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Photographer dipping my toes into 3D/360. Am I on the right track?13038

condra private msg quote post Address this user
Greetings all.

I've been exploring the copious 3D/360 options over the last week and still feel a bit bamboozled!

I would really appreciate any feedback, just to make sure I'm not making any huge mistakes. Here are my choices for kit, etc. Does it all sound reasonable?

Camera - I've ordered the Theta Z1.
I was considering getting a pano head and fisheye lens for my cameras, but after looking into it, decided the longer workflow (and thus cost) would not be appreciated in my local market here in Ireland.

Software/Hosting - Matterport
I feel like the dollhouse and 3D transitions are features that many realtors will expect. I too, prefer 3D transitions to a "360 gallery", which I find jarring. I explored Metareal, but unfortunately there is no option to be both cheap or quick, only one or the other. Also, my local MLS, currently supports embedding Matterport tours, and no other kind.

Disappointed that I can't do extra editing with Matterport, but the idea is for 360 to be a supplemental service to my photography, at least for now.

Finally, I'm wondering if anyone uses an iPhone in combination with the Theta Z1, or should I opt for an iPad for more power and screen real estate.

Thanks for any thoughts on all this!
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izoneguy private msg quote post Address this user
You can get the 5 space Matterport plan for about $10 per month if you are using the Z1. The only limitation is that you cannot get floorplans from Matterport - BUT you can get them done from 3rd party providers after the tour is uploaded and on-line. You are right Metareal is cool but it takes way too long to make it a viable option if you want to be price competitive - unless you like working for peanuts....And the iPhone is really a waste of is just a marketing ploy by Matterport to get Real Estate agents to subscribe to a plan. Also with the Z1 you can save your files and use it in other 360 tour platforms...I like Theasys
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condra private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for your reply.

Regarding the iPhone. I was thinking of using it to control the Z1, rather than using the onboard camera. Actually, it seems I need to use an iPad for that anyway. Matterport's documentation on this stuff is a little ambiguous.

Will look into Theasys!
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Nashville, Tennessee
PickChuck private msg quote post Address this user

The Z1 is a good solution for good and quick 360's. I am using Gigapixel to do some slight sharpening an de noise but it's not really necessary. Just me being picky.

You might try Asteroom along with Matterport. I have used both and prefer Asteroom. They are a new company and seem to be responsive to their users. Their Dollhouse and floor plans look great.

Dan has gotten us a good deal on that. $60 for the entire package that includes all you need.

Here is an example I did on the Z1 and the Asteroom platform.

Also, I suspect that any "Non-branded" link will work with your MLS. It would go the same place where you would place the Matterport one. I am in the US so this is only speculation.

Not sure about your comment "iPhone or iPad" for Z1? I use my iPhone as it's small and easy to use and fire the Z1. I use the Ricoh app and in camera HDR. I edit and upload on my Mac.

I don't know of any advantage of an iPad in this situation but I could be wrong unless you are just trying to keep it all mobile based which is good.

Different subject: How close are to my friends shop?

Emerald Guitars
Cavanacaw, St Johnston F93 XP82, Lifford, County Donegal, Ireland

If I can help holler back.

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condra private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks Chuck. Will explore Asteroom.

Regarding iPad, I believe I have no choice but to keep it "all mobile" if I use Matterport, though I've seen people mention the possibility of Matterport opening things up regarding image editing.

Donegal is on the furthest north-westerly end of Ireland. Very rugged coastal terrain. I'm in Dublin city, so it would be a good 3 hour drive. I've been up there though. Lovely part of the country.
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kaplan private msg quote post Address this user
@condra I've been looking into getting a Z1 setup myself and been doing a lot of research.

Doesn't seem to be any competition to Matterport for the smooth transitions you're likely looking for. Asteroom is probably the closest I've seen to a Matterport style (dollhouse and some transitions) - but the transitions are still very jarring compared to Matterport and probably not acceptable to real estate professionals used to looking at Matterport. Probably more of a solution for very large or commercial projects.

From what I've read - you'll be doing some on the fly precision editing in the Matterport app since the Z1 is prone to alignment issues. I would think this is difficult to do on a smaller iPhone screen. Might be tough on your eyes as well if you're doing a longer scan. I believe the Matterport app runs faster and processes faster if you have a higher spec iPad. You're not just taking the photos - everything is processing through the matterport app as well.

I'm sure experienced folks will chime in here but this is what i've learned from reading a lot over the past few months.
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condra private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks Kaplan. I'll pick up an iPad. Actually, might be able to commandeer my girlfriends iPad. Sounds like we're on a similar page. Let me know if you get that Z1
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GWatsonImages private msg quote post Address this user
An iPad is waaaaay easier to shoot via the Matterport Capture app. You can actually see what you're doing and be precise when making trim lines and marking windows and mirrors. I bought a used iPad pro with a12.9 inch screen and it was a night and day difference from shooting via an iPhone (I also shoot with a Z1). Also it's a better look when meeting with prospective clients and showing them demos rather than showing them on on your phone.
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condra private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for your comment. OK I'm completely sold on the iPad!
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Nashville, Tennessee
PickChuck private msg quote post Address this user
I completely agree about the iPad and showing. I have an iPad Pro that I do my presentations on.

I just use my phone to shoot with both the Zillow tours and Ricoh app for doing my Astroroom tours.
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Nashville, Tennessee
PickChuck private msg quote post Address this user
I might make it over there to pick up yet "another" harp guitar from them after this virus thing clears up. We have a son in the Army in Germany and getting a new guitar and seeing him in one trip just makes since to me. Might not to my wife. LOL

Anyway, I was just seeing how close you were incase we could swap stories and ideas.

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Orchard Park, New York
GETMYVR private msg quote post Address this user
I would suggest use the iPhone for making phone calls, texts, taking selfies, but if you're looking to do matterport, you want to use the best camera possible to get the best results. Theta Z1 at the minimum.

I tried an iPhone and an iPad on a sample matterport tour, and at the same time I connected a Z1 and I also did a portion of the house with a pro 2 3D to see how they work together.

Worst tour ever produced.
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78753 12 12
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