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unpleasant shifts & cuts15275

Jonasspinning private msg quote post Address this user
Hello again WGAN Community,

I have created my first proper scan and the outcome is nice. But:

I have unpleasant cuts, shifts and displacements in the model itself.

https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=dFJiotcPtWo " target="_blank">clickable text

I put some of the issues in the highlight reel ( not the highlights but anyway )

Unfortunately there are too many and I have to redo the shot.

What did I do wrong or how can I solve this issue ?

Many thanks as always

Have a nice day,


P.S. is there any change I could change as well the car in the dollhouse not to that ..uhm.. in pieces
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CharlesHH private msg quote post Address this user
I think that you have done too many scans and too close.
When you are close to an object you get these straight line problems.These are classic Matterport.
You can of course switch off any scan points that are really bad.

Cars are always bad in the dollhouse! Shiny ones in particular and black is pretty much impossible.
One option is to switch off the dollhouse view.
But with that car, you can also take a series of scans at a much higher level - well above the car. You will need to switch the scan points off too but they should make the dollhouse better.

Good luck
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Jonasspinning private msg quote post Address this user
Hey Charles,

thank you very much for the quick reply

That means I can delete bad ones and redo them without compromising the whole model? Where do I switch off the doll house ?

Many Thanks!

Kind regards,

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3rd Party
JuMP private msg quote post Address this user
Without doll house:

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Gladsmuir private msg quote post Address this user
Make a copy of the model on your iPad.
Then delete from the copy, not the original.
Upload the copy.
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CharlesHH private msg quote post Address this user
As Gladsmuir says, make a copy and delete from there and resubmit.
But you can also go into edit mode and 'hide' scan points that you don't want the client to see. Experiment because you can switch them on and off.

So if you follow my advice and do some scans from a high point, you will need to hide these from the tour. I use a small table and place my tripod on that to get higher scan points - make sure it does not fall!!

JuMP has given you the extra URL parameter of &dl=0 to completely hide the dollhouse.

IF you wanted to keep the dollhouse in the original fly in BUT not see it in bottom left corner, then go to Edit - Settings - Advanced and switch dollhouse off there.
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Jonasspinning private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you all for your help! I will try to realize everything you suggested

have a nice day,

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