Screen Grab: Labpano Pilot One EE

360Rumors (16 October 2020) Labpano Pilot One EE (Enhanced Edition) announced; free upgrade for existing Pilot One owners

Video: Pilot One Enhanced Edition + replacement guide | Video courtesy of Ivan Alchimista | 14 October 2020

Video: Meet Labpano family members-Pilot series cameras are all here | Video courtesy of Labpano YouTube Channel | 15 October 2020

Hi All,

GREAT example of a company doing the right thing!

The Labpano Pilot One + external GPS unit had challenges such that the company combined the two into one unit and then provides a free swap of hardware!

Labpano will be swapping out the free loaner that they provided me with the new Labpano Pilot One EE company. I look forward to taking it for a spin and reporting back to you.