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Igloo VisionProjection WallVideo

Video: Matterport Tour projected inside of an "Igloo" for 'Walk Around'15307

Atlanta, Georgia
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Video: Exploring Matterport Models in an Immersive Workspace | Video courtesy of Igloo Vision Ltd. YouTube Channel | 22 July 2021

From the Igloo Vision YouTube Channel

Here's how you can explore Matterport models in an immersive workspace. In an Igloo immersive room, you can navigate your real estate models as if you're really there.
For more information on our immersive workspace, visit us at: www.igloovision.com[/b]

Source: Igloo Vision YouTube Channel

Transcript (Video above)

-Here we are in an immersive Igloo workspace. This is one of our standard protection systems which is designed around an average conference room, meeting room that can be found in thousands and thousands of offices worldwide.

This system is designed primarily to enable people to play 360 immersive content back within the existing spaces, and that we need for larger scale Igloo structure.

I'm interacting with the content on the screen, which is Igloo Home and that's being controlled by Igloo Touch, iPads, iOS application and Android application. This takes the gyroscope and the accelerometer from my phone and uses it to generate a cursor on the screen. As I move around the screen, you can see the tiles magnify and get smaller based on where the cursor positions are.

Now, to go further into detail of what we've been talking about today, I'm going to click into one of the Matterport tiles. These tiles here will dedicate to Matterport. I can scroll up for a shortlist of those. I'm going to click on Matterport of an apartment in Dubai.

This is now triggering our Igloo web application, which is integrated fully with the Matterport API. Takes a second for it to load. They're very large datasets. Now we've loaded. Now within the apartments that's currently up for availability to rent in Dubai.

I can use my cursor from my phone to track within the space. I can move around. As I said, the blue dots and the white circle represent where I'm pointing at the moment. I can just click in any particular direction. If I want to move towards that other room, I click on that and we animate into that direction based on the photogrammetry model that sits behind the Matterport data, and takes us between the panoramas.

As you notice when the cursor moves onto different surfaces because there is a 3D model behind this data. You see the cursor changes shape, but it matches the geometry of the room. It's actually physically aware of what the model is. I'm going to switch from Igloo Touch now to the actual integrated Matterport application, which actually runs as a shortcut within Safari.

[I have freezed for filming.] I'm going to switch to the iPad. Here we are using the iPads as our control interface now for the system. We've gone now inside of Igloo Home, and this is now running Safari natively on Earth on a standard iPads. We have some predefined bookmarks which we've generated, which enable us to access the Matterport service.

This is now linking to a direct link between the model that's in the room and the interface that we have here. If we look at parlor over there, that matches up with where we are there. I can actually now go into my favorites in this Matterport application and pick another building site. This is a construction site we're viewing now. Then Matterport loads the images online. They're slowly loading in and image quality improves slightly as we go through it.

I can now use this iPad device, then I generate a floor plan. This floor plan has been generated from the Matterport model. Again, all these hotspots on the floor plan, and able to click onto those hotspots, and move around in the space.

If I click on one of those, the content on the screen here moves to a different location. Obviously it moves in the Igloo. And where we are on the floor plan is indicated with the red dots, so I can move completely to hover in the building, and that loads that particular shot. Go back to Favorites.

I'll pick something else, National Gallery. Here we are within the Matterport scan of the National Gallery. Again full 360 representation in the Igloo. There are hotspots I can click on. The information hotspots appear on the iPad application, I can generate a floor plan, the whole building. There it goes. There is the whole floor of the National Gallery where we're looking. We can use a floor plans to navigate through, or we can actually just navigate directly from the iPad. As I click on the spots, we move through the space.

Again, if I switch back to Igloo Touch on my phone, I have curser-control to move within the room as well. I'm now going to go and load, go back to my bookmarks. I'm going to select throughout the smallest spaces which is an apartment in San Francisco, typical average retail apartments. We can move through the building.

We generate another floor plan, this time because it's a multi-story building. We are going to generate plans for all the different stories in the building. However many stories there are, they become listed under these tabs. If we go up to the top floor again, that updates instantly in the Igloo.

Here we have some other additional parts to Matterport. Not to say here we have the scans within the Matterport rooms that they Matterport scanner has taken. We can actually go back to Igloo Touch and click on hotspots within the space. If I click on one of these hotspot photographs here, this is a 360 panorama taken from the rooftop. That skips us that rooftop. We go back to the rooftop of the apartment overlooking San Francisco, and there we have it. That's the Igloo Matterport integration and how it seamlessly works with all our systems. Not only does it work on these immersive screens, but also our cylinder products and our domes just as well, if not better. But please get in touch if you need any more information.
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Video: Immersive Matterport Room: The Future of Collaborative Engineering | Video courtesy of Igloo Vision YouTube Channel | 7 September 2021

Transcript (video above)

Hello, and here we are inside an igloo immersive projection room. This is a collaborative meeting space that we've developed that's designed to fit within existing spaces for the corporate work. This room is an average size of meeting room or conference room that's available in phases, the properties worldwide.

What this is enables us with this system is to take our Igloo 360 technology, take it outside of our domains and cylinders and put it into a more usable space for people. Currently, we're running a system in here with four 4K projectors in set and full 360, the content is everywhere.

Today, we're showing specifically the use case of Matterport, which is a content delivery system that was developed many years ago, initially for property retail markets, but it's actually been expanded into lots of other industries. Content we're featuring at the moment is engineering content.

This has been developed from a load of Matterport scans have been used inside buildings, they can do indoors and outwards, and as the Matterport progresses through the building, it takes a whole series of 360 video shots, think Google Earth for buildings, and at the same time it generates a photogrammetry model of the structure as well.

These are very, very accurate models, even though the levels where you could take measurements from these pictures. Here we are using this on our iPad interface, and I can actually navigate through this space.

If I click down this corridor here, we walk in the space. But alternatively, I can also control this from my phone, using Igloo home, which is our default interaction device for Igloo, I can actually split my if they touch application, which is this one here, my Home tab, and this gives me a cursor that appears on the screen.

As I click on the floor here, I will navigate through the picture, even jump across to the other side of the room or across here, and this takes us into another area within the building.

Now you might be noticing there's these little tabs and icons popping up and these are actually further information tabs. This is actually giving us metadata behind the model and it tells you details about what the building is. As these models are generated, people go through and type the models, and even retrospectively go back into the model. Notice faults undertake the drawings, but then updates onto the web server.

There we go. Navigating through here, and this is fantastic for situational awareness and safety training, or even if it's just a case of documenting existing assets to have a live database of this state of the properties. Now I'm going to get back to the favorites within my iPad.

Clicking with favorites tab and have a look at some other buildings. Here's another very mechanical engineering space. This is a port large mechanical plant room, and again, it has been scanned with Matterport, more crime within the space, also can generate a floor plan again.

Here we are generating a floor plan for the building, this takes the photograph machine model and that builds his floor plan, and then it's decided there's two floors here. I can click on the second floor, and let's go on to this area here. If I click on that, the updates on the iPad, and here we are, we've moved into that space. That gives us additional way of navigating within the environment.

That gives you a brief overview of the use cases for Matterport unequally with an engineering setting.
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