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Zumper Teams Up with Matterport for Apartment Rental Listings12793

Atlanta, Georgia
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Zumper Media Release

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour provided by Zumper

More than 70% of Renters Would Lease an Apartment Sight-Unseen Thanks to 3D Virtual Tours

Zumper Teams Up with Matterport to Bring the Latest 3D Technology to Virtual Renting

'Virtual Signature' Package Helps Property Owners Respond to Renter Demand for Fully Digital Leasing Experiences Amid COVID

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The new normal for renting an apartment is now a fully digital experience, with both renters and property owners agreeing it is the fastest and safest way to rent during the COVID pandemic and beyond. Renters are becoming so comfortable with renting digitally, that 72% say they would rent an apartment without ever seeing the property in person if a 3D virtual tour was offered, according to a recent survey* [citation link missing from media release] conducted by Zumper and Matterport.

To support this demand, Zumper, the largest privately-held rental marketplace in the U.S., has partnered with Matterport, the industry leader in 3D capture and spatial data, to take virtual touring on Zumper to the next level by providing state of the art technology for 3D floor plans (or Dollhouse View). These virtual tours are accessible from anywhere, anytime, on any device – essentially, a 24/7 open house where potential renters can explore as long as they want, at their own pace.

With 3D virtual tours, viewers can measure with 99% accuracy the size of each room, even providing the ability to digitally measure walls, doors, windows or furniture. Dollhouse view allows viewers to see how the rooms in the house are laid out and truly feel the flow of a space as if they were there in person.

"At Zumper we have created a fully digital end-to-end solution for both renters and property owners, and partnering with Matterport was the next natural step to enhance our offerings," said Anthemos Georgiades, CEO and Co-Founder of Zumper. "This partnership offers multi-family property owners the best technology available, at a third of the price, with complete flexibility for maximum engagement."

When Zumper customers purchase the Virtual Signature package, each property will be scanned in 3D to gain full access to Matterport's suite of features, which include: 3D virtual tours that include multiple Dollhouse and Floor Plan views, five exterior 360° panoramas, 4K print-quality photos, dimensionally accurate 2D schematic floor plans, as well as guided and video tours, along with highest priority rental listing placement.

Most notably, Zumper customers have free access to share their Matterport content on any platform, including all the major social networks, to advertise their property. This ability is completely unique to Zumper as all other listing platforms limit sharing.

As renters and property owners look for resources to rent as safely and quickly as possible, Zumper and Matterport conducted a survey, finding that virtual tours have a massive impact on owners' abilities to lease their properties and renters' confidence in signing a lease. Some highlights include:

82% of property owners that have advertised with a 3D walkthrough were able to rent their property entirely virtually
99% of property owners say that potential renters would be more interested in a listing that offered a 3D virtual tour over one that didn't
98% of property owners say 3D virtual tours would give their listings an improved competitive edge
95% of renters would be more likely to rent a property with a 3D virtual tour on the listing site
90% of renters would be more interested in a listing that offered a 3D virtual tour over one that didn't

"We're proud to provide Zumper customers with the 3D virtual tours that will enable them to make a confident decision about where to live," said Robin Daniels, CMO of Matterport. "The ability to quickly, easily and safely explore apartments will be integral in navigating the process of finding a home. Not only can renters get the important information and understanding of a space with Matterport 3D virtual tours, but property owners can reach more potential tenants by offering them to work around the limitations of in-person showings."

For multi-family property owners interested in utilizing all the benefits of this new partnership, please visit https://signup.zumper.com/matterport

To see an example of a Matterport 3D virtual tour, please visit:

About Zumper
Zumper aims to make renting an apartment as easy as booking a hotel. With over 14 million visits every month, Zumper's free online and mobile rental search marketplace has become the largest startup in the industry. Headquartered in San Francisco, Zumper has 200 employees across the U.S. and acquired PadMapper in 2016. The company has raised a total of $140 million in funding from investors including e.ventures, Greycroft, Dawn Capital, Kleiner Perkins, Goodwater Capital, Axel Springer, Stereo Capital, the Blackstone Group, Breyer Capital, Foxhaven Asset Management, Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock, NEA, CrunchFund, xfund, Divco West, MMC Technology Ventures, Scott Cook, and the DeWilde Family Trust. Learn more at Zumper.com or email press@zumper.com.

Interested in joining the Zumper team? Check out open positions here.

About Matterport
Matterport is the industry leader in 3D capture and spatial data with a mission to digitize and index the built world, and advance the way people interact with the places they inhabit and explore. Matterport's all-in-one 3D data platform enables anyone to turn a physical space into an immersive digital twin and share it with others to connect and collaborate in 3D. The Matterport platform helps thousands of customers in 130+ countries realize the full potential of a space at every stage of its lifecycle including planning, construction, appraisal, marketing and operations.

Learn more at matterport.com, browse a gallery of digital twins, or explore a curated global collection of 3D spaces at Destination: Everywhere.

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Source: Zumper Media Release
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Shawn_P private msg quote post Address this user
Interesting. I'm an independent operator, so how does one get a piece of this action if they're not a MSP? Zumper is in the Dallas market and I could use another stream of revenue
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Video: How Zumper is using Matterport | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 23 July 2021


Zumper is using Matterport Capture Services On-Demand. Have you signed up for Matterport Capture Services?

Have you signed up with Snappr Photographers On-Demand?

Transcript: How Matterport Service Providers can make money with Snappr




Transcript (Matterport video above)

Max Ildari: - Zumper's mission is to make renting an apartment as easy as booking a hotel.

Max Ildari: With over 14 million visits a month our online

Max Ildari: and mobile marketplace is the largest private rental platform in the industry.

Max Ildari: We leverage Matterport's Capture Services platform to shoot multifamily properties.

Max Ildari: A model unit, interior amenities,

Max Ildari: and then two additional floor plans to capture

Max Ildari: the variety of options that they're building offers.

Max Ildari: The ultimate goal of Matterport's

Max Ildari: and Zumper's partnership is to decrease the friction around renting.

Max Ildari: Renting is becoming increasingly spontaneous, and Zumper,

Max Ildari: and Matterport are platforms that provide the tools necessary for this new lifestyle.

Max Ildari: Once they've seen the high-quality digital twins of their model unit,

Max Ildari: we've had clients ask us to send back the Capture Services team to get

Max Ildari: a model unit of a different floor plan or

Max Ildari: a different amenity.

Max Ildari: Based on a joint survey that Matterport

Max Ildari: and Zumper conducted back in 2020.

Max Ildari: We found that,

Max Ildari: thanks to Matterport's virtual tours,

Max Ildari: 70% of renters are willing to sign their next lease, site unseen.

Max Ildari: What makes life easier for Zumper employees is the consistent,

Max Ildari: high-quality product that Matterport delivers.
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