Question of the Day: How important is syndication by Asteroom? (Which?)

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The WGAN Forum Question of the Day for Wednesday, 26 August 2020:

How important is syndication by Asteroom? If important, syndicate to which platform(s)?

This question was inspired by this WGAN Forum discussion today:

Asteroom vs Matterport


Originally Posted by @lilnitsch
Asteroom also really needs a similar publish to option (I doubt they will ever get a Zillow integration)

Having some syndication partners for getting the tours out there would go a long way

All of my photo shoots now have some sort of VR wether it be Zillow or Zillow & Matterport

Originally Posted by @lilnitsch

Zillow & placement are huge deals for me as most of my agents are wanting this front and center placement of the VR tours