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Help with 360 orientation11995

mk4au private msg quote post Address this user
I sent this message to Support. Again.

I have no problems placing a 360 scan on the model. I have placed the 360 before uploading and in workshop. The problem is that the 'walking man' icon is rarely in the correct place. Please don't tell me to rotate the 360. I have rotated and rotated and rotated and rotated and.... over and over and over and over and over again. There is no rhyme nor reason for where the 'walking man' icon decides he wants to be. There has to be a secret to placement or rotation. YES! I have rotated 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees and every degree in between, and nothing seems to satisfy the 'walking man'. He, alone, determines where he wants to hang out. And I have watched your videos, with no answer as to how to get the little man in the correct place.

(Rotate the 360, place the door where the door belongs on the building, etc.)

Am I the only one who cannot get the walking man icon on the building and not in some obscure location or in a tree somewhere? I will take all suggestions... except ROTATE!!! Sorry, but I have rotated. And Rotated. Unless you know the secret to rotation And then I will try, yet again.

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Nadir Patch
and MP2Edit
Lima, Peru
tresdepro private msg quote post Address this user
I tried this before
Delete the 360 from the map
Log out
Log in again
Place the 360 on the map / rotate
Share copy
Open another window past url

Let me know if that worked

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rastas private msg quote post Address this user
I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM! its really a horrifically poor design. Rotate. Go back to tour to see if it worked. No. Go to floorplan, naviagte to 360 photo, rotate. Repeat.

Again and again.

Whats the secret? logging in and out? that's ridiculous.

This feature is broken and needs fixing.
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eju201 private msg quote post Address this user
Same exact problem here too. Drives me nuts. It seems like giving up, going away for a bit, and then logging back in to to try again has worked occasionally. Still can't always place the walking man OR the 360-circle where I want them (how about right in the doorway??) but at least it often gets close after log-out/wait/log-in. Anyone else have a fix, or have the same issues?
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rastas private msg quote post Address this user
Please fix this matterport. DO they even look here at this forum?
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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
This reply is off-topic, but only to a degree. I just scanned a 4-story office building, about 40,000 sq ft. There are two staircases between all the floors so, to be sure, I scanned completely up and down both of them. I've been Matterporting for over four years so I know how to do this right.

I uploaded, and the model came back missing the 3rd floor! Made some tweaks, still no 3rd floor. Did it again with the same result so I wrote to MP support.

They've replied that this is a classic case (classic?) of 'pancaking' where two floors are nearly identical, which is true about my 2nd and 3rd floors. I never heard of this glitch before.

Good news (I hope) is that support said they believe it can be fixed (yay) and I was relieved to hear that this is a 'known' issue. So I didn't feel as bad.

Only reason I mention this in an unrelated thread is that MP processing is done without human assistance - it's like an "Algorithms Gone Wild!" TV series. So stuff happens, like 'random man placement' of 360 panos, which I have, likewise, also found in the wrong place. Let's just say it's a "creative feature" of Matterport, not a problem. Some things we learn to live with.
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briangreul private msg quote post Address this user
@Home3D - I would say that everything outside of sales is done without human assistance.

You would think that inputting a floor would tell the computer not to merge with another floor.
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3rd Party
JuMP private msg quote post Address this user
@mk4au Can you share the result showcase link with these 360 orientation issues?
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
This issue I believe is only happening when you did not anchor a 360 to a mesh that it needs to be anchored to. You can try to bring the 360 inside a property and behind the wall on which it should be shown. Then get it anchored to something inside and then slowly try to move it over the wall, note the point when it finds the wall mesh and keep moving it away until the arm that keeps it anchored to the wall mesh breaks. When it breaks that's unfortunately the limit how far away your 360 can be outside of the property mesh and still shown on the wall for outdoor and indoor icons.

It is totally different from how it worked before(12-18 months ago). Before we were just placing them outside and their icons were shown on walls. There was no way to anchor it to anything. I still have a model when on the model scale and in reality 360 are sitting 10-15 meters away while their icons are still shown on walls.

If I try to edit it now I won't be able to put 360 that far away because their wall mesh anchors will break 2-3 meters from the property wall mesh.
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
Also do not forget that when you scan inside you may capture a bit of mesh outside near a window or glass door. That's also the mesh that can act as an anchor. If you anchor to that mesh you won't see 360 icons on the wall, you will need to get behind the wall mesh to see the 360 icons. That's why it is important to find the wall mesh and anchor to it.

If you do not anchor to anything and just place your 360 outside the icons for 360 can appear anywhere they want to.

There may be even a bug when Matterport let you use a longer arm in the Capture app but when it is processed it is too long, it breaks and your 360 that you spend some time on placing in the Capture will create their icons in different places.

That's at least happened to me once. I put it correctly on a property front wall with a long 5 meters representing its real distance from a property but after processing it got detached and appeared on a retaining wall on a side of a property.
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mk4au private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks, everyone, for the replies.

@tresdepro Yes, tried that - several times.
@rastas Yes, needs fixing.
@eju201 No success for me logging out and back in.
@rastas Probably
@Home3D I once had a similar situation with floors.
@JuMP Happens every time, but here is a sample where the 360 symbol is on a tree and the walking man is close to the house. After rotating (over an hour) trying to get the symbols in the right place, I settled for the walking man, at least, close to the door. (Yes, logging out and back in; closing Matterport completely and back; removing them from the map and back.)

@Wingman I have worked with the mesh, moved the 360 inside and back out.

I guess we are all stuck until Matterport decides the issue is important enough to come up with a fix.

Thank you all for suggestions.
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71007 11 11
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