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The AerialSphere 360º Aerial Mapping - real estate marketing platformwill blow you away!

I saw this demoed a few years ago at a conference.

Inman 11 August 2020) Startup AerialSphere takes 360-degree 3D IDX search to 26 new markets

"In a previous Inman article, [AerialSphere cofounder DJ] Vegh explained the process of creating each map. AerialSphere’s team goes on a series of flights where four cameras are used to capture a 360-degree view “in an instant.” From there, Vegh and his team processes each image and applies longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates to each pixel of an image," says Inman.

"... is now available in 26 new markets across 15 states and in Mexico, it was announced Tuesday," reports Inman.

1. Arizona
2. California
3. Colorado
4. Georgia
5. Idaho
6. Massachusetts
7. Nevada
8. Oklahoma
9. Oregon
10. South Carolina
11. Tennessee
12. Texas
13. Utah
14. Wisconsin
15. and Mexico

"Those coordinates allow Vegh’s team to accurately pinpoint any listing in a given area and overlay those listings with real-time market data pulled from the MLS, similar to pinpoints on Google Maps," reports Inman.

"Agents have four options to choose from, including a free starter package, a basic package for $99 per month, a plus package for $299 per month and a pro package for $499 per month," reports Inman.

"All versions allow agents to choose spheres, which provide 360-degree 3D maps of specific markets. The free and basic versions limit agents to two spheres, while the plus and pro versions offer 10 and 50 spheres, respectively. Agents can then share their spheres and listings within those spheres, which AerialSphere calls “points of interest,” with custom links," reports Inman.

A transcript of the video is below.



Inman 11 August 2020) Startup AerialSphere takes 360-degree 3D IDX search to 26 new markets
Inman (17 January 2020) AerialSphere ready to take property search to new heights


I encourage you to read the entire Inman article.

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Transcript (video above)

- Hi, my name is Tyler Vegh. I'm a designer at AerialSphere.

At AerialSphere, we've developed technology to rapidly collect 360 aerial panoramas in a grid-like array over urban areas. Think Google street view, but up in the sky.

But we don't stop at just capturing the aerial spheres, we take it a step further and post-process them by integrating latitude and longitude coordinates known as georectification.

It's this georectification that allows an aerial sphere to be more than just a pretty picture. The image becomes actionable. Any location based data can be properly registered on the sphere. It's like an aerial integration of Google maps and street view. Here's our technology demonstrator, where we can see how our imagery can interface with other third party APIs.

Let's pick any one of our spheres in the Phoenix Metro area.
Notice these green dots on the ground. These indicate where we have captured spheres and correspond to the green dots on the map we just saw. Clicking on one will fly us to a sphere at that location. Next are these blue icons on the right. We can use these as a shortcut to show schools, restaurants, shopping, and points of interest.

Want to search for something more specific? No problem, just use the search bar in the top left. A great feature on this platform is the what's here feature.

We can right click on any location to get its address. We can also get additional information like view a home's details from Zillow, or go straight to a Google street view from that location. If we see something interesting in the distance, we can use the fly here feature. This will take us to the nearest sphere where you clicked.

Let's take a look at the mall over here. We can also search for a specific address. Let's use the snapshot feature to take a picture of this area, pan and tilt to the desired view, and download a high resolution image. We're working on a lot of other interesting aerial 360 data integrations for commercial real estate, government, and travel as well.

But I thought it would be great to show you a sample of what we're building here at AerialSphere. Thanks for watching.