How to stay busy shooting Matterport (despite house listing shortage)

Hi All,

If you are struggling to stay busy during the house listing shortage, consider signing up with these Book Matterport Digital Twins ON-DEMAND Platforms:

1. IFTI/Provision Solutions (Email: lindsey.youker@ifti.com)
2. Matterport Capture Services (Sign Up)
3. Snappr (Sign-Up Form)

9 Reasons to Join the On-Demand Photography Platform

1. Potential to fill openings in your schedule
2. Potential to do Matterport tours for enterprise-level clients
3. Potential to gain more Matterport experience
4. Potential to get recurring Matterport shoots
5. Potential to shoot Matterport, DSLR and video on the same shoot (More $$$$ per shoot) [Snappr only]
6. Potential to diversify your client base
7. Potential to get shoots that you likely would not get directly
8. Potential to do Matterport shoots only (leave production to the Platform)
9. Potential to check-the-box on categories that you are not presently shooting Matterport tours
10. Potential to improve your cashflow (Snappr pays fast)

Questions about joining a Book Matterport Digital Twins ON-DEMAND Platform?



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