for $200 – and using their own tripod and using their own smartphone – that they can create an unlimited number of tours and be processed for free and hosted for free with some exception related to being able to have it appropriate for MLS. But there's that other piece that's saying, "Well how do they make money?"

Dan Smigrod: I want to make sure that if I'm building a business here, that either Pivo Real Estate, in particular, or 3i Inc. – the parent company – are going to be in business a year or two or three from now because I'm building my business today. You're happy with your business model, but what is that business model? How do you make money or how do you plan – How does Pivo Real Estate plan to make money? Because it doesn't seem like you have a sustainable business model based on a $200 purchase of the gear.

Doron Kasmi: Why not? Actually this is the exact business model that we prefer to have. We're confident in this business model, and we see great results. We have shipped Pivo [Pods] to more than 100 different countries today, we have distribution models in more than 40 different markets. We sell it on www.Apple.com – We sell it in all the biggest accounts. We're pretty happy with selling as much hardware as we can, and to provide our software for free.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. Before we move on to talk about other Pivo Pod units, other applications, other use cases. Amanda, is there anything else on Pivo 360 Tour that we didn't talk about today that we should talk about before we go back to Doron for a bigger picture on some other uses?

Amanda Oto: I think just one last thing is that – one really great thing about this product, as Doron mentioned, it's new. So we're constantly improving, constantly listening to our customers. This is why we're very excited to be part of the WGAN Forum. We always are looking for feedback because here in 3i we're always adding new features and looking for what our customers are looking to see. We're open to hear about what the customers want,

Amanda Oto: because we do have a lot of ideas that we're going to add to Pivo Tour in the future, and they're in the pipeline. But of course if other customers who are trying out Pivo Tours have any suggestions, I would love to hear from them.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. In fact, if you go to the We Get Around Network Forum – www.WGANForum.com – Pivo Real Estate participates in the We Get Around Network Forum, member name: @PivoRealEstate Amanda, awesome. Doron, tell us a little bit more maybe, or Amanda, what's the big picture about other use cases either for the Pivo Pod Black, or the other Pods, and the other applications.

Dan Smigrod: If I can trouble you to begin specifically first in the Real Estate realm. If I'm a residential real estate agent, how else can I use the Pivo Pod device beyond creating Pivo 360 Tour?

Doron Kasmi: I would like to stay with Pivo Black, if that's okay. Then later on we can also elaborate a bit about the Pivo Silver, Pivo Red, Pivo Gold. Because we started with Pivo Black and this is our real estate product.

Dan Smigrod: Yeah, that's awesome.

Doron Kasmi: I will highlight this a bit more.

Dan Smigrod: For those that buy Pivo Pod Black, specifically to create Pivo 360 Tours, either 360 Tours, or 3D Tours. The question is, what else can I do with the Pivo Pod Black?

Doron Kasmi: Exactly. Pivo started as a product that allows users to create better content. This is how we started the business. We started the business also with a very interesting main feature, which is an AI tracking feature. Basically what you can do with Pivo is make your phone track you: the body tracking, face tracking, animal tracking, and use this feature to create original, creative, embedded content. What we see that our user's using for real estate

Doron Kasmi: for example is what we call an Open House. Imagine that you can put the tripod in the living room, download one of our Pivo apps, which in this case it's the Pivo+ app and just walk around the house, record, stream it live maybe if you want, share it later, and talk about the house, explain about the kitchen, explain about the living room, show the size of the house when you walk around it. I think it's providing a really cool immersive experience.

Doron Kasmi: This is the AI tracking, this is what made us actually famous at the beginning of 2019.

Dan Smigrod: Do I need a different app than Pivo Tour to run the AI tracking?

Doron Kasmi: Yeah. On our website you will be able to see all the different apps that we have. I would recommend going to: www.GetPivo.com if you would like to see even more information. But before we will go there, I can say that the best specific app is Pivo+ which allows you really to invest more time in the tracking feature.

Dan Smigrod: Let me just call attention to our viewers, because we've now talked about two different websites. For Pivo Real Estate, go to: www.PivoRealEstate.com If you're interested in seeing other use cases for the Pod Black, go to: www.GetPivo.com

Doron Kasmi: You can still see all the different use cases in: www.PivoRealEstate.com I just added that if you want to see even more information about the different apps and the different products that we offer, you can see it in: www.GetPivo.com I do recommend to stay on: www.PivoRealEstate.com – this is the place for the real estate sector. This is where we highlight all the benefits and features. I wouldn't want to confuse that.

Dan Smigrod: But I just want to point out, because there are other things named Pivo. If you're looking for another website, you want to go to www.GetPivo.comwww.GetPivo.com, so you're not confused about finding a site that sounds like but is not the right site.

Doron Kasmi: I agree.

Amanda Oto: I just wanted to add to what Doron was saying. Of course you can go to www.GetPivo.com and check out more information. But just know that Pod Black is for the ultimate creator, which means you're going to get access to all of the Pivo applications. If you're going to look at Pivo Pod Red or Pivo Pod Silver, you will not be able to use Pivo Tour app with it. Pivo Pod Black is going to have every Pivo application that you're looking for. We definitely recommend, come to: www.PivoRealEstate.com

Amanda Oto: take a look at what you can do. Then if you do want a little bit more information on Pivo, you can check out www.GetPivo.com

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. Doron, you mentioned one additional use case was AI tracking. What else can a real estate agent use the Pivo Pod Black for?

Doron Kasmi: I'm moving on to a great feature that we develop, which is hands-free video chatting. Very simple. The other side doesn't need to have a Pivo Pod, so you're basically just sending him a link. He presses the link, clicks the link, and then he can actually see you. You can speed-walk around, have this specific video chat. By that, again, share content, explain, have this direct connection, maybe video clients, your colleagues, your family even.

Doron Kasmi: We see this feature is actually one of the best of Pivo Black.

Dan Smigrod: Hands free video calls, is that free?

Doron Kasmi: That is free. Yeah.

Dan Smigrod: AI tracking, is that free?

Doron Kasmi: Yes. As Amanda said before, once you pay for the Pivo Black, if it's $199, $299, $399, you get all the Pivo apps for free. This is the part of the package, as I said before, we charge you on the Pivo hardware, you get the apps for free. Again, unlimited time, you can use it-

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. Anything else? Any other Pivo apps that work with the Pod Black that would be helpful for a real estate agent?

Doron Kasmi: I'm moving forward to another app and again, I'm doing it a bit slow because it's a lot of information and I know, but I definitely think that this is a very important one to highlight. It's called the Pivo Present and what it does, it actually helps you present a PDF or even a Google Slide, for example, and you can still walk around, you can record it and you can edit it later, you can share it. This is an example of how a real estate agent actually put images,

Doron Kasmi: videos of the apartment and it can be a small widget, you can be half-screen. You can play with that a bit more and again, it's all about creating better original content by yourself independently using your phone only.

Dan Smigrod: Is the Pivo Present, does it need to be uploaded to the Cloud to be processed or this process is right on my smartphone?

Doron Kasmi: No, not at all. What you do basically, you just scan a QR code and from that moment you can present a PDF on your screen and maybe Amanda can show it a bit later if we're going to have time. But if you want to have all the information is on our website and also tutorials and videos on our YouTube channel. It's really easy to use and it's being used today also by teachers, doctors, universities, schools use it,

Doron Kasmi: but we also see a huge demand in the real estate sector.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome.

Doron Kasmi: Last of course, is how easy it is to share, so to embed files, send files. Everything is super-easy using Pivo. It's a full solution. Obviously the Pivo 360 Tour, it's got the biggest [opportunity], Pivo 3D Tour and the 3D Dollhouse. But just imagine that with one tiny Pivo Pod – and your smartphone – you can create all of this content. What I like the most is, when you finish your work, you can hand [the Pivo Pod] over to your kid and he can

Doron Kasmi: enjoy doing TikTok videos and record himself, so it's actually a product for all the family to use and not only for the real estate agent, but this is just a small bonus.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. I think I'd like to come back to each of you – if you would – before we go, just give me in your words, why are you excited about Pivo 360 Tour for residential real estate agents? Amanda.

Amanda Oto: For me, I think that I'm mostly excited because, [Pivo Pod Black] is able to give you something that real estate agents are looking for, but it's going to set at a price that's very affordable, so [Pivo Pod Black] is going to be a game changer for people in the business to really escalate and build their business.

Doron Kasmi: Doron. For me what's most exciting is that every person can scan. Every person, it doesn't require skills. You don't need to be a rich person, it's affordable and once you have a Pivo, you download the app, you can start scanning, create virtual tours, create content. It's affordable. For me, it's exciting to think that every person can be a real estate agent using Pivo.

Dan Smigrod: Really, the piece that I think about here is the Pod Black whether it's $200 for the minimum and/or maybe you need to add the tripod for another $79 or maybe you want the case, it's a one time purchase and you're done. There's no cost for processing, there's no cost for hosting. If you want an MLS friendly version of it, it's $11 for 12 months. Pivo 360 Tour is likely to blow people away.

Dan Smigrod: There are a 170+ 3D/360 virtual tour platforms and softwares that the We Get Around Network tracks, 50+ cameras and everyone asks me from time to time, "Gee, aren't there enough solutions?" I think here comes Pivo Real Estate to really blow everyone out of the water in terms of making it super-easy, super-fast, and super-affordable to create Pivo 360 Tours and Pivo 3D Tours.

Dan Smigrod: Congratulations to you all. I'm sure that you are super-excited – You both have flown into San Diego for the 2021 REALTORS Conference & Expo that starts tomorrow Friday, November 12th through Monday, November 15th. I bet you're super-excited because you're going to see a lot of real estate agents that are just going to be like, "Wow! There's no cost for processing! There's no subscription!.

Dan Smigrod: It's that easy?" You must be super-excited to be in San Diego for the NAR conference.

Doron Kasmi: I'm personally super-excited. First of all, it's the first time for me in San Diego, so it's great to be here. Second, yeah, we're thrilled because we're going to present, exhibit, do a lot of demos and show people how to use our solution. By the way, we didn't mention, but we have a very nice partnership with AREAA Global (www.AREAAglobal.com) which we're very proud of and this is something that really helped us get a bit more confident and a signature of quality for our product and we can't wait to start

Doron Kasmi: the show tomorrow and get people excited around our product.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. I'm so glad that we were visiting with you today because I would imagine by Tuesday you will have lost your voice.

Doron Kasmi: Probably.

Dan Smigrod: Probably. Doron, Amanda, thanks for being on the show today.

Doron Kasmi: Thank you very much.

Amanda Oto: Thank you so much for having us.

Dan Smigrod: We've been visiting with Amanda Oto. She is Business Development and Part team Lead for 3i Inc., the parent company of Pivo Real Estate; and Doron Kasmi, the Director of Business Development for 3i Inc.. Again, the parent company of Pivo Real Estate. You can learn more about Pivo Real Estate at: www.PivoRealEstate.com If you're super-curious to find out about some additional use cases for the Pod Black: www.GetPivo.com

Dan Smigrod: If you have questions for the Pivo team, come to the We Get Around Network Forum: www.WGANForum.com Ask your questions and their member name is @PivoRealEstate and I'm sure they'd be happy to answer your questions and they would love your feedback as well if there's something that hasn't been addressed for you. For Doron and Amanda, I'm Dan Smigrod, Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum and you've been watching WGAN-TV Live at 5.

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my Pivo Pod Black for Residential Real Estate is out for delivery today
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Originally Posted by @PivoRealEstate
Pivo Real Estate : Capture 360 Tours, upload them and engage with buyers and sellers all at once!

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- Travel Case Premium - Vegan Leather

--- Select your best option and click Add to cart

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--- Check that the Pouch is in the cart and the Special Offer to All WGAN Community Members has been applied.

--- Proceed with filling out your contact information and shipment details

--- Then the final step, the payment

Pivo Real Estate : Showcase your space!

Learn More about How to Create a Pivo 360 Tour From Start to Finish

Here an example of Pivo 360 Tour

Are you curious about Pivo the Real Estate Agent's Choice ? Then watch this video now!

Make sure to watch WGAN - TV Live at 5 Episode #125 : The Introduction to Pivo 360 Tour with Pod Black for Residential Real Estate

Check out Pivo Real Estate on WGAN - MarketPlace

Pivo Real Estate Useful Links

- Pivo Real Estate (website)
- Pivo Tour smartphone app (iOS | Android)
- Instagram: @pivo3dspaces
- Pivo Real Estate Blog
- Pivo Real Estate Community (Group) on Facebook
- GetPivo YouTube Channel
- Pivo Real Estate on LinkedIn

Pivo Real Estate Team
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Image courtesy of Pivo Real Estate | @PivoRealEstate | You can create Pivo 360 Tours using the Pivo Pod Black.

Image courtesy of Pivo Real Estate | @PivoRealEstate | You can create Pivo 360 Tours using the Pivo Pod Black.

Image courtesy of Pivo Real Estate | @PivoRealEstate | You can create Pivo 360 Tours using the Pivo Pod Black.

Hi All,

You can create Pivo 360 Tours using the Pivo Pod Black.

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Had someone contact me this morning on pricing for the Pivo Pod this morning as the price jumped this morning

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Atlanta, Georgia
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Good catch!

While this gets sorted out, I suggest your contact send a note to Pivo Support asking how to get the Pivo Pod Black … Black Friday pricing as pictured in this WGAN Forum discussion.


This Pivo Black Friday link…

… is broken.

New Pivo Pod Black… Black Friday link?

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lilnitsch private msg quote post Address this user
That's what I directed him to do early this morning
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Boxborough, Massachusetts
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Excited about this. I just sent them a request as well. Hope they'll honor it.
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Boxborough, Massachusetts
toddwaddington private msg quote post Address this user
I did hear back from them. The prices listed were Black Friday prices. I didn't hear that mentioned anywhere in the video. However, the WGAN coupon does work for the larger package. And for the approx $50 difference I took advantage of it. The unit alone was about $320 with tax, so...here is a screen shot of the purchase (thanks Dan, always great to save a buck!):

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