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We created this marketing video – customized with the contact info and company logo – of Members of the We Get Around Referral Network to enable Members to promote that they can either book - or provide free referrals – of 1,050 Matterport Pros in 49 countries.

To books Pros around the globe, Members can contact me for free referrals.

To provide a free referral, Members can email me and I will make the referral via email and cc them as well.

If the referral turns into business for another Pro, then the Pro making the referral gets a free Month of We Get Around Referral Network Membership and the client receives a free professionally created 2D Floor Plan courtesy of the We Get Around Referral Network.

Essentially, Members can book a Pro anywhere and also get compensated for originating a qualified lead for another Member in our Referral Network.

You have trusted relationships, why not ask for introductions to colleagues even if they are in different cities or countries?!

While Basic Members receive their choice of 1 video, Standard Members 3 videos and Premium Members 4 videos, any We Get Around Referral Network Member as of Thursday, 31 March 2016 can order this video even if they have already hit their allotment.

To see all four videos, please click here.

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Video D

P.S. Backstory to These Animated Marketing Videos

To create this marketing video (above) – and the custom versions for We Get Around Referral Network Members – We Get Around teamed up MUG Member @Conor with eu3D Matterport photography business and his other company, animamos, which is a Member of the We Get Around Referral Network.

One only has to look at a Facebook feed to see how much more video has infiltrated our screens in the past year alone! Animamos (a pun in Portuguese meaning “we animate” but also “we encourage/liven things up”) is based in Brazil; with an international team serving the world market at a reasonable price.

Animamos focuses on 2D animation as “the experts” tell us that because of the way we are brought up watching cartoons, this captures our attention and lets the information absorb better.