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Trade Show Tips Wanted1425

schmidyuc private msg quote post Address this user
Hi all, my first post here. I have a trade show coming up on Thursday that I am going to display my new models to real estate agents. Hopefully it will spread like wildfire here. I purchased a TV for this event that I have figured out how to cast my screen to the TV. Works great. The probable downfall will be my internet connection however. I am betting it will be an average 4g connection which wont be horrible, but as you can imagine, many there will be using their phones as well. I am wondering if any have figured out a way to walk around the models while being offline.

Secondly, any tradeshow tips that you would find helpful are always welcome. I am going to offer a $50 off if they buy that day, and offer a drawing at the end for one free model.

I don't think it is wise to take the camera with me, as i am afraid of liabilities, and there really isn't much it would 'do' while there.

My apologies if this was somewhere else in the forum, but i did not see it anywhere.
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Showcas3D private msg quote post Address this user
- I don't screen cast from my phone or computer, I use a HDMI cord to connect my laptop to the TV to display a model

- I used 2 TVs and had loops of MP videos from a USB drive playing on one while I used the 2nd TV as my monitor to do demonstrations

- I preload a model in a tab and use that one the entire time so I don't have to load a model each time a person wants to see what I offer

- I brought my ipad as well and had a model pre-loaded in a webpage so people could see how easy it was to walk thru a 3d model

- I left my MP camera at home, not worth the risk of it being knocked over

- having Samsung Gear VR goggles is a crowd attracter, if you don't have them, you should get them as the MP Oculus app is free and has models uploaded already

- don't just give them your business card, ask for their business cards as trying to remember names to faces is extremely difficult. if you see them out and about later that day or whenever, remembering their name is such a huge compliment

- make friends with the booths around you and show them what you are offering. it will amaze them and who knows what contacts they have which they could send your way

here is a pic of my booth from a realtor event in January I attended

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CDM private msg quote post Address this user
The T.V. is a great choice. We do that and run promotional videos for our service. I would take the camera as well. It always helps to show people it is a special camera.

I have a sell sheet listing all the benefits of matterport to realtors with a B-card stapled to it to hand out.

There is a developers app. (if you can get it) that eliminates the need for internet! This app is brilliant and made us look like rock starts at our last trade show.

3-D showcase, you first have to download test flight on the iPad and be invited by a developer to test the software. it is worth it and the software works perfectly allowing you to download models from "your" matterport cloud. They then live on your iPad with no delay in use.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
We do similar, but also do two scans at booth and have it processed so they can see first hand what our booth looks like and what the model looks like. Matterport says they do not charge for test scans 3 or less. This way people see the camera and basic scan along with demo scans.
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by Showcas3D
- I used 2 TVs and had loops of MP videos from a USB drive playing on one while I used the 2nd TV as my monitor to do demonstrations

Can you explain how you put the MP videos on loop from a USB drive? What format were the videos in and how did the TV know to loop them?

I found a website that will allow me to play the same video over and over, but that's only one video not a series of them so I'd be curious to learn your approach.
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Showcas3D private msg quote post Address this user
@Queen_City_3D I used a SanDisk USB drive and uploaded the 10 or so videos to a folder. when I switch the input to the folder on the Samsung TV, I have to go into the settings and change that to either repeat one video or all of them.

the only downside is since their are 10 videos, each time one starts, it shows a title menu on the screen with rewind, play, fast forward, title, etc.

believe the format of the videos are mp4. I want to combine the videos all into one so that way it'll play for the 10-15 minutes and then only show the title screen once. but I don't have the video editor to do so and haven't had the time really
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JonJ private msg quote post Address this user
At a well attend event, how many appointments usually come from the event?
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schmidyuc private msg quote post Address this user
wow, what a great set of guidelines. I do have my flyers that i intend to pass out with the business cards. I will go ahead and edit an MP4 together that has 5-6 videos and put that on a loop. thanks for all the feedback. I thin ki will take the advice of Showcas3D and leave the camera at home. cant reveal the monster
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