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Full Camera or wait for Project Tango1383

BDPelton private msg quote post Address this user
Matterport’s software and partnership with Google’s Project Tango could let you wave your phone around to create VR tours of anywhere you want.
What is the advantage of buying the Full Size System for $4500, If everyone will be able to shoot 3D with a smartphone.
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TrustedPhotoDC private msg quote post Address this user
1) you can use MP3D now to generate revenue
2) quality of a hand-held device will not be equal to a dedicated systems when tango is available in a consumer phone
3) project tango will not be in every camera and everyone will not be shooting 3D with a mobile device.

caveat emptor
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
That's a very good point BDPelton. The major difference is the quality of capture as the MP camera has 3 HD cameras, along with 3 IR and 3 lidar sensors which give you superior image and mesh capture.

A single Realsense camera in a phone or tablet will only capture what it sees straight on where as the MP camera has 2 sets of its cameras offset to capture floor to ceiling.

The final advantage is the stability of the scan, where as someone holding a phone or tablet will have a jerky movement the MP camera will move smoothly. There are auto pano devices to hold a phone or tablet but will people use these.

On last thing to consider is the capture app which MP provide you with, it not clear at this time if MP will also provide such a details capture app for phones and tablets. MP will provide a Showcase service for these mobile VT's though.

I would think that the Workshop app will not be available to to mobile users and that is another advantage MP has over the mobile shooter. But and this is a big but if realtors begin accepting VT shot with mobile devices then it would be hard to justify buying a MP camera.

At this point it's all in the not to distant future so there is no way of telling what the future holds for this emerging technology. Those of us who have made the investment will continue to look to the future in adding more tricks to our portfolio of solutions. But like the cassette, CD, and DVD times change and you can't ever be guaranteed that you solution will stand the test of time.

I hope I gave you some insight into the changing world of technology.

Best regards
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BDPelton private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you for your very helpful reply.👍🏽
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suncoastskyview private msg quote post Address this user
The quality just does not compare to a real MP scan. Perhaps in another decade or so, it will be there. Until then, scan-on!
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bamir private msg quote post Address this user
I think it would be closer to 3-5 yrs away as spatial sensing technologies are advancing at a high pace right now. Even then, MP will always be able to load more capabilities in a dedicated device, kinda like the difference between the latest smart phone's camera and a DSLR. The phone's cam is nice for casual uses, but doesn't have the same type of quality/features/capabilities as a dedicated DSLR.

To add to the answers (which were spot on) already given, I feel that in roughly a few years smartphone devices will probably be able to shoot at the quality level that the MP dedicated cam does today, but by then I would assume that MP's dedicated cam will progress in technology and capabilities (e.g. - adding depth-sensing capabilities) to entice customers to need it (over using the smartphone) and upgrade older cams.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
I agree with Gary and bamir, I have been following Project Tango for a couple of years. When I first bought my Matterport camera, I spoke with their sales team and the thought process at that time was to develop something that could be made and used on a phone, but still produce a end product similar to what they have now. I foresee that coming but even as fast as technology is developing I don't see anything in the near future similar to or better then what Matterport currently has. I bought my camera over two years ago I would like to know what Matterports new thought process is now. They are putting a lot of time developing the current process that is dependent on a separate camera.

Just my thoughts on this.

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