Inman (1 April 2021) Court orders new trial in Zillow-VHT listing photo saga

In a legal saga that began nearly six years ago over the fate of sold listing photos, real estate behemoth Zillow is headed back to court to resolve a copyright infringement suit filed by real estate photography company VHT Studios.

VHT first filed suit against Zillow in 2015, alleging the listing giant had ripped off its intellectual property by illegally using its photos on its home improvement webpage, Zillow Digs. In 2017, a jury ordered Zillow to pay more than $8 million in damages to the photo company, after finding that Zillow directly infringed on 28,125 of VHT’s images, of which 3,373 the jury said Zillow willfully infringed

Source: Inman

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Inman (16 July 2015) Zillow copyright suit challenges fate of sold listing photos - Real estate photography company VHT alleges 'brazen theft' of photos for advertising purposes

Real estate photography company VHT Inc. has filed a copyright infringement suit against Zillow and parent company Zillow Group, alleging that Zillow has illegally used hundreds and potentially thousands of VHT’s photos on Zillow Digs for its own profit and gain.

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