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Asteroom Virtual Tour[/url] by We Get Around Atlanta Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod | Virtual Staging by Asteroom | Shot with Labpano Pilot One 360 Camera | {See Before Virtual Staging]

WGAN-TV Intro to Asteroom Virtual Tour Platform with Founder and CEO Eric Tsai #1466-Asteroom Virtual Tour Platform Automatically Edits 360s for WGAN Members

Hi All,

Asteroom virtual tour platform automatically professionally edits all the 360 photo spheres in a tour for WGAN Forum Members.

And, it is automatically part of the Asteroom Workflow for photographers

Asteroom Workflow

1. automatically professionally edits all your 360 photo spheres (See Before/After Example)
2. automatically creates the 360 virtual tour for you
3. automatically creates the 3D Dollhouse view
4. automatically delivers the tour to you within 24 hours: typically upload today/receive in the morning
5. Optional Extra: Floor Plans
6. Optional Extra: virtual staging in five styles (coming September 2020): see my example above

Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle (Nicely Loaded) | Special Pricing for WGAN Forum Members

To receive Asteroom Pay Per Tour (PPT) Special Pricing for WGAN Forum Members (nicely loaded)* ... please either:

✓ join the free WGAN Forum (free) to receive the COUPON CODE automatically, or
✓ Private Message me (@DanSmigrod) with the subject line: Asteroom Pay Per Tour Pricing for WGAN Members

WGAN Standard and Premium Members

✓ Your first Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle is Free. Use this WGAN Form to get your Coupon Code.
✓ Join the Asteroom Photographer Network to receive potential leads

*good through 31 July 2021 and then subject to change.

Plus ...

✓ Join the Asteroom Photographer Network to receive potential leads



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Screen Grab: Join Asteroom Photographer Network


Transcript (Video Above)

So let's hold off even in terms of dollars, but again what I am hearing is that part of your solution is offering professional editing of the 360s.

- Yep.

- In order to elevate the quality of, in fact, Eric, how about just you have a slider of a 360 on your website. Could you take us there just to take a look at that?

- Yeah, yeah.

- So again, I'm asking Eric to go back to, ... And from his website, is an the example, excuse me. Is an example of a slider showing a before and after 360 photosphere edited a 360 panorama.

- That's right. Yes.

- So you're going up to Add Ons down to panel retouching. And, off to the left might be what you captured, off to the right is what's possible.

- That's right.

- And it's a difference of night and day. So professionally edited. I don't see an example there. But I would imagine if the camera was in a reflection on that refrigerator or mirror that would be included.

- Yeah, Oh, that's right. Yeah. If the camera is yes, yes. You will have to make a request. You have to say, you have to be specific that what you're looking for, because a good portion of our users are real estate agents, and they don't care about that, they just want it to work right.

- Okay, so as photographer, I care. I'd prefer not to have the camera show up in the bathroom mirror. And that's something that you all can easily edit out as part of your service.

- That's right.

- Okay, great. So, how about, so let's go ahead and end the screen share on that. Glad to see that. I still want to hang a little bit on this difference of Asteroom versus other virtual tour platforms. You've identified the dollhouse, the floor plans, the-

- Virtual Staging.

- Professional editing of 360 photos, what else differentiates Asteroom?

- Yeah, feature-wise, we also have virtual staging; which we already discussed, but I think most importantly, is the fact that Asteroom it's, it has its brand.

It's building its brand in the real estate agents space. And a lot of our agents, a lot of our users are real estate agents, but we also recently have heard that the needs of high-end professional photographers, right.

A lot of agents they want to do it themselves, but a good portion of them are not willing or not confident they can do it themselves. So they come to us be like, hey, we want real estate photographers. And this is also why I came to Dan Smigrod ... some agents are picking up the solution quite well.

Some agents require a Pro's help and through our partnership with some brokerages that we're currently working with, the brokers are telling us that, yes a good portion.

Half of them pick up their phone and do it. Half of them need a photographer's help and can you recommend some photographers? So another reason to choose Asteroom over other 360 solution is that we may be able to refer you business. And that is the new model that we're going after.

- Okay, so I would say potential business. So I don't know anybody buying Asteroom because it has promised leads, but that you are working on helping facilitate in potential introductions, potential referrals, I would say clearly to people don't buy Asteroom if you're expecting to get a lead, I would say buy it because it makes sense for your business. And if you should get a lead on top of that, that's a plus.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.