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Matterport Service Partner Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Matterport12369

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Screen Grab from the Matterport Service Partner Class Action Lawsuit agains Matterport

Matterport Service Provider Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Matterport

Hi All, (25 June 2020) Matterport Hit with Class Action Over Allegedly Fraudulent Claims for 3D Camera Sales Program

'"Matterport, Inc. and its chief officers face a proposed class action that alleges the parties have fraudulently misrepresented the supposedly “lucrative” nature of the 3D camera industry to those who bought into seller-assisted marketing plans,"' reports

"According to the 25-page suit, the Sunnyvale, California-based defendants engage in the sale of business opportunities—referred to under certain state laws as “seller-assisted marketing plans”—for the purportedly lucrative and burgeoning 3D camera services industry. The suit says Matterport sells cameras capable of creating 3D models of real-world places, a technology particularly useful in connection with real estate sales," reports

"Per the case, the defendants’ sales personnel represent that those who buy in, called “Matterport Service Partners (MSPs),” will receive marketing materials and filtered leads in their geographic area that will cover their initial investment in the Matterport 3D camera in six months," reports


Here is the 25-page Matterport Service Provider Class Action Lawsuit filed Against Matterport

Your thoughts?


Thanks to @Snap for being the first to email me this news. (@Snap found this news article online and is not the person filing the class action lawsuit against Matterport.


Screen Grab from Pacer Monitor
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BenAdgie private msg quote post Address this user
The way I read this....

The Matterport Service Provider program did not send the plaintiff enough leads to instantly create a profitable 3D scan business by him simply purchasing a Pro2? It states, if the plaintiff knew that they would not send him enough leads to pay for the camera within 6 months, he would not have purchased the camera. Cool.

Make sure to warm his milk up before you put it in the bottle...
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Axis360Media private msg quote post Address this user
I am the plaintiff of the original suit(s). I won’t justify the insults in prior posts because I sat next to a kid in school that sniffed glue, likely its him. I will confirm that residents of Illinois will be fully reimbursed, and our main goal is gaining back grandfathered accounts for everyone and gaining COPYRIGHT over our work into perpetuity. Matterport is out of control charging us and I simply can’t make money while their board or directors get rich. None of us can. Anyone who disagrees can have their camera exempt from any settlement. We also will mandate that matterport register with each state AND FOLLOW THE LAW. We are also expecting some justice for Dee Johnson although I doubt she would return. I love Matterport, but I know when I am being defrauded.
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London, England
Views4D private msg quote post Address this user
Am glad someone is taking initiative and has done something about it. Thank you @axi360media. Will this be for all MSP or just in the state your in. I have few cameras abs I have not received any leads from Matterport. I have struggled to do my own Marketing and recently Matterport gave me a lead in my own Territory where I place the 1st Matterport scan and still remain the only person who have done Matterport scans in the area. Matterport give the lead to someone else after my quotation under there new program. I felt very cheated since they took me through the whole hustle of signing NDA.
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Axis360Media private msg quote post Address this user
The suit names 21 states. So it’s MSP’s in those states. [redacted...] the more fraud we find, the bigger the suit gets.
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Expertise private msg quote post Address this user
Someone should sue Canon. I never get any red-hot leads from those shysters...
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Axis360Media private msg quote post Address this user
clickable text

More news. Sorry it’s a pay wall I will try and get raw text to post.
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RDDurant private msg quote post Address this user
Well, at least this lets me know that I’m not the only one who has seen exactly two ‘leads’ since buying a pro 2, (edit: 18 months ago) and one was IFTE... I’m not exactly sure that counts.

I do wish It had been made a bit more apparent that without a subscription, the camera becomes useless, they provide no access to raw data (outside of buying your own data post processing in the matterpak files.)

I’ve not read the whole filing yet, but I’d say it has enough merit to warrant being heard, from what I have read so far. I do wonder - what is the difference in the 21 names states from the remaining 29?
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
I guess that at least one thing can come good from it for all of us is an ability to download maximum resolution scans. I do not get why Matterport is not letting us to do it at all.

As for MSP leads, I have got 3 over two years. Actually all 3 have come in the last 12 months. None of them have come from a real client needing anything to scan.

And I do not expect anything from Capture Technician program considering I have got nothing from being MSP.
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Axis360Media private msg quote post Address this user
@RDDurant the 21 states included have enacted the business opportunity sales laws. The remainder have not.
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76090 10 10
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