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Matterport with Oculus Go13323

tmroberts private msg quote post Address this user
How can I add the "instant transitions" as used in this tour to my tours? Is this a Matterpak option only? All you have to do is focus on the blue dots to be taken into that part of the space.

I apologize for the quality of the video, this was the first time I've recorded using Oculus and well I was all over the place but you can see focusing on the dots. Without the instant transitions you have to use the controller which really defeats the purpose of VR to begin with IMO.

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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Video: Shop Talk 4: Comparing 360 cams to Pro 2. Views, the new VR mode, HLR tool, and Capture Services | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 5 August 2020 | In this Matterport ShopTalk video (above: starting at 00:15:00), Matterport Chief Architect Håkon Erichsen shows and tells about what is new and coming to Matterport Virtual Reality (VR). Spoiler Alert: Matterport meets Oculus Quest.

Video: Introducing Matterport's New VR Mode | video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 5 August 2020


Great job on the video. It helped me understand your question.

From this WGAN Forum discussion:

Matterport Video: What is New and Coming in Matterport Virtual Reality

Oculus Go is no longer sold. So we strongly recommend getting an Oculus Quest headset and recommending that for your customers as well. So let's go ahead to next one. And I'll share a little bit of what this looks like. So we're here in the browser, this Oculus browser and let's find some models. I like the destination everywhere gallery.


There is a lot of history with Matterport VR. Instant Transitions use to be offered by Matterport. I recall that I paid around $500 a model to order it. Then, Matterport "downgraded" to the viewing experience to offer it free. The current free version - with the appropriate VR Headset - should look much better than the video that you recorded, BUT, not the feeling of just walking around the space.

For the Matterport VR history:

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tmroberts private msg quote post Address this user
@DanSmigrod - thank you for the video - it sure answered my question. Seems the instant transition blue spheres are dated and now the use of the controller is required. There are sure benefits of the experience with and without the use of the controller. We have 2 Oculus Go headsets we use for demo's so as long as they work...they will work I encourage all agents to at least experiment with VR whether it be something as simple as a BNext phone compatible headset to the Oculus Quest. Use it to reaffirm your commitment to technology in the marketing of the listing.
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