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Video: How to Create GIRAFFE360 Virtual Tours, HDR Photos and Floor Plans15560

Atlanta, Georgia
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www.GIRAFFE360.com | Book a Free GIRAFFE360 Demo

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Video: How to create a Virtual Tour, HDR Photos and Floor Plans with the GIRAFFE360 camera with GIRAFFE360 Head of Commercial Development Frederic Benisty | Video courtesy of Property Business Accelerator YouTube Channel | 7 May 2020

Video: How to Create GIRAFFE360 Virtual Tours, HDR Photos and Floor Plans

Hi All,

In this video (above), GIRAFFE360 Head of Commercial Development Frederic Benisty shows and tells how to shoot a virtual tour, 2D HDR photos and floor plans with the GIRAFFE360 camera bundle. (Transcript below ...)

For a deep-dive into GIRAFFE360, watch WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EDT | GMT +5) on Thursday, 23 September 2021:

Intro to GIRAFFE360 for Residential Real Estate Agents and Brokers

My guest will be Atlanta-based GIRAFFE360 Senior Account Executive Andrew Congleton (@AndrewCongleton).

Questions that I should ask Andrew on this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show?



GIRAFFE360 Websites and Contact Info

1. GIRAFFE360 Website
2. GIRAFFE360 Facebook Page
3. GIRAFFE360 YouTube Channel
4. GIRAFFE360 Twitter
5. GIRAFFE360 LinkedIn Page
6. Andrew Congleton on LinkedIn
7. enquiries@GIRAFFE360.com | +44 (0) 2039 299 655 (London)
8. WGAN Forum Member: @AndrewCongleton

Transcript (video above)

Frederic Benisty: Frederic Benisty, Head

Frederic Benisty: of Commercial Development for GIRAFFE360.

Frederic Benisty: Here at GIRAFFE360, we provide you with

Frederic Benisty: the highest quality marketing material to market any property.

Frederic Benisty: What we do is, we provide you with HDR still photography,

Frederic Benisty: the highest quality virtual tours on the market,

Frederic Benisty: and high accuracy floor plans.

Frederic Benisty: The way we do this is by packaging a top-of-the-line HDR lens built-in at the top,

Frederic Benisty: and a high precision laser called a LiDAR,

Frederic Benisty: in that black line there.

Frederic Benisty: We put this complex technology in a very easy to use solution.

Frederic Benisty: All you do is you manage it with the push of two buttons.

Frederic Benisty: Simply place the camera on the tripod like this and you're ready to start capturing.

Frederic Benisty: With the first thing, still photography, treat it like a camera.

Frederic Benisty: You put it in the corner of the room or a doorway,

Frederic Benisty: you press the photo button,

Frederic Benisty: and you have a preview screen.

Frederic Benisty: Depending on the distance ahead,

Frederic Benisty: it will choose the best type of photo for you, 100 degrees,

Frederic Benisty: 110, or 120 degrees of wide-angle photography. Nice and simple.

Frederic Benisty: Once you're happy with what you see on the screen,

Frederic Benisty: simply press the button and off it goes and it'll do it by itself.

Frederic Benisty: Number 2, to do your floor plans and your virtual tour,

Frederic Benisty: we will do this simultaneously.

Frederic Benisty: Place the camera in the middle of the room.

Frederic Benisty: Where you place it, if you look around and you can see everything,

Frederic Benisty: the camera will see everything as well.

Frederic Benisty: You press the 3D scan button and you leave the room.

Frederic Benisty: This will give you around 12 seconds to get out of the way

Frederic Benisty: just so that you will not be caught in any photography.

Frederic Benisty: It would do three spins.

Frederic Benisty: The first spin is using the high accuracy laser at the back of the camera.

Frederic Benisty: This is going to capture 200,000 points of measurement in about 14 seconds.

Frederic Benisty: Once we have processed all that data and created the floor plan,

Frederic Benisty: the floor plan will be accurate to 2% error variance on average.

Frederic Benisty: That's now finished.

Frederic Benisty: This will then process two more turns,

Frederic Benisty: doing 18 angles of HDR photography.

Frederic Benisty: When you combine all 18 angles,

Frederic Benisty: you have the highest quality virtual tour available on the market at 270 megapixel.

Frederic Benisty: Quite simply, you will spend three minutes,

Frederic Benisty: 3 and 1/2 minutes a room,

Frederic Benisty: and you'll have everything you need.

Frederic Benisty: When you're happy you have collected everything throughout the property,

Frederic Benisty: you simply hold the power button,

Frederic Benisty: and this will upload everything to our servers and to your account where

Frederic Benisty: we will start editing all your marketing material.

Frederic Benisty: Not only will you be given the photography,

Frederic Benisty: the virtual tours and the floor plans,

Frederic Benisty: you will also be able to use

Frederic Benisty: our virtual tours to run remote viewings, or virtual viewings.

Frederic Benisty: This is like a Zoom meeting where you meet your client

Frederic Benisty: inside the virtual tour and be able to

Frederic Benisty: chat with them while you show them through the virtual tour,

Frederic Benisty: and they can also walk through as well while talking to you.

Frederic Benisty: With our pricing being between €199 and €499 [May 2020/Europe],

Frederic Benisty: we really are an opportunity,

Frederic Benisty: we really are an option for any company,

Frederic Benisty: large or small, to scale.

Frederic Benisty: Please don't hesitate to give us a call or email us if you have

Frederic Benisty: any further inquiries or any further questions. Thank you.
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Atlanta, Georgia
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Video: Sell your home with a GIRAFFE360 Virtual Tour - The Property Centre | Video courtesy of The Property Centre YouTube Channel | 18 August 2021
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Atlanta, Georgia
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www.GIRAFFE360.com | Book a Free GIRAFFE360 Demo

www.GIRAFFE360.com | Book a Free GIRAFFE360 Demo | Text Me 5 Minutes Before WGAN-TV is Live
GIRAFFE360 Camera | www.GIRAFFE360.com | Book a Free GIRAFFE360 Demo

Hi All,

@AndrewCongleton will demo GIRAFFE360 Remote Viewing WGAN-TV Live at 5 show today, Thursday, 23 September 2021.

The show airs live in the WGAN Forum (above) and on the WGAN-TV YouTube Channel.

Reminder that you can also email @AndrewCongleton at: andrew.congleton@giraffe360.com

(Or, book a demo at: www.GIRAFFE360.com


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