WGAN-TV How to Shoot and Create InsideMaps 3D Tours for Free with an iPhone-#1696-How To Personalize Branding

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In this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1696, above), InsideMaps Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Gabe Knox (@InsideMaps_Gabe) shows how/where to copy InsideMaps branded/unbranded Single Property Website links.

To watch my entire interview with InsideMaps Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Gabe Knox (@InsideMaps_Gabe) and InsideMaps Chief Technology Officer Jörgen Birkler - please see:

Transcript: WGAN-TV How to Shoot/Create Free InsideMaps 3D Tours with iPhone

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Transcript (video above)

- When you began, I guess I would call that a single property website or a property website. Is that offered both in a branded and unbranded version, unbranded version for MLS?

- Yes, exactly, and so if you see like our share button here, you can copy and paste the branded link or the unbranded link.

And when we say branded, really, we mean taking the REALTORS' brand off of the content or not, but being able to brand these edit and brand right to your customers is a feature that our photographers really like and so does their customers.


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