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A WGAN Forum discussion about RVs and Museums?15718

DiogoCosta38 private msg quote post Address this user
[Google Translate Added by @DanSmigrod]

I have a demand to meet from a client who wants to display Matterport tours in an environment prepared for viewing on all sides, including ceiling and floor.

I remember seeing something in a thread some time ago but I can't find it.

For a better understanding: The customer wants to prepare the internal area of
a bus to show the tour
and take that bus to the places where the person enters and will experience the tour to a museum!

Thanks in advance for the responses.


Original Language Post Below

Estou com uma demanda para atender de um cliente que quer exibir passeios Matterport em um ambiente preparado para visualização em todos os lados, incluindo teto e chão.

Me lembro de ter visto algo em um tópico a algum tempo mas não consigo acha-lo.

Para que se entenda melhor: O cliente quer preparar a área interna de
um ônibus para exibição do tour e levar esse ônibus até os locais onde a pessoa entra e terá a experiência do tour para um museu!

Agradeço antecipadamente pelas respostas.
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
102 WGAN-TV | 21 Tips for Creating Matterport Tours of a RV Showroom with 30 RVsLisbon, Portugal-based TEX MEDIA PT Founder Pedro Teixeira (@Pedrotex69)

Screen Grab: GoCaravaning.com Matterport Digital Twin by Lisbon, Portugal and London, England-based TEX MEDIA PT Pedro Teixeira (@Pedrotex69) | Matterport 3D Tour Only


Is this the WGAN Forum discussion that you are seeking?

Transcript: WGAN-TV | 21 Tips for Creating Matterport Tours of a RV Showroom with 30 RVs

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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Here are WGAN Forum discussions tagged: Museums

Does that help?

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CLUB Member
Osaka, Japan
Meidansha private msg quote post Address this user

If this is a working bus with two doors, you could try scanning the bus with the start point of the tour at the entrance door and linking the museum as a separate tour at the exit door (using a deep link in a mattertag).

For effect the entrance point should be scanned when the bus is at a random bus stop and the n drive the bus to the museum to scan the exit point.

I have never tried scanning a moving vehicle before so I’m not sure if the changing environment would confuse the camera’s location. If it is a pro 2 it may work because the camera’s infra red sensor range is only 4 or 5 metres.
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DiogoCosta38 private msg quote post Address this user
[Google Translate added by @DanSmigrod]

@DanSmigrod Thanks for the responses. But I still haven't got where I need to. It is not a tour taken inside a bus, but a display of a tour inside big screens or projectors inside another environment. I remember that in the video the person sat in the chair and manipulated the tour through a control in his hand. But I can't find it again in the threads.

To be more objective, can you tell me if there is any way to display Matterport virtual tour through projectors and with some form of control?

Thank you in advance for your collaboration.


[Original Post in Portuguese]

@DanSmigrod Agradeço pelas respostas. Porém ainda não cheguei onde preciso. Não se trata do tour feito dentro de um ônibus, mas sim uma exibição de um tour dentro de telões ou projetores dentro de outro ambiente. Me lembro que no vídeo a pessoa sentava-se na cadeira e manipulava o tour através de um controle na sua mão. Mas não consigo encontra-lo novamente nos tópicos.
Para ser mais objetivo, o senhor sabe me dizer se existe alguma maneira de exibir tour virtual Matterport através de projetores e com alguma forma de controle ?

Agradeço antecipadamente pela colaboração.
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Video: Exploring Matterport Models in an Immersive Workspace | Video courtesy of Igloo Vision Ltd. YouTube Channel | 22 July 2021

Video: Immersive Matterport Room: The Future of Collaborative Engineering | Video courtesy of Igloo Vision YouTube Channel | 7 September 2021


Is this the WGAN Forum discussion you are seeking?

Video: Matterport Tour projected inside of an "Igloo" for 'Walk Around'

And ...

WGAN Forum discussions tagged: Projection Wall | Broomx | MK360


P.S. From the WGAN Forum discussion:

Broomx MK Player360 device ( "MK360" )- 360º Virtual Reality Projector

Originally Posted by DanSmigrod

Screen Grab from Broomx eBlast received Wednesday, 27 May 2020 |"Broomx Technologies is The Projected VR Company creating the most advanced tools to enjoy Virtual Reality in real spaces. Makers of MK Player360 Device and BroomxVR Platform," says the Broomx website.

Video: MK Player360 a new era for media entertainment and VR devices | Video courtesy of Broomx YouTube Channel | 2 January 2020

Video: 2019 Best Moments /// Broomx Technologies | Video courtesy of Broomx YouTube Channel | 3 January 2017

"...Broomx, the Projected VR Company and makers of the MK360 and BroomxVR catalogue, create the most advanced tools to enjoy virtual reality (VR) in real spaces and work with clients including Nestle, Universal Music Group, BMW Group, Lego, Adidas, Toyota and many others," says WiSA® LLC, the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association media release.

"The Broomx MK360 projects an image that covers 120 degrees vertically and 180 horizontally, engulfing the user’s field of view with full HD resolution. The technology is perfect for a wide range of VR use cases including creating unique and different environments in places of entertainment and business as well as the home entertainment and gaming spaces," says the WISA media release.

'"At Broomx, the development of spatial audio has been key to the evolution of the MK360 projected VR technology allowing us to create even more immersive and memorable experiences. We are incredibly proud to be welcomed into the WiSA fold and join the ranks of the world leaders in high resolution audio,' said Diego Serrano, CEO of Broomx," says the WISA media release.


How might you use the Broomx MK Player360 device ( "MK360" )- 360º Virtual Reality Projector?

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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Plus, also see this WGAN Forum post by @Tosolini

Projecting Virtual Tours on big walls


P.S. From the link above ...

Originally Posted by @Tosolini
Today I had the opportunity to access an infinity wall (aka Cyclorama wall) at Microsoft Production Studios.

Armed with two projectors, a laptop and a wireless Xbox controller, we wanted to create an immersive experience that more than one people could enjoy at the same time.

Here is a short video of our test:

What did we use?

- Windows Laptop
- Projector 1 connected to VGA port.
- Projector 2 connected to USB port through a USB to VGA adapter.
- Virtual tour stretched to extended screen
- Wireless Xbox 360 controller (requires wireless receiver)
- Mapped controller keys to mouse / keyboard (For PC, use mapping software JoytoKey; several online tutorials available on how to use an Xbox 360 controller as mouse or keyboard)

In future experiments, we plan to use third party projection mapping software to eliminate the browser frame and warp the image to make it more linear.

Special credits to my designers Rui Liu and Mengya Zhang.

What do you think?
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Bellevue, Washington
Tosolini private msg quote post Address this user
In my experience, when you try to project a tour over a very wide screen, you'll end up stretching the left and right sides. You could use projection mapping software to isolate the areas that you want the tour to appear. Here is an example on a smaller scale.

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DiogoCosta38 private msg quote post Address this user

Google Translate added by @DanSmigrod
I am immensely grateful for the collaboration of my noble colleagues. This has helped me a lot to broaden the horizon of possibilities regarding this project.

I hope we have success here in this activation and as soon as I move forward with the proposal, I make a point of sharing the result with the group.



Agradeço imensamente pela colaboração dos nobres colegas. Isso tem me ajudado muito a ampliar o horizonte de possibilidades quanto a esse projeto.

Espero que tenhamos sucesso por aqui nessa ativação e assim que avançar com a proposta faço questão de compartilhar com o grupo o resultado.

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