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MPEmbed: integrate 5 tours in a defined order on a first tour and iFrame?13978

Fan Club
Sabres, France
MyVirtualScan private msg quote post Address this user
Hi all
I have questions about using MPembed:

I want to be able to integrate 5 tours in a defined order on a first tour, is this possible?
Is it possible to put an mpembed tour on a website with an iframe link, like a normal matterport tour?

Thank you for your help, your feedback and have a nice day
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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
Bonjour @MyVirtualScan, et Bonne Année 2021! I'm not certain what you mean by "integrate 5 tours in a defined order on a first tour", but it sounds like you want to deliver a single tour/webpage/URL to a client which includes five separate Matterport spaces. Am I on target so far?

This is certainly possible with 3DVista. Take a look at this tour I just completed for Oreana Winery & Vineyards in central California. Inside this tour are twelve Matterport models, eight aerial panoramas, dozens of independent 360° panos, and a good number of videos. They are organized into the Panel which appears upper left. Go to the "Buildings" tab to view the 12 Matterports along with two buildings (Barrel, Bottling) which are represented by videos.

I'd think you could assemble your five Matterports (doesn't matter if they are pure Matterport or MPEmbed-enhanced) into a 3DVista tour and make a simple list of them with a menu in this fashion. 3DVista is very powerful and incredibly flexible. I know that, for example, it can be set so that when the first MP tour is closed, it automatically opens the 2nd, and so on.

Take a look. Feel free to contact me if I can be helpful via PM, email, WhatsApp, etc.


Still frame tour launch:

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Fan Club
Sabres, France
MyVirtualScan private msg quote post Address this user
Hi @Home3D, merci beaucoup and i wish you happy new year too
Am I on target so far? => yes absolutely that's exactly what I'm trying to do !!
Well done for OreanaTour, amazing, and seeing your work gives me ideas
I use matterport and mpembed regularly, never practice 3dvista but ready to buy if it is useful
you can certainly help me and thank you for that :
I explain my work to you: a school asks me to make the presentation of its establishment which must include around 30 different points of interest (hot spot): 5 matterport tours + 25 360 views (interior and exterior).
Maybe is it possible, with a photo (creenshot from google maps) to put icons with clicks which go either on a matterport tour or on a 360 view? 3DVista can do that?
Do you have any other ideas?
I specify that I do not have an aerial view.

The client wants to upload the final on his website + sending by email + social media

please tell me if it's poorly explained

Thank you and good day

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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for the description and screenshot. There are two ideal solutions - ThreeSixty.Tours - and -

ThreeSixty.Tours is the easier system to learn and assemble, and 3DVista is the more powerful and elegant solution. I’ll provide a bit of explanation and we can talk sometime if that’s helpful.

ThreeSixty.Tours - Go to this website and click on the Demo tab. Select the first example in upper left, the Cap Maison resort in St. Lucia. You’ll understand immediately what can be done. It’s nicest to have an aerial panorama as the start image, but you can also use a Google or Apple Maps satellite image that does not rotate. You place your markers, set links to the MP spaces and panos, and “voila!”

In making a tour like yours, I would want to shoot 360° panos with my Ricoh Z1 which create a walking path between the buildings, so the visitor can move around like Google Street View, come to a building’s door, and “enter” the Matterport tour. This can be done with both of these applications, but more elegantly with 3DVista. Take a look at the ThreeSixty.Tours / Demo /Dunstaffnage Castle. It has round photo-bubbles which take you to a new location. However you don’t have a sense of moving between them, you simply “Jump” to the next location. By contrast, look at my 3DVista tour “” select “Aerial Map” on the left panel and then tap the very bottom ‘green man’ icon. This takes you to the SW end of the Channel Walk sidewalk. You’ll see you have much more logical icons and an almost Matterport-like sense of movement when proceeding up the walk. In “” you can walk up the roadways and when you reach a building you just tap an icon to “go inside” via the Matterport light box window which appears. The combination of Matterport’s smooth movements indoors and 3DVista’s smooth transitions outdoors makes for a better experience.

Of course, there are other considerations. If you’re a member of WGAN, I think you get either free or very low cost use of ThreeSixty.Tours as a member. Check with Dan. ThreeSixty.Tours is definitely faster and easier to learn, though I’ve been confused at times. But you’ll learn it faster.

3DVista is an investment, in two ways. First, its price tag is roughly equivalent to a Matterport $49/mo account for a year. However, it’s a one-time purchase, not a subscription. Once you learn it and build tours you can create tours and self-host them. You control the branding, too. The learning curve is more difficult, but this is because it’s 10x more powerful than ThreeSixty.Tours. When I say it’s an investment in two ways, I mean (1) the cost to purchase up front and (2) it’s an investment in your own future. IF you want to do more large tours like your current school project, I would opt to learn 3DVista. Master it, and you may be the ONLY virtual tour creator in your geographic area capable of doing this kind of sophisticated, complex tour. I like these larger projects so I’m pursuing this here in California. However, if you think this is the only larger, multi-building tour you’ll create, ThreeSixty.Tours may be the best solutions. Quicker to learn, low oost.

Decisions, decisions. Good luck. Reach out if I can help.
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joelE private msg quote post Address this user
@home3d very nice tour. Do you know if when you launch Matterport embed, it could play narration, when the matterport tour start ?
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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
I haven’t yet personally tried embedding an MPEmbed URL or IFrame instead of Matterport, into 3DVista or ThreeSixty.Tours. I expect both will work, and both permit audio tracks to play during a Matterport walkthrough.

MPEmbed plays a single track which runs throughout the display of the MP tour until it is closed.

3DVista allows audio tracks to be attached to each individual 360 pano. So you can talk about the kitchen while there, the living room can have a separate track etc. So 3DVista let’s you create a very complex audio tour.

Of course, if a MP space is embedded inside a 3DVista tour, the Mp model is one single destination, so a track on it would work pretty much the same as a track added via ThreeSixty.Tours.

I hope this helps!
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