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New to the Forum? Please introduce yourself14

Josephcnorris private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

My name is Joseph and I am starting a new business named Ultima Floor Plans in the Dallas Texas area. While researching a possible Matterport and other floor plan tools on YouTube I found this site. Thanks for letting me join.
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RayV private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, my name is Ray Velez. I am a Matterport Service Provider and I own Ravens Eye 3D Imaging in the Lehigh Valley. Looking to learn a lot from this site...
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TrinaJones private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, my name is Trina Jones. Just brought the Matterport camera and want to try some luck with it.
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CharlesHH private msg quote post Address this user
Hi. My name is Charles and I have just purchased a Matterport camera system and I'm busy setting up my website and getting some demo tours done to use as examples. This forum seems to answer a lot of the questions that I have.
I'm based in Belgium so not a lot of Matterport users yet. Can't wait to get started.
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R1CH4RD private msg quote post Address this user
Hi all,

My name is Richard and I have purchased Matterport last Christmas. Love the result, just open a business for real estate scans. Still having lots of problems, but it is getting better. Hope soon will able to scan quality scan soon.
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linnkoontz private msg quote post Address this user
Hi everyone. I'm a newbie to 360 and learning 3dVista software. My plan is to have a business doing real estate work. Starting off with the Mi Sphere 360 camera. If you have any advise for me concerning the Mi Sphere camera, 3dVista software and the real estate 360 business I am all ears!
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izoneguy private msg quote post Address this user
Hello, My name is Mike and I just purchased the Matterport camera. I have been in the video business for almost 40 years. I shot panorama tours about 8 years ago and then I went to work full time. I have kept an eye on Matterport so I finally decided it was time to start having some fun!
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maxport private msg quote post Address this user
Hello, My name is Max and I just purchased the Matterport camera. I have been working with digital media (videos, graphics, animation, simulations and photograph) professionally and as a hobby for about 19 years. I became interested in Matterport when a friend asked for help scanning because he wanted to focus on photography. I’m hoping to get my own Matterport business going ASAP.
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vpelosee private msg quote post Address this user
Hi there! My name is Vee. Just received my Matterport today!! Looking to start a new path in life and finally do something that I’m passionate about. I’m also planning on dabbilibg in Social Media Marketing. Can’t wait to learn more!!
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RichardStanton private msg quote post Address this user
Ahh, well while it's is never comfortable, we were all the new kid on the block at one point right? From my deep dives into the content so far it is clear that this is a very diverse and supportive community - one worth the awkward standing up and out as the new kid for. A bit about me:

I am a just-shy-of die hard technocrat with a passion for trying to understand the artistic and humanistic factors in what is becoming a more and more systems driven world (yes, they are very opposing models at times, prone to leading into circular arguments, but NOT as at odds as most people think). I only say this to give some small insight into where most of my views, practices, etc. are founded as I "jump in" so to speak and start to get more involved with the community.

I am am Ex: Adobe Sr. Business Process Manager and principal ld. out of Silicon Valley, CA (I live in the Santa Cruz mountains between San Jose and Santa Cruz for anyone in the area) I had a lot of amazing things I was able to be a part of with Adobe, and some piece of me will remain (especially because my wife still works there ) I truly believe that we are all extremely lucky to be alive during this time, and he convergence of immersive technology (capability + affordability), human readiness/acceptance, and a solid line of pioneering corporations and individuals willing stand and fight to bring these amazing solutions into the mainstream. And so, I jump into the fray!

While I firmly believe gear is secondary to the solution, let's face it, this is all new and creative, and as such can rabbit hole to gear capability discussions quickly.

On the capture side I currently own a MatterPort Pro II device, an array of DSLR gear of the Canon variety (for standard photography as well as custom SkyBox old school 360s, etc), and imminently an Insta360 ONE X.

As a major Virtual Reality technology proponent, advocate, expert and sometimes zealot, I also employ some related gear: Current-Gen HTC Vive, Oculus Rift in full 360 configuration, WMR (Windows Mixed Reality) inside-out 360 config utilizing the higher pixel density Samsung Odyssey HMU (Head Mounted Unit, pixel density = same as the HTC Vive Pro for those who follow VR) and Logitech depth-sensing HD cam for real-world -> VR Overlay recording. I also keep an Oculus Go in the lineup as a pseudo-VR element (true VR should be 90 Frames Per Second for full brain/body immersion, most rigs are not configured properly or not powerful enough to reach the unflinching 90FPS target) That being said, I look at the Oculus Go, and soon to come higher spec autonomous headsets as an important stepping stone for some, and a great tool for many of these direct engagements. I am hacking my way through the border for the moment as WebVR support etc. continues to flesh out.

If anyone actually read this far, I am impressed, or possibly feeling a bit sorry for them. I am a very open person, and I believe that sharing knowledge is the only way to gain knowledge. I apologize ahead of tine for what I am sure could end up being a deluge of questions to the community as I further operationalize. I look forward to engaging with all of you in the forums or in any other ways that we might cross paths!

Richard Stanton
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izoneguy private msg quote post Address this user
Hello Richard, I did read all of that - very impressive, look forward to seeing your work.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
Richard, I also read thru your intro and am waiting to see some of your input and insight with your Adobe background.
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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by @Djaffar
I'm Djaffar and I started my business as a Matterport Service Provider 2 month ago in the south of France, near Perpignan.
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ambientar360 private msg quote post Address this user
Hello Everyone,
I'm Luis from Buenos Aires,Argentina.
I have a Virtual Tour venture with the Matterport camera.
My company is Ambientar360.
I am passionate about knowing all the possibilities that are presented with Virtual Reality technology.
Thanks for letting me join the forum.
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newengland3d private msg quote post Address this user

My name is Gerald McAlister. Start up business in early development stage, New England 3D. I live in Massachusetts, USA, and will be offering services with both GeoCV and Matterport.

Thank you for letting me join the group. Looking forward to learning all I can and contributing equally.

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3dmedianow private msg quote post Address this user
Hi everyone!

I'm Theresa Jensen located in Coralville/Iowa City, IA. Certified through the Google training program in 2014, I am privileged to know a host of the original photographers for many years, a few of whom made the switch to MP long before I did. I added MP to my list of services in July 2018 when we moved from rural Mt Pleasant, IA to the city. I provide this service alongside PanotourPro, Ptgui, videography, 360 video production, and architectural photography.
Connecting to the professionals in the world of VR production has made life so precious for me. You're all as crazy as I am thinking that the world is seriously going to catch on one of these days. True professionals who are committed to excellent customer service and a great product is how it's happening. Glad to meet you all.
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andreweugene private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Everyone!

My name is Andrew, I am a British photographer, but have lived in Germany for most of my professional life. My American colleague, Fred, lives near here as well and he got me onto Matterport, he may turn up here soon and introduce himself too. So it’s a kind of joint venture - we have done several things together before so we kind of know what works and what’s best avoided. Fred is a New York native so there’s not much in the way of real estate photography where he is lacking in experience.

However, we hope to concentrate less on real estate here and more on museums, art galleries, industrial and commercial enterprises. Yesterday we did a music shop together. It has three floors and previous experience suggested beware of staircases (specially with thin parallel rods), so we produced three separate walkthrough files. (Put simply, entrance with sheet music and e-pianos, brass and percussion floor and guitar/amps floor.) The results are good so far, there is no escaping the fact that any less-than-pristine corner will show up.

Matterport is a great tool, but it does seem weird sometimes to send the data “somewhere” and it comes back in a form you can use. Unlike, say, Photoshop where you can see every result while you're making it. For photographers, it’s strange not to be able to look through a lens, a rangefinder or on a ground glass screen. A monitor is kind of available after the 360° with a preview file, but it’s not quite the same.

I think I’ve looked at quite a lot of Matterport info online, but there is no substitute for experience itself. So thanks for being here and allowing me on the forum. Look forward to exchanging ideas and experience!

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Thea_VR private msg quote post Address this user
Hello everyone, my name is Thea, I am originally from Philippines but is traveling around the world. Right now I am based in Greece.
My travels are my source of output and because of technology, I just recently am veering towards 360 and VR photography.

I am looking forward to your inputs and insights ( I am reading and learning a lot already)

This is a very helpful site

Thank you!
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LoudandClear private msg quote post Address this user
Hello everyone,

I'm Brian, a Realtor turned real estate photographer. Looking to get into 3D tours and have enjoyed reading through these threads. See you around!

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IanB private msg quote post Address this user
Hello folks

I'm Ian and I live in the UK, in the north of England.

I don't own a Matterport camera yet. I am planning on doing a bit of market research before fully committing, but have set up a website to this end.

I now plan to approach a few local estate agents to see if there would be any local interest in Matterport services.
The market is structured very differently in the UK, compared to the US, and as 3D visualisation of properties has not really taken off here I am wondering whether the differences explain this apparent lack of interest.

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