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Strange Matterport scan point placements15274

NC3D private msg quote post Address this user
Hi all,
I'm experiencing some strange results in a recent scan.
The scan included hallways leading to various rooms. Some of the later scan points are appearing in random parts of the scan. For example, scan 80 appears at the beginning around scan 30.

Has anyone experienced this?

Thanks much!
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

If you post the tour and your mini-maps here, a WGAN Member will help solved the puzzle (and recommend a fix, if possible).

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lilnitsch private msg quote post Address this user

Sounds like a misalignment issue, this can happen when mirrors are not properly marked it can sometimes also be caused reflective surfaces or repetitive spaces. If you have a scan position that doesn't appear where it should you should delete it immediately and rescan closer to the last successful scan position
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Repair Service
Gainesville, Florida
MatterFix private msg quote post Address this user
As @lilnitsch says, those issues are best handled by catching them in the field, when they happen. Delete the misplaced scan snd rescan until alignment gets corrected. If your not able to rescan, you could try creating a second floor and moving the misaligned scan to that floor and reprocess the model.
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lilnitsch private msg quote post Address this user

Playing with camera height can also help when a scan position is being difficult
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