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What is the average price you charge?1570

Wyzlo private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, I just been told that my Camera will be here next Week !!

I have done a little concurse for offering 3 Free vt for the most nicest properties.

But everybody is asking me how much would that cost for future tours.

I will love to explain all the Situation in my country but if I do that I can stay for days here trying to explained.

I need some kind of help for how much should I ask for this a job.

1)Numbers of Scans
2)Property Value
3)Partnership with the realtor

And off course is always the question on how much they are willing to pay?

Can you guys show me some light?

thanks in advance
all the best

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sshannon private msg quote post Address this user
Every market is different, but here is my pricing for southwest Virginia.
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Wyzlo private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by sshannon
Thanks sshannon !

Very nice Photos !!!
For the moment I'm the only one in my Country
This could change in any moment.

your prices guide would help a lot

Thanks again sshannon ;-)
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danmorell private msg quote post Address this user
Hi @Wyzlo,

Here are some quick links that I've found online. As @sshannon mentioned, the pricing ranges. There are even a couple that only go by sq'. Hope this gives you some helpful info.!pricing/c1bdy
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Wyzlo private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by danmorell
Hi @Wyzlo,

Thanks danmorell

Cheking ..
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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
@Wyzlo @danmorell

The Guide to Matterport Service Provider Pricing - curated by We Get Around includes links to the pricing pages of 70 Matterport Pros.

The Guide is free for Basic, Standard and Premium Members of the We Get Around Referral Network.

I will PM you a password for a 30-day free pass.

[All: for a free 30 day pass, please PM me by 4 pm EST Friday, 22 April 2016]

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srennick private msg quote post Address this user
Could you PM me a pass. Thanks!
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3rd Party
Conor private msg quote post Address this user
Hola aimgo from Brazil

one once off jobs we charge by m2 -
up to 99m2 - XXX
99-199m2 - YYY
As people are now comparing Brazil to Venezuela, I think I can empathise with you working in a tough economy with an hitherto unknown product, we basically had to become very creative with our pricing and products and only after a year of trying to tweak it are we getting some good results. IF you send me an email I will explain to you some packages we are putting together for some large real estate companies that takes a lot of risk out of it for them but you still get paid well...

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Dreammachine private msg quote post Address this user
People are grossly UNDERPRICING THEIR SERVICES.. Repositioning the value proposition should have a single session in the thousands, not hundreds.💰💰💰
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danmorell private msg quote post Address this user
Hi @Dreammachine,

As more competition comes into the individual markets the pricing will continue to drop and discounts will get even higher.

As you mentioned, maintain your position of value but keep in mind the client may not value what you think they will.

When talking to clients I ask what they enjoy or value (basically what will pay for) about the MP scans.

If they're missing huge points of value I'll talk to them but I have to realize I won't win them all.

Clients looking at ROI vs. value will typically go with the cheapest/easiest solution in front of them. You should let them go experience poor services.

Once you follow up with them, explain the differences and reiterate your value prop. If they move to you, great, if not let them go as they're usually a hassle to work with always asking for discounts.
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Dreammachine private msg quote post Address this user
Hello @danmorell,@Wyzlo and anyone else that reads this post,

Courtesy of The Dreammachine.. #GAMECHANGER
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60128 11 11
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