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Virtual Exhibition made in Sketchup / Vray / 3dVista12172

Marshallartsmedia private msg quote post Address this user
Hey all,

so I finally did a thing I was talking about... This was my trial run for a big exhibition in a few months. It is my first major exhibition model using these technologies. I started with 2 x floor plans, 1 x section plan and many folders with jpegs of art work from students. (there's no 3D vista virtual option in the dropdown Dan? )

Creating navigation using hotspots on each artist's work in each pano was painful, emotionally and eventually physically but there's no way I could clutter the floor with circles or arrows. At least this way it gets some semblance of the matterport, 'click where you want to go' feel that I was after. Depth mapping ASAP please, my body will thank you.

Tn total about 2 weeks solid work to model, install light (crucial) and 48 hrs to render all 61 panos. There are 239 hotspot links. The images are 6000x3000 renders for now (I ran out of time for the 12, 10 or 8k options) and it's 2GB in size to upload to my server. I had to go to VPS hosting from shared to get the speed and the ssl cert.

I've not seen examples of this used for bespoke art exhibitions before although I am sure they exist, so I had no exemplar to follow, I just made what I know from working in the art world and basic plans provided by the students. I'm pretty happy overall but the pano to pano thing is killing me.

We have a proto-version working in unreal game design engine and will soon have it as an app with super smooth movement. We are just working out some stuff to do with translating lighting between various softwares but mainly to prioritise image quality over fast movement - I don't need 90fps in a meander through the gallery.

I'm making final edits now and there are technical challenges I need to fix, I'm happy to take any constructive feedback on board from the collective experienced heads who live here in WGAN world. Thanks a million

I know that modelled stuff isn't the every day here but it is still relevant right?


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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by @Marshallartsmedia (there's no 3D vista virtual option in the dropdown @DanSmigrod? )

I am confused. Can you ask me your question a different way?

And, thank you for sharing your tour example.


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Marshallartsmedia private msg quote post Address this user
It was when writing a post Dan ... there is an option button along the top to insert a 3D tour. I was just noting that 3dvista wasn’t an option in the drop down however the 3dv link is to a webpage rather than an Iframe so it may not be applicable.

It wasn’t serious, just a comment in passing
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Ah! Correct. Thanks for the explanation.

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