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Matterport Capture Services: Who Will Stand Up?15045

Lower Hutt, New Zealand
HomePlanNZ private msg quote post Address this user
I'd like to think I'm a reasonably balanced thinker, not to quick to jump to conclusions and consider other perspectives before I lock in mine. I've been watching Matterport Capture Services (MCS) evolve, indeed watched MP evolve over the last 24 months as it focuses on improving its bottom line.

If you haven't already, read how MP is positioning MCS: https://go.matterport.com/captureservices.html

MCS has become an offer from the MP platform provider to anyone, from those with one property and prepared to invest in a MP starter plan all the way up to global firms. The latter is understandable, as third parties don't have the reach to provide consistent service/pricing to these customers.

If we were working from a blank canvas, MCS for anyone is a good idea - MP uses its reach to engage end customers, sets a price in the market, then contracts down to MCS technicians who get a cut of the action. It's a reasonable model.

But it is not a blank canvas. MP encouraged many of us to join the platform based on it being an opportunity to offer third party scanning services on top of a unique and 'getting better day' platform. This is evidenced in the MSP program (class action pending), and for any of you who own more than one Pro2 - was part of the sell by MP, grow your business, go to scale, spread the word.

And now MP are directly targeting our customers with its services in ways we cannot prevent. MCS within the My Matterport portal - so anyone with collaborator access is now MP's target, via icons and adverts not labelled as such. In New Zealand that is a breach of fair trading laws, I expect it's similar elsewhere. Not to mention MP emailing collaborator accounts - that's using the info you have on our customers to your advantage without our permission. And advertising MCS as a 'first of its kind service', I even say one advert saying 'the most experienced technicians' - it is not, and the requirements to be a MCS technician are minimal - this stuff just isn't true.

So I feel this situation has now turned a corner. Matterport: MCS is monopolistic behavior, is intended not just to compete with MSPs but to put them out of business. You want to 'clip the ticket' at every opportunity, I get it. But you can't pretend that you didn't make commitments to those who built a business around your platform.

MSPs can argue that MCS won't work, that it will be a low-quality service, MSPs can focus on providing a gold service - all valid arguments. There's room in the market for varied service offerings, if only MP would acknowledge and support that rather than try to be the 'winner takes all'. The point here is why are MSPS having to compete with MP at all.

The current class action is more focused on MP as a marketing program that was sold. The direction of MCS is a related but different matter.

Will anyone stand up to this behavior?
(Rant over!)
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MeshImages private msg quote post Address this user
This has all started a couple of years ago, when Matt Bell left Matterport.

The MCS direct order button is just another step in this direction. But in the meantime there is some new systems in the market, that beat Matterport in either efficiency and/or in quality and in "control over your assets".

The way to go is simple. Build alternatives and add features to your Matterport Pro2 offering.

There is now many alternatives: iGuide, 3Dvista, shapespark, krpano with cms4vr (all self-hosted) and online platforms like metareal, seekbeak, Biganto and Kuula, just to name a few. 3Dvista is my favorite, because of the incredibly fast virtual tour editor. 3Dvista beats Matterport in many use cases. And I am considering iGuide for all tours with a measurment feature or for large spaces with longterm hosting.

But there is one thing in this issue, that will remain. Under these conditions I will probably not buy a Matterport Pro3 camera.

Or would you invest and build your future in such a system?

The Matterport Capture Services program is cannibalizing the platform. It's a big mistake.
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Fan Club
Sydney, Australia
UberRE private msg quote post Address this user
100% agree with you, right from the fist interaction with Matterport when I asked them will a new camera be released prior to purchasing 5 cameras, the answer was NO.

Then 1 month later the PRO 2 is released, this killed me, and after asking for replacement cameras based on the information of no new camera provided by their sales rep in email (black and white), guess what, the answer was a big fat NO.

The support is no existent, need to rely on the MSP network for help, and they are not ashamed at competing with my client base.

We just need a competing vendor with integrity and Matterport will be a sinking ship, we will all jump overboard.
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
@HomePlanNZ @MeshImages @UberRE

Thank you for your thoughtful posts about the Matterport Capture Services Program.

Here are WGAN Forum Related Discussions that you may find helpful/interesting:

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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Video: Matterport Capture Services....The End of Matterport? | Video courtesy of Momentum 360 YouTube Channel | 19 May 2021


Matterport Service Provider Momentum 360 Owner Sean Boyle with Momentum 360 is not happy! (See video above)

Additional discussion here ...

Video: Matterport Capture Services....The End of Matterport?

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Lower Hutt, New Zealand
HomePlanNZ private msg quote post Address this user
The above video is very on the money I think. But some good news - through dialog with MP Support they let me know that there is now a 'manage' admin setting to disable the Capture Services icon and advert for collaborators - I see this as an acknowledgement that MP had overstepped and now doing 'the right thing'.

Suggest you look at this setting if you want to turn it off.

I've fed back that I think it should not just be an option for collaborator access - it should also be an option to turn it off for everyone.

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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
1000 sqf in 4.5 hours is quite ok.

I have been booked by my partner for 8 hours job and it is 45 000 sqf.
Underquoted for sure but the place is quite known even outside of Australia so happy to push myself for it.

As for the quote in the video it is good in my opinion-with these quotes my partner won't leave me for this Capture Service.

BTW, their attempt to chase big worldwide development groups does not seem to be working. I will be doing a space for one of them soon because I have been referred by another big one which is my best client. I have actually tried to talk to their manager a year ago offering them to do their smaller development near me-they did not seem to care. However after the referral they have come to me anyway.
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virtualpro private msg quote post Address this user
So here the thing I have been a Matterport Service Provider for nearly 4 years now.
With no support from Matterport or anyone in New Zealand for a Matter(port)of fact.

I have focused on building my service and business from a relationship and trust base first.

Yes, we have competition that targets our clients on a regular basis. Yes, they offer cheaper prices and probably could do a suitable job.

But here's the thing my client stick with us because they trust and value us for the extra distance we go for them.

At the end of the day, we pick clients that value what we do for them and the result we achieve for them. They are not purchasing the scan they are purchasing the result, the trust, and the relationship.

I think we are lucky that Matterport is growing the market with us, move past your negativity and get on with building your business.

The future of your business is in your hand, not in what your competition is doing.
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