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Facebook Matterport Users Group1318

VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
I got kicked out of the Matterport Users Group on Facebook for suggesting people go to this page to find answers to many common questions. So the admin threatened to kick me out for such an outlandish comment. And now I'm not a member. I feel sorry for the new users who are missing out on all the great information that can be offered here.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

You're welcome here ... Thank you for being a Member of the Matterport User Group Forum since 22 September 2015.

Hi All,

The Facebook closed group @VTLV mentions is not associated with the Matterport User Group Forum.

The Matterport User Group Forum does not have a Facebook Group.



P.S. @VTLV as of today 20 February 2016, you are among 950 MUG Forum Members in 49 countries that have posted 11,600 comments to 1,300 topics. As many as 1,000 different people view the MUG Forum daily (includes many non-Members too).
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Glenda private msg quote post Address this user
@VTLV For clarification, you were removed from the group because you found no value in being a member and characterized it as untrustworthy.
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JohnBecker private msg quote post Address this user
I founded the Facebook group because many of the people we know who are using Matterport are also active on Facebook. It has never been our intention to replace MUG.

VLTV fails to mention that his offending comment denigrated the Facebook group. We don't care that he mentioned the value of this group; most of our members are also members here. We just don't like being called useless, or worse. If he has a hard time understanding that, I don't know what to tell you.
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VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you Matterport User Group Forum for not taking sides on this discussion that took place on Facebook. We had many posts between Facebook and this post to clarify our concerns that have been deleted and cleaned up for the understanding for our fellow users.

I am sorry if the Facebook Admins felt “Offended” in the short time of reading a comment and getting upset after all the time they have spent with countless hours putting together a Facebook group for people interested in social media for Matterport. (As far as my kick out from the Facebook group, I cannot verify any comments prior to or since the morning of 2/20/2016 since I was removed and I cannot refer to those posts).

My intent was never to discredit our Facebook group as a bad source for total negativity. I do believe our Forum offers a better source of information for Matterport camera operation. I am not a troll who would look for an inconsistency in a post, just to rip it apart in hopes of getting together a bandwagon of users to discredit a belief like we see in many posts on social media. I believe the Facebook page can have a future helping us all in our dealings with social media. I’m sorry I will no longer be able to help you and the members without possibly of hurting someone’s feelings again.

By joining the Facebook group months ago, I was hoping this was a Facebook group already aware of some of the basics of how to use a Matterport camera. However many of the posts appeared to mimic questions that have already been addressed on our forum.

My hope was to join a Matterport Group on Facebook to help each other with pushing our product for our better good (we are all on the same team). I didn’t think it was a good use of our time to review simple Matterport camera operation questions through our Facebook streams that have already been answered through our main source at this forum. And our forum wasn’t being used as a source for answers.

When the forum wasn’t referred to for the answers that were being shared here and later members were asked if they would be interested in being sold leads coming to the Facebook group to current members, I saw that the Facebook Group and Matterport Forum were not working in conjunction with each other.

I began to ask myself which page is working for the better good for all of us. My next question became who is going to use the camera best by grouping us together to get this product off the ground into and people’s hands to use?

I raised an eyebrow when the up sale from a husband and wife were looking to sell leads to the Facebook group. Something many of us pay for through the forum. Paying to both pages of the Forum and Facebook group page just didn’t seem to work in correlation when information seemed to have similarities.

I then thought that there is a possibility that the Facebook Fan Page might not be focused solely on the interest of the Matterport users and how we use our product in social media.

The focus may have quickly strayed more into the idea of selling leads or ads by possibly replacing our forum as the best place to get answers for how to use of the Matterport camera. (This is theory, and I’m sure it could come off as “Offensive” once again….sorry to “Offend”).

My hope was the Facebook page will work with social media to help us further our business while the Forum can help us deal with day to day camera operation. MY beliefs and MY own hopes and desires felt thrown off when camera basic questions for camera operation were not getting pushed to the forum. I assume my cohorts felt the same , every time they got an update on Facebook knowing the question on Facebook already had 1 -3 answers waiting for them on our forum. (The Facebook group members were wise not to voice up a question and “Offend” the Admins so they could stay in the group in case the group ends up offering a nugget in the future.)

Could the new users on Facebook not know about our forum for basic camera operation? Sure!!!

Did anyone ever reference our forum on the Facebook Group? I didn’t see any.

I haven’t seen any reference prior to 2/20/2016 (maybe Facebook didn’t share a post in my timeline given their algorithm).

A Matterport Forum Post was made on the Facebook group about a false email on 2/20/2016 from Matterport. The piece was quickly posted through our forum and immediately shared through the Facebook page as info from the Facebook group, the group screenshotted our users’ images on the Facebook group through Facebook not giving reference to our Forum for Matterport users as sole source information. I believe the post was made to show the Facebook group page as the whistle blowers and not crediting our members for the alert.

I don’t have a time to make a Matterport user group or page on Facebook for my beliefs. Many of us simply don’t have the time or the patience to work with all of the issues that come with the type of timeline commitment that was recently shared.

I appreciate the Facebook group members for reaching out to fellow Matterport users for sharing more about using Matterport on Facebook. I’m sorry if my beliefs went more towards marketing and less with camera operation. My hope is that one day the Facebook group focuses on social media like your above mission statement and less about camera operation so you all can all help benefit each other, rather than getting upset with one comment. (we are all pushing a new business idea into the unknown, the last thing we need to be doing with each other is separating ourselves when we all support the same side.

Take my apologies and let’s work together before another before another product comes in attempting to squash us all. Perhaps one day I could get invited back into your Facebook group and help all of us do better for the future of the Matterport camera we all invested in.
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3D Renderings
AEC Elevation Drawings
ArchimedStudio private msg quote post Address this user
Well, I was a member of the Facebook group as well. I contributed to a few discussions, read the posts on a daily basis and helped if I could.
Yesterday, I created a post about virtual staging (I did mention it was a new service we offered, but didn't talk about price) and immediately got a few very nice comments and questions. Even a Matterport employee was involved in it.
In my replies, I even talked about the whole method of doing this. Since I have a 20 year background in 3D renderings, this type of work is not technically challenging for me, and it should not be for someone who knows 3D. But for the rest of Matterport users that deal with real estate (probably 90% of us!), this service could be an addition to what they offer... anyway...
After maybe 2 hours of replying to questions and comments, my post got deleted without any notice, private message or anything explaining why.

I know my message here will do nothing, but I needed to get the frustration (actually, it's more a total incomprehension of the situation. At no point I believe I did something wrong) out.

The irony is... I joined the group on Facebook after reading this very post 2 months ago!

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VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you for sharing your experience Matt. Facebook seems to be a sensitive space for starters. This experience has shown me to focus on help in forums. Matterport help and support here first and nowhere else before contacting Matterport Tech support. Social Media sites appear to have members looking more for social interaction. When I saw our members contributions getting posted on Facebook. I couldn't help but to get sensitive and not see positive credit being given back to this forum. I don't care for groups riding other people's coat tales for topics without giving weight back to the original source. My hope is that our members here, who are on Facebook as well can use Facebook as place to help with ideas to gain business especially when a post here might come off too much as an ad versus an idea. Original material like you shared can go a long way for all of us.
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