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New to the WGAN Forum? Please introduce yourself14

KBS74 private msg quote post Address this user

My name is Valentin, I'm a real estate agent, living in the south of France.

I discovered this forum when I was looking for a virtual tour solution (no other estate agency are doing it on my aera so it's really a plus), I found here matterport and the cams, so thanks all of you, your posts helped me a lot !

I'm still testing my Theta Z1 on some houses we have on sell since this week so I still have some things to learn but I'm already happy of the results !

I have some issues with floors so maybe I'll do a topic later, I try to fix it on my own first.

And I hope I'll be able to help other people in the future, when I'll got more experience !
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VirtualProAlbania private msg quote post Address this user
Hello everyone.
I am Dorian, a software developer from Albania.
Our company is based in Tirana, Albania.
Matterport technology got my attention since November 2019. I researched it a lot but couldn’t decide to go for it until the COVID-19 lockdown where I saw a increasing demand for tech solutions. During this time, here in Albania all tech companies were making offers to develope e-comerce websites for different markets. I just thought it was the right moment to bring something new on the local market.
Early this month I recieved my new Matterport Pro2 Camera and have tested it in-house, and I really got surprised for its quality.
I have just finished my first project and contracted 4 others. Also a major project (which I am concerned about it’s large size) is waiting to be signed.
I have learned a lot from thif wonderful forum, but I am still cofused about the Pricing Standards.
Also something I need help is that I need to access the Sample Forms Library requires password. If anyone can help me how to get it I would be very thankful.

Here is my first ever project for a showroom: ...

Thank you again & I like this community.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user


I moved your request for comments on your 1st Matterport 3D Tour to this new WGAN Forum discussion:

My 1st Matterport 3D Tour>Your Suggestions to Improve My Scanning/Trimming?



P.S. About your question about the WGAN Sample Forms Library (please continue your questions there)

How to Receive Free Access to the WGAN Forum Sample Forms Library

Here are WGAN Forum discussions tagged: Large
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sese private msg quote post Address this user
Hi everyone from the North of Spain,

I'm glad to join the forum. My name is Sesé.

My sister and I have a company that is dedicated to web design, graphic design, video filming, underwater documentaries and since 2019 we have been doing virtual tours with Matterport pro2 mainly for the local fishing industry.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and also learning from all of you.

Here's one of our latest projects done in Portugal:

clickable text

Kind regards,Sesé
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NDillaha private msg quote post Address this user
Hey WGAN crew!
My name is Nathan. I live in Pensacola, Florida. I'm a graphic designer by trade, but I do a lot of different things in marketing including photo/video and UX/UI design. I work with a real estate company here in Pensacola and do all their Matterport scans for a large development in the area.

I'm very glad to be connected with all of you here and I'm looking forward to learning and sharing.

Thank you!
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nchevy private msg quote post Address this user
Hey everyone,

I'm a teacher from Duluth, MN who also does wildlife and wedding photography. I'm looking to switch over to some real estate and business photography to increase business and hopefully decrease my time editing photos!
I've been digging into the forum for insight and am looking forward to learning lots!
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Dataventurer private msg quote post Address this user

I am a south Bay Area resident in Northern California. Just beginning my career in real estate as a "mature worker" after a sales career in high-tech. Just received my Ricoh Theta SC2 from Amazon this morning and am preparing to shoot my first 3D tour tomorrow. I'm heading towards using Kuula as my platform after Ben Claremont's recommendation in his November 2019 tour software review.

I'm glad I found this forum, looking forward to the resources and being a resource. As soon as I get reviewed, I want to add a comment to the post on the new RicohTours offering. Onward!
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Alex77 private msg quote post Address this user
Hi everybody,

I'm from Milan, Italy! I've been using Matterport for more than 1 year, and now I've started my own business.

I think I will post a lot of questions from now on, so... le't keep in touch!
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Joana private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, I am a young photographer from Poland, in the near future I plan to buy PRO 2 and enter the market agents in Poland. I am very happy that there is a forum and that I can become a member. All the best! Joana
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Levazland private msg quote post Address this user
Hi! im from italy, im a realtor and im try to explore the opportunities of VR tours, i'd love to hear your precious ideas on how to perform better!
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PanoflexMedia private msg quote post Address this user
Hello I am Michel from Germany, working on panorama photography since the year 2000. Back then we developed a lot of things, like the first snap head for DSLR cameras. it was always fun to try out new things. i had to get used to Pano2VR, where i miss a lot of good advice. I am a craftsman of the old kind, I need real tools in my hand. At the moment I'm trying out the MiSphere 360 and the Madventure, I'm also very interested in the Matterport. I normally work with Nikon and Sigma 8° Fisheye.
At the moment I'm stuck in the Algarve in Portugal. I'm still looking for photographers to exchange here.

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acmestudios private msg quote post Address this user
Greetings! RJ (real estate photographer) here from SoCal, glad to be a part of the group, and looking forward to looking, learning, and making new friends!
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JLGonzales private msg quote post Address this user
Hello, my name is Jorge Luis Gonzales, im from Bolivia.
i'm starting with 360 virtual tours mainly for real estate, but i hope to work with all kind of clients. I found really great information in you forum, so i hope to learn of you.

Greetings from Bolivia!
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Jacksonville, Florida
thereal360 private msg quote post Address this user
Hello Everyone...

I am Alex and i have been a "semipro" photographer / videographer for the last 10 years.

I am really intrigued by 360 tours. I bought a Samsung 360 camera with my phone back like 3 -4 years ago. And was somewhat interested, but wasn't sure what to do with it... Until I have seen the business aspect of it. I believe NOW is a great time to get this going. People even less want to leave their house (real estate) and want to see a business, gym, restaurant... before you go there.

So i have done what so many of you have done I guess search on the internet and you tube about 360 tours. Came across many tutorials as well as this forum. I gotta say... The amount of info and emails there are, are a bit overwhelming. But I am up for the task.

Here my current gear: 2 DSLR's 5DMK2 and a newer SL2. I bought a Ricoh SC2, since the Theta Z1 is a pain to get your hands on.

I own a DJI Spark and a Mavic Air 2.

Got a Monopod and tripod. Work mostly with Lightroom and PS.

I have tried so far Kuula, Metareal and Panoskin as far as software goes.

[This discussion moved to this WGAN Forum discussion.]

1. [Question moved to this WGAN Forum discussion.]

2. [Question Moved to this WGAN Forum discussion]

3. [Question moved to this WGAN Forum discussion.]

4. [Question moved to this WGAN Forum discussion.]

Thank you so much for your time and support!

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GeorgeH private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Everyone,

I'm George - a filmmaker that has recently got into the virtual tour space with a big client. I'm having a few issues with my first tours, mainly that my client wants Matterport and I've used Kuulu. I've made a separate thread about it anyways.

Looks like a great and helpful community here. I'm learning as I go and feel like I'm getting past the hump. Excited to learn more about this new world of possibilities.

Hello from Ireland!
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by @MyVirtualScan

Hi Dan
Hi all WGAN community

Thank you for welcoming me.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Christophe, I am French and I live in the southwest of France, near the Atlantic coast.

Entrepreneur, user of Matterport and convinced of the power of the product which is not yet recognized enough.

I'm trying to work for that in my area, also with classic 360 and other projects.

My company is called My Virtual Scan =>

I really appreciate this forum which is very pleasant and a wealth of useful information.

I would certainly have a lot of questions for all of you.

Continue like that, and sorry for my bad writing
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Melbourne, Australia
Lambda_Photography private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All
I have been a part-time photographer, full time Electrical Engineer for a long time, the companmy I worked for pulled out of Australia last year, so I decided to become full time photographer - the usual weddings, portraits with a few landscapes and food
Covid scuttled that plan, so I signed up to do Ben's Virtual Tour Pro course, and this has set me on a different direction completely
I am also doing Eli's Real Estate Pro course (got lots of time on my hands)

I have two Canon EOS R bodues, and numerous lenses, studio strobes, Ricoh Theta Z1 and far too much other stuff (SWMBO - she who must be obeyed) still thinks I have one camera - I think I'm going to suffer one day:-)

I have done two shout Virtual Tours in Kuula (I bought the licence), but need to stretch my scope asap,looking at Gooogle Street View and 3D - I feel that quality photography is now available to so many people (hobbiests who don't care about longevity of the trade but only about some pocket money)so I am seriously looking at 3D
I don't have a Matterport camera but hopefully I can get one soon - is this a must?

I have lived in 5 countries, Zambia, South Africa, Germany, New Zealand and now Australia, so am not a stranger to change

Well, that's me :_)
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Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
Lol - "(SWMBO - she who must be obeyed) still thinks I have one camera" . You'll fit in just fine here. You're in a great spot with tons of options here on WGA already having a Z1 and up to date with the R series. Study with what you got should catch you up just fine. As you find some cracks, you'll find WGA offering answers you won't find on a Facebook group. I swear those people never use the Search Button and end up annoying the rest of us asking the same question every so many hours.
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AvistaMedia private msg quote post Address this user
Greetings from Nashville, Tennessee!

My name is Charles Shaffer.

Avista Media is my company brand and Professional Creative Services is our game.

Avista Media Website

Avista Media was born in the Event Photography and Corporate Art sector and after settling in Nashville, we expanded into providing Real Estate Services in the Middle Tennessee Area.

With COVID in play, our services are presently focused on the Real Estate, Commercial Photography, and Corporate Art Markets.

Matterport is an option that is being reviewed to add a more affordable 3D Tour option to our menu, but we started with the iGUIDE system and have almost perfected our property documentation workflow.

Business is doing well and I'm looking for a business partner to join the brand to help with the growth of new business. As of July 2020, we have helped our clents market, show, and sell more than $63 Million Dollars in Home Sales since 2018 (this year we are just over $16 Million).

We would love to connect with other Real Estate Professionals in the Nashville area!

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aldorodriguez2005 private msg quote post Address this user
Hello! im new here..
Aldo from México, im just starting to build my virtual tour business i think im just a rookie on video and photography services although i have a photo booth and video booth bizz for social and corporate events...

Im living in puerto vallarta mexico, so i think i have a real opportunity for doing business in here, its a really touristic place in here (not now since the covid came to complicate things)but i think its worth to give it a shot and try to make a profit out of the 360 photography...

I hope i can participate more in here thanks!
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Charleso private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, New here.

From England and am an Pro Photographer and have an Estate Agency as well.

Have been in the 360 business since it became usable in the industry (3/4 years) using Theta cameras and Mattaport.

Recently bought two Theta Z1’s and now have one damaged (pence chipped after wind blow over and the other I think has a hardware fault which I will be quizzing on here as there is nothing on the net to help elsewhere - so for now back to using the trusty theta 5!
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Letsshoot private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, Im new here.

I am based in Dublin, Ireland and pre Covid I worked as a photographer in the corporate events market. I always had an interest in real estate and would love to add this to my skillset. Initially looking at providing photography and floor plans but I am very intrigued with 360 photography. This website is full of rich resources and very helpful to a photographer that is new to the genre.
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bryanpereira private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, Ive been a professional photographer for 30 years in the UK and now in Toronto, Canada.
Im glad to be part of the forum and have been shooting real estate for 7 years. I am now looking at getting into video and 3D imaging in a cost effective way.

Feel free to check out my work:
Real estate:


Workshops (wildlife & travel)

I also enjoy the property business in general and have just successfully gained a qualification in Real estate Finance and Economics.

I wish you all success
Bryan Pereira
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kylemacd private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Everyone,

My name is Kyle and I'm originally from Ottawa Canada, but now live in Denver CO. I come at this not from a photography background but as an IT professional.

I'm particularly interested in the idea of Google Street View map updates as a service that can be sold.
Looking forward to learning with you all.

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aguilarzgold private msg quote post Address this user

Im from Texas. Im a product photographer and would like to enter the 3d tours market.

I discovered this forum and would like to explore matterport training.
I see many business opportunites here in texas for real estate 3d tours, im ready to jump in.
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Deasunmac private msg quote post Address this user
Hi ,
Im Des from the Canary Islands, Spain.
Im a real estate agent and apprentice 360 photographer!
I did Ben Clermonts course about 6 months ago and with the advent of covid, I was prepared for my changed work environment.I use pano2vr for all my tours now but have experimented with Theasys ,kuula,cupid and various others.I see a lot of potential in Asteroom because I think matterport is a bit overkill on the amount of photos you need to take. (It is great, but not practical for me)
I am currently photographing all my new listings in 360 and have been offering password protected Virtual Viewings to our clients who cannot physically come to the Canary Islands at the moment because of the Pandemic.
I found this forum by accident and am overwhelmed because it is a wealth of information.
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LV360Tour private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Everyone,

My name is Gary and I recently started a 360 company in Las Vegas. I'm coming from a GIS background, but because I'm also a real estate investor I found out the need and opportunity in 360 tours. I focus on real estate and small business tours right now, but I'm open for everything.
This place looks pretty cool and I'm looking forward to help out each others!
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roballoba private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Everyone - Robert here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over 4000 homes photographed since 2005. Virtual tours have come a long way since then. I was doing hand stitched 360 panos with dslr back then. Nothing was linked. Fast forward to more recently... Have been doing tours with startup Asteroom and the iPhone 7 - wow that just made everything EASY! When the iphone 11 promax came out I jumped on that and tour quality went up dramatically! It has been very cool working with the Asteroom product, and my clients have been thrilled. Now with COVID these tours have become essential.

One thing I love about Asteroom is they have been very proactive about feedback from their clients. Since I have been in the field a long time, I had some serious concerns about how the product and software should be set up for a pro. They listened, and in updates they address these concerns.

Now I have the theta Z1 coming and I want to thank We-Get-Around for the coupon code! I feel like I'm winning already!

anyway - I'm looking forward to making for connections and learning how to make better tours, faster for my clients.

Here's a recent Asteroom tour ...

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AccuView private msg quote post Address this user
Greetings from Texas! My name is Warren Matous and I own AccuView Aerial Services with clients in South and Central Texas. AccuView provides drone videography, still photography, property websites, and 3D tours using Asteroom. Please check out my work and like my page!
I look forward to discussing, and learning, about Asteroom, and sharing some of the things that I have learned that may make your shoots easier and quicker! Here are a couple of properties I have recently done:
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user


Welcome! I moved your second Asteroom virtual tour example here.

WGAN Forum and can challenges with two iFrames embedded in one post. Thanks for understanding.


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