WGAN-TV How MSPs can Make Money offering AgentRelay as an Add On-#1564-How To Create A Video Chat within a Matterport Tour

Video: How to create a video chat within a Matterport Tour using AgentRelay

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In this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1564 above), AgentRelay Founder and CEO Dan Cattermole shows how a real estate agent sets up a video chat within a Matterport tour using AgentRelay. (Plus, I show how the potential home buyer accepts the private video chat within a Matterport tour.)

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Transcript: WGAN-TV How MSPs can Make Money with AgentRelay as an Add On

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Transcript (video above)

Let's create a Private Viewing. Okay. So let's assume we're meeting today.

We choose the start time. We can then choose the end time. This particular feature, the end time will disappear on a new update which is coming in the next month or so.

And it will be replaced with a button which just says, "View Now". I'm going to add your email address, Dan. I'm going to add you as a participant. If we want to add more participants we can do, otherwise let's create the Viewing. Okay. A Viewing has successfully been created.

Back to Viewings. And I can see now that we're ready to join the Viewing. So as the agent, I'm going to join. I can now choose which microphone and camera I want to use. I'm happy with both of these, I think. Yep. So let's join.

- Okay, great. And on my end, as the home seller, I've just received an email from Dan. It says, "Hi, Dan. We are pleased to confirm your virtual Viewing for Gorgeous Farmhouse in Leafy Surrey. The Viewing details are as follows. The organizer is Daniel Cattermole.

The Viewing type is a Private Viewing, and the start time is now. When it's time to attend simply click here to join the online Viewing." So I'm going to go ahead and do that now.

- Great. Dan, just to say as well that if the guest gets to the Viewing before the agent, they will go into a waiting room. And once the agent joins, their status will update and the guests can then join.

- Okay, and we're going to show my screen a little bit later, but at the moment, I'm going to talk through it. So I have a big green button that says, "Join Viewing". It says would I like to allow AgentRelay to use my microphone and camera.

I'm going to say, "Allow", and then I have an option, and since we're trying to avoid the audio feedback between how we do WGAN-TV Live at 5, and the feedback from the microphone, I'm going to select no microphone because I'm actually going to use the microphone that I'm using to do our show. And then I'm going to select the camera. Join call.