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MPEmbed reliability? Models disappearing from control panel13610

wishing_well private msg quote post Address this user
Has anyone else had recent issues with MPEmbed?
All my client's models have disappeared from my control panel, luckily they are still available from their respective links with the filters applied. But I now have no way to access them to edit.
Luckily I've only just started using it and added two models.
Interested to hear from other premium subscribers as to the reliability of the product as I'm a bit worried about it's reliability.
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Detroit, Michigan
virtualworld private msg quote post Address this user
Same thing happened a few weeks ago, their support team recovered them fast for us.. I would just shoot them an email
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Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
I thought I was dreaming or somehow wrote over a past model. Dang, I need to bug those guys now. Thank you.
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wishing_well private msg quote post Address this user
I had the same experience. Contacting support, they were very quick to help me understand what had happened. Here I will explain to the benefit of anyone else who might get a shock!

The user interface is basic and somewhat unclear. There is a + and - button next to each row item.
You can add or remove new rows to enter new models.

Let's say you have two models on there, so two rows. You need to press + to add another row and another item. If you mistakenly believe that writing over the details in a previously added item will append a row, the previous entry will disappear from your list (but not the system)

This is how I understand it. You can re-add your old models, using the previous details if they disappear. I suggest taking screenshots every time you use the panel until the interface changes to be more forgiving.
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