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WGAN-TV: CupixWorks 2.0 versus Matterport for Construction Professionals15061

Atlanta, Georgia
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Video of CupixWorks SiteView Demo
CupixWorks 2.0 Compare Side-by-Side of Weekly Construction Documentation

Video of CupixWorks BIM Compare
CupixWorks 2.0 Compare Side-by-Side of BIM to Weekly Construction Documentation

WGAN-TV Live at 5: CupixWorks 2.0 versus Matterport for Construction Professionals

Hi All,

How do the Cupix CupixWorks 2.0 construction documentation solutions compare to Matterport construction solutions?

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, June 17, 2021, my guest is:

Cupix Product Manager Gannon Wilder (@Gannon_Cupix)


WGAN-TV: CupixWorks 2.0 versus Matterport for Construction Professionals

I will ask Gannon to show and tell us about the CupixWorks 2.0 3D tour viewing experience (compared to Matterport) and how CupixWorks compares to Matterport for:

1. creating as-builts (including exporting to CAD)
2. Side-by-Side: weekly construction documentation
3. Side-by-Side: construction documentation versus BIM model
4. large spaces
5. collaboration
6. reducing rework
7. dispute resolution among project stakeholders
8. annotation
9. issue tracking
10. field reports
11. building's lifecycle: design, field Operations and handover
12. tight spaces, crowded spaces and dark areas
13. Aerial 360 within a Cupix 3D Tour example?
13. Side-by-Side comparison on aerial 360 to BIM?

I will also ask about:

1. shooting (including time to capture; outdoors and which cameras)
2. processing
3. hosting
4. backup/storage
5. pricing

My first question:

I am the general contractor for a 25-story, 500,000 SQ FT office building renovation. I am considering CupixWorks and Matterport to shoot weekly construction documentation (as-built digital twin). How long does it take to scan this building weekly with Cupix (how)? And, using CupixWorks, how does our team compare:

1. BIM to actual weekly construction documentation?
2. week-to-week construction documentation?

What questions should I ask Gannon about CupixWorks for construction versus Matterport for construction?



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Image courtesy of CupixWorks Website

Image courtesy of CupixWorks Website

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Atlanta, Georgia
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