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New to the WGAN Forum? Please introduce yourself14

OGH604 private msg quote post Address this user
I'm an engineer looking to use an MP to build 3D models of spaces for use with my analysis software and prediction tool. A bit of a different direction from the rest, I know. Looking forward to it!

I bought a structure sensor a few weeks ago but its range isn't good enough for my uses.

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BobPowers private msg quote post Address this user
Hi guys,

My daughter Autumn and I are embarking on the Matterport experience together. We desire to display the world in 3D. There are so many exciting opportunities to display spaces. The world is so much more exciting in 3D. We are in Chicago but looking to travel everywhere to shoot awesome places. Our new company is Innovative Imagery.

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Pauluploadabode private msg quote post Address this user
My name is Paul and I have started 2 new companies in Scotland an online estate agent which offers Matterport tours as part of our premium option and Virtual Keyhole which will offer tours to commercial properties and business's. I look forward to learning and sharing success on here.
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PhotoJoe private msg quote post Address this user

I'm Joe Goldsberry. I have a photography & videography business in Whitman Mass., halfway between Boston and Cape Cod. I just purchased the Matterport camera because it seems like the perfect addition to my business. Maybe I can shoot less weddings! LOL
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Louisville, KY
JohnLoser private msg quote post Address this user
I am John Loser [pronounced "Low-Sir"]. Along with my wife Aura Ulm, we make up the partnership of Scene World Imaging, LLP in Louisville, KY. We both have decades of photo and video experience on the professional level. Our photo/video/imaging services company (officially) started in 2005 and we have always maintained a small footprint with a list of loyal clients.

Recently, we added Matterport 3D Tours to our offerings at the request of a local real estate firm. Now, we are expanding to offer "3DTours" to other clients. We are working to make it a very nice profit center.
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AAS private msg quote post Address this user
Hi my name is Matthew Rivera . My business is located on long island New York. I do home inspections, Aerial Photography and now matterport scans. I am very exited about doing these scans. Please feel free to Private Message (PM) me any questions. I know I have a lot of questions.
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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
New to the forum and also to Matterport. I'm a longtime member of the Directors Guild of America and the TV Academy, working in advertising and television. Now shooting for high-end real estate, I became intrigued with MP so am diving in. I look forward to sharing experiences with the group, helping if I can, and no doubt asking questions of all of you. I hope we can, working together, expand the uses for and reputation of this new medium. Thank you!
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Bon Secour, AL
Chemistrydoc private msg quote post Address this user
Hello All!

I am very excited to be new to the Forum and to Matterport! I come to this line of work via the construction and home inspection industry here in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

I've partnered with a fantastic stills / video / aerial photographer and together, we're going to do great things on the Gulf Coast. I still don't have the Matterport in hand, and I've already sold two jobs!

Looking forward to learning and teaching -

K. Foster
ID360 Media
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Putten NLD
DannyBasting private msg quote post Address this user

My name is Danny Basting. I've got a visualisation company located in the Netherlands. On request of a client I started looking in to some tools to make panorama tours a while ago. After doing some research I stumbled upon Matterport, and came across this forum soon after that.

With Matterports ability to generate pointclouds it seems like a perfect addition to my business.

This forum has been a great help in order to make my decision to invest in the hardware. This truly is an amazing community and I can't wait to become an active member of it! I am expecting my unit in the upcoming weeks.

Thanks to everyone's contribution here that helped me make my decision!

With kind regards,
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bert_bacso private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All!

My name is Bert Bacso. I recently bought a Matterport camera, and I want to put it to use here in Vancouver, BC.

Thank you everyone for all your contribution here.

All the best,

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BrookHampton private msg quote post Address this user
Hello all,

My name is Kevin and I am a Real Estate Broker and own an office in New York. Last Thursday We purchased a Matterport camera and await its arrival.

We have experimented with many solutions along the way. The egg360 our first and was good in its day but nothing like today's options. We used Pixeet, now called vieweet. It works with the iphone and offered the ability to do tours. A small adapter lens allowed you to do 4 shot 360 panos that you then add hotspot navigation to. It was an outstanding value and would still use it today if I thought the company was not slowly fading away.

Here is a sample: clickable text

We were very close to going with pano software and using our DSLR and doing it all in house. (EasyPano, 3dvista, Kolor and a list of other. The ability to add your logo inside the tour and other features where very attractive. In the end we took the plunge into Matterport mostly influenced by this forum.

[Moved a question from here to here ... Dan]

Looking forward to reading and posting here

Kevin Loiacono
BrookHampton Realty
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
[Moved this here - Dan]

Originally Posted by @VRealExperience
Hello everyone,
I wanted to say, thanks for existing! I am a new Matterport Pro owner and recently formed my LLC (

I entered into this space originally wanting to immerse myself into the Virtual Reality community. Matterport became my gateway to generate income whilst still connected to the Virtual Reality paradigm.

I admit, I am new to this, but have some willing contacts in the Real Estate industry and have my first job booked.

I look forward to learning more from this community, and thank everyone thus far for their participation to enable people like me to get better faster.

Any information is useful, but it is overwhelming. Some areas I am pondering right now is the ideal pricing model, Terms and Conditions, and what else I really need. I am not a photographer by background, but a technology consultant.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
[Moved this here - Dan]

Originally Posted by @Integratedman
Welcome aboard. ..very welcoming family here...
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
[Moved this here - Dan]

Originally Posted by @Metroplex360
@VRealExperience There's a wealth of knowledge here to scan through You'll find tons of answers to questions that you have while you are using your camera!
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George_WALKINTOUR private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Folks,

I'm George Su, Creative Director at WALKINTOUR. I'm an experienced multimedia expert with two decades of experience and a record of accomplishment as a graphic designer, art director, project manager, and content developer from the National Park Service. I've taken the lead at WALKINTOUR which specializes in marketing for real estate agents, including the use Matterport cameras by all of our technicians. In addition, we provide photography, aerial photos/videos, 2D Floor Plans, exteriors, twilights, and single property websites.


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hanske private msg quote post Address this user
Hello everyone

My name is Hans O. Karlsson, and I am coming into this forum from a bit different place than most, as far as I can see, but I hope that by that I can add some new perspectives.

I have spent most of my working life here in Japan in media and journalism, which has included print, radio, and video. My vision is to bring Japan - an advanced (in many respects) but insular nation - closer to the world.

Apart from storytelling in various media, I have also worked a fair bit in tourism, to accomplish this. This is why VR started to entice me a couple of years ago, and why I am now researching VR tools to use in a new company we are starting in December. In other words, real estate marketing is not our primary interest, but it is nevertheless related to the work we want to do.

This forum is amazing. I have been reading threads over the last few days, and many are incredibly informative and useful, not only regarding Matterport (we are considering buying a camera), but also other software and hardware platforms. Some of the things I have learned here is that real estate is a saturated market, but that there are other markets where Matterport could be an incredibly useful tool, and that is where we are going right from the start. I want to talk about this in a new thread elsewhere. Most people here seem to concentrate on local projects. That's natural in real estate, but collaboration across borders is something I believe can open very interesting opportunities. After all, what you produce is a digital product that can travel across the world in the blink of an eye.

I hope to meet people here who want to explore those kind of opportunities. Japan is a very popular travel destination today, and we have the Summer Olympics coming up 2020, where VR will play a major role. Lots of brainstorming to do there. :-)

What we want to do - basically virtual teletransportation - can not be accomplished with MP technology only, but it can add a strong sense of presence as part of a mix of other media. We want to do things like virtual showrooms, for example, using real houses where products are displayed in a more natural environment than a shop shelf. Matterport can provide the environment, but it doesn't allow for close ups of objects very easily, and it's hard to replace those objects in a MP 3D scan, like you can in an e-commerce catalogue. Still, MP seems to be superior when it comes to moving around in a 3D space. I have tried many alternatives, but they fail to deliver the same feeling of being there. I hope to explore this topic here: How can MP be combined with other technologies to both create this excellent feeling of being there, while at the same time integrating with other technology which allows us to change the objects in the 3D space and view them as photo realistic, thru 3D objects? I am sure I could sell that proposition to some high-end crafts shops over here, and I can't wait to meet all you smart people here to work out a solution, that you, too, can implement wherever you are.


Hans Karlsson
Mimir VR Consulting
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thank you for joining and your insight.

Please do start different threads to discuss each of your topics.


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E3D private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Guys,

New to the 3D world, Hoping to help bring matter port services to Orange County Ca! Thanks for having me!
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skibo private msg quote post Address this user
Hi everyone,

I'm Mark Mair, based in not so sunny Aberdeen, Scotland. I run an IT managed services business which allows me to indulge my self in cool technology. When I saw the Matterport camera I was hooked straight away, so real-estate marketing is a departure from what would have been my core business. That said I'm a keen photographer and recently qualified as a licensed drone photographer/videographer so now offer aerial photography to go with the fantastic 3D models and fly-throughs from Matterport.

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3SevensStudio private msg quote post Address this user
Hi everyone,

I'm Joyce Griffiths. I am co-owner of 3 Sevens Studio LLC. We are mainly a residential and commercial real estate photography company in Minnesota, but we also do videos and we are UAV (Drone) licensed pilots so we also do aerial photography/video. We have being using Matterport for roughly 6 months now and love it. This forum has helped us in trying new things like venturing outside etc... We are now branching out and doing VTs with businesses other than real estate agents. We just finished up doing a VT of hot tub store. This has been very exciting for us as we keep finding new ways to use the camera.

Looking forward to reading and posting on here.

Post 420 IP   flag post
WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Welcome! Please start a new thread and share the hot tub store.

Sounds like a fun use-case for the Matterport community ...


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PeterMcCready private msg quote post Address this user
Hi all,

Peter McCready's my name and I'm extremely interested in the scientific applications of the Matterport ecosystem after a lifetime (it genuinely feels that way having stitched DSLR imagery night after night for years ) in VR photography.

Some very interesting discussions on the forum of late(!), keen to learn more before finally taking the plunge!!!


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Namecomingsoon private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Everyone,
My name is Jordan, I'm a real estate agent in Manhattan. I'm a small fish who focuses on non luxury rentals and cater to lots of students and international relocations.
I recently bought a Matterport camera- love it. I'm in contract with a website developer. We are making a site for a very particular market- and all the listings will be by my team and 3D. We are another 5 months from launch- this will be the longest winter ever!
I very much appreciate this forum and all the great info I have found on it. Looking forward to the future and sharing and hearing of the experiences, ideas, and successes of you all.
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lukegibson private msg quote post Address this user
Hi everyone,

I'm a real estate & architectural photographer in the LA area, in business for 11 years, offering Matterport, still photography, videography, and drone aerial photography / videography.

Excited to have joined the forum, to learn some new things, and get some new business.

Post 424 IP   flag post
3rd Party
Myrtle Beach, SC
ArtisticConcepts private msg quote post Address this user
So, I've been on here since the first week in September and I told Dan early on that I would become more vocal after I hung around for a while and learned how things work around here.

Well, two months later, I feel that after my camera, membership in this community was my single most important investment as a 3D Photographer! My business is beginning to really gain some traction in Middle and East Tennessee and all of my marketing goals are being met!

I definitely wear a bunch of different hats as you will learn from the next few paragraphs, but I feel that my LinkedIn bio is the best introduction...

I'm following God's lead in life. At 5, I wanted to be a chef, at 11 a DJ, then, at 15 a film Director. At 18 I started pursuing the goal of becoming a director, as I moved forward and met my wife, I realized that God had gifted me as an artist and designer, but the fast paced, try to impress everyone all of the time lifestyle was just not for me. I followed a path that equipped me to be a very confident Designer and Editor, it was fueled by this creative mind that God knit together in my mother's womb (don't know what he was thinking then) but at any rate, he led me to a crossroad in 2005 and I chose to follow His lead without hesitation then and from that point forward.

Following God's direction quickly led to full time ministry, which opened the door to full time Youth Ministry (sick sense of humor there) and now, I am a Husband, Father, and Youth Pastor who happens to also be a 3D Photographer & Digital Design MadScientist, all while caring for my grandparents who are both in their 90's. You could say that God has given me much and also given me much responsibility. and I am just now learning how to make it all fit together as neatly as possible. I'm learning to work smarter and not harder!

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ChrisH private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Everyone,

Chris Himing here from Perth, Australia. I have owned a Matterport camera for about 6 months now and run a full-time business with a few staff called 360 World Photography.

Business has been positive and reached all sorts of different business types. It was a great decision to leave my previous job to setup this business.

However over the last couple of months as many on this site have written about the disappointing way that Matterport the company is running things and they way the people that sell their products for them and pay them huge monthly fees are treated. I won't go into my business history or background other than say I have run businesses both here in Australia and in the USA where I lived for 9 years. Some of the things Matterport have come out with lately is staggering from a business point of view. I really hope they start listening to the right people before there is a mass exodus of their MSP's. As time goes on there will be more and more high tech options to choose from.

Enough of that for now. I look forward to posting on some threads and being more involved in this community.

From sunny Perth on the west coast of Australia its goodnight.

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3DOgraphy private msg quote post Address this user
Hello everyone, my name is Jody Mendelson and I just received my Matterport and am excited to offer this service in sunny South Florida and to be a regular contributor to this amazing group!
As a 20-year veteran in the photo industry I am now embarking on this crazy journey in the field of virtual reality.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Welcome (all),

2,000+ Members in 75+ countries since August 2014.

Thank you for introducing yourself and sharing with us your interest in this world of 3D/VR/360º ...


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josellini private msg quote post Address this user
Hi to all, thank you for your post, i´m just arrived.

[@DanSmigrod moved this question here.]
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Guernegor private msg quote post Address this user
Hi everyone,

My name is Olivier and I recently discovered Matterport and, after some searches on the subject, this very active community.

I'm a professional photographer in Switzerland specializing in immersive, architecture and drone imagery. I already provide my clients with traditionnal 360VR tour and was looking for a solution to capture spaces in 3D. Matterport's solution seems really promising and I'm really impatient to have one of their camera in my hands.

Hope I will be able to share my knowledge with the community in the future...

Kind regards,

Olivier (aka Guernegor)
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72764 781 30
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