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Capture services not available in your area15198

Club Member
Buffalo, New York
GETMYVR private msg quote post Address this user
So I tried to book a shoot for my address directly from Matterport's capture service, but as the title stated, capture services not available in your area.

I'm a highly qualified matterport service provider with insurance, 4-5 years experience on their platform and thousands of scans, how can I get noticed by Matterport to participate in this program?
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
I joined Capture Services Program in April. Matterport provided an interest form after their first webinar about the program. I filled in the form and received the following email in a month

Originally Posted by MCS

Thanks again for submitting your interest in joining the Matterport Capture Services program. We are continuing to assess applications and will reach out if you are a good candidate.

Please be mindful that we are looking to scale this program in a strategic manner where all of our members are seeing value from this program, and in doing so, will only onboard new Technicians as the demand for Capture Services grows. For the time being, if you haven’t been contacted yet, you will be placed on our waitlist and we will reach back out in the order of when you applied.


When will I hear back on the status of my application?

We will be assessing each of the applications as it pertains to the strategic needs of this program. We want to ensure each member we onboard sees recognized value out of this program, and will only reach out if there is a need in a given geography.

What are the requirements to join?

Each applicant will need at the minimum:

One Pro2 camera that is accessible at all times, as we will only be using Pro2 cameras for this program

At a minimum 20 models scanned and hosted on your Matterport cloud account

An active website

What is the process for onboarding into the program?

Once you have been contacted, we will

Assess your application and experience

Set up an interview or questionnaire

Send a MSSA for you to sign

Onboard onto our infrastructure and scheduling processes

I have additional questions, who do I contact?

For any questions on your application or this program, please contact MCS at matterport dot com and somebody will happily help answer your questions.

Thank you for your patience and please let us know if you have any questions.

I have not heard from them since then. May be try to email to the email address above and see if they still let you to submit your interest for the program.
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Club Member
briangreul private msg quote post Address this user
Basically it's invite only, they only invite one company in an area and the rest of us just get sold a hope and a dream.

Why does MCS care if you have a website if they are doing the selling?
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
They still run their MSP program so whenever customer is googling for Matterport in my area they send a request to me or other MSPs. Or if I am lucky I catch these customers myself since I am on the first page.

I got two MSP requests last months and apart from all other requests for 3 years that never turn into a real client one of two contacts the last month is going to bring a job.

I will try to reach the other again.. it has come from an eye clinic that wants a Google Street View and a Matterport tour. So at least it is a real business with a business email, not personal emails like for 99% of MSP requests.

I do not think they are catching many requests for their MCS program though. To my luck they have no ads about it on Google.

As for a website I think the idea is to look legit and be presented as a business. Businesses with websites usually have emails on their website domain so it is better looking than a technician with a gmail account.
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