WGAN-TV Ben Claremont Top 10 Tips for Building a Profitable Virtual Tour Business-#1757-Dan's "Shout-Out" for Virtual Tour Pro Course by Ben Claremont

Hi All,

In this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1757, above), I explain why you should run (don't walk) to buy Virtual Tour Pro Course by Ben Jones.

What's been your experience with the course?

You can see the entire interview here:

Transcript: Ben Claremont Top 10 Tips for Building a Profitable VT Business

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Transcript (Video above)

- I've probably completed about 60% plus of the course. I think when you and I talked the last time you were doing the show and WGAN-TV Live at 5, "Which 360 cameras should you buy? Your top 8 features for Virtual Tours; the top 10 tips for starting a Virtual Tour business." Back then, I think that was about a year ago. And we did this show, I think I told you that I was about 70%.

- Dan it's 60%.

- How can I be going backwards? And you've been adding so much content, relevant content that my percent of completion has actually decreased, even though I keep watching sections of the course.

- Yes, sorry about that.

- It's okay I would like to suggest three things: 1. If you're just starting out and Virtual Tours is something that has caught your attention, you can succeed so much faster by getting Virtual Tour Pro. It's a gimme that if you're just starting out and I find that even in the We Get Around Network Forum Community, there's so many people that find us that are trying to figure this all out.

And I just think, "Wow! If they would just invest in a Virtual Tour Pro course they'd be so much farther along in succeeding faster." If when I started my Virtual Tour journey, Virtual Tour Pro was around, I would probably be years ahead of where I am / I was because I would have had the benefit of your course.

- So would I honestly, and that's why I made it because honestly for us creatives, photographers, videographers, Virtual Tour creators, we spend years and years learning stuff on our own. It's not an instant thing.

We have to go out and fail a thousand times before we learn exactly how to do things perfectly. So my goal was Virtual Tour Pro was to give all the best lessons, all of the shortcuts to my students instantly! You don't have to go out and make all the mistakes in the book like I did. Everything is laid out step by step of what to do.

And more importantly, what not to do, because there are so many things we assume are the right thing, but really aren't. And they lead to, to things going wrong and us feeling discouraged. Like we're not good enough.

And it just becomes a self fulfilling prophecy of putting it off and not pursuing this as a full-time job. When everything's laid out for you, like it is in the course, I really do consider it to be at the encyclopedia of Virtual Tours.

Well, that's my goal for it anyway. It really fills in all the gaps that you might be having with the whole Virtual Tours process from beginning to end in starting and scaling a Virtual Tours business.

- Well, I mentioned that there were three things that I wanted to talk about in terms of audiences. So first obviously, if you're a newbie to this whole space, run! Don't walk! Get Virtual Tour Pro course. 2. What may not be as obvious is that if you've been doing Virtual Tours for quite some time, you have so many level-two courses in how to use different platforms and tools.