EyeSpy360 Update with BRAND NEW FEATURES

We here at EyeSpy360 are always working to make our platform bigger and better. Our team have been working around the clock to add four exciting new features:

1. Expiry Link

Set time limits on how long your virtual tour is accessible to your clients by clicking the Expiry Link icon inside your tour’s publish window. Be in control and choose how long your tours are live and available to your clients.

2. Horizontal Transition

Place your hotspots anywhere you like inside your tour and maintain your transition view at eye level. You can switch horizontal transitions on at any time from your tour’s publish window to keep your transitions smooth and at eye level.

3. Groups

Organise and manage your tours among your users by using groups inside the Users tab in your dashboard. Assign tours and users to specific groups to make sure the right people are able to access the tours they need quickly and easily.

4. Filters

Filter your tours based on your tour’s tags, branding, users or groups. The filter icon allows you to choose which tours you want to see depending on these variables, streamlining your dashboard to show you exactly the tours you need whenever you need them.

All of these features are live and ready to use immediately. If you have any questions or queries, do make sure to contact myself and our team at support@eyespy360.com

Stay safe, stay healthy, and we here at EyeSpy360 wish all our fellow WGAN members a wonderful rest of your day. Until next time, keep it 360!